Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, Canada! (We hope!)

We got some distressing news today.  We should have known about it sooner, but somehow we missed the news. The FDA has banned the generic (and inexpensive) colchicine pills in the U.S. and now just one company seems to have exclusive rights to produce it. I might have that a little wrong, but it's something like that.

Since, due to blatant discrimination, I'm not covered under either of my Moms' prescription drug plans, this makes the medication which prevents flare-ups of  Shar Pei Fever very, very hard to afford. This change caused the price to go from an average of 10 cents a pill to five dollars a pill. That's a difference of a lot of green papers when you take it every day. This is causing a lot of problems for the Shar Pei community in the United States, as you can well imagine. You see, colchicine is mostly a human drug and it's mostly used for gout, but it's also the only thing that seems to control Shar Pei Fever, which I've got. Luckily, so far, Franklin doesn't seem to have it, but he's young yet. And of course he's simply frantic with worry for me. There is quite a lot of assistance available for humans who need it but now can't afford the only approved type, but not for doggies. More blatant discrimination.

Lola and Franklin contemplate this unfortunate development.
But it looks like Canada might just come to our rescue! It seems as though we can get this from Canada at prices similar to what we were paying before, or at least not much more. We are going to give it a shot tomorrow and cross our paws that the inexpensive kind continues to be available in Canada.


  1. we will keep our paws crossed
    Benny & Lily

  2. Good luck with that - when Cisco got valley fever years ago, Mexico saved her. The pills to treat it where too expensive, and I managed to get her whole treatment (nearly a years worth) in Mexico for nearly $80 - which was what a 5 day supply cost hear.

    Keeping paws crossed!


  3. Hi, Lola!
    We have never heard of that med. I read Sam's comment and we are going to ask here about it!
    I really hope you can get them from Canada or even from Mexico.
    Paws crossed!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Oh dear, it's so depressing. we cross our paws and fingers that you can get it from Canada at an affordable price.
    Hopefully there is other alternative medicine which can help or control Shar Pei Fever too.

  5. Hopes it works for you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  6. I heard about this too from sharpei forums... and the community is very upset over it, understandably. Luckily for me, the generic version is still available over this part of the world. Hope the changes in legislation does not affect you much, Lola.

    Licks, hero

  7. Oh dis just ain't right!!!!!!! I must call my representative (if I knew who it was).
    Lola, I so hope you can figure sumptin out. Hopefully you can get da meds from Canada.
    Please let us knows what happens.


  8. Auuuugggggh! Don't get us going on the subject of the only pharmaceuticals industry in a developed country that is not price regulated at all. Grrrrrrr! We will cross our paws that you can get the colchicine in Canada. If not, we could see if we can get it for you here in France, so please keep us in mind in case of need.

    We will not let our 'Pei friends down!


  9. It's us again. We just took a quick look online and the price in France shown for a box of 20 1mg tablets of colchicine is 2.9 Eur which is about $4.00.

  10. Lola,

    YaY fur Canada! Paws are crossed fur you. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. Doesn't seem right that we have to cross the border for meds! Hope it works out well!

  12. Lola
    Yay for our neighbors across the border. We hope all the technicalities are whatever will be figured out soon and maybe even the Shar Pei community of the USA can do something too.
    Hugs Girlfriend and keep that gorgeous Pei smile,

  13. Oh, Lola! That is just Most Outrageous. I hates discrimination of any kind and that is a whole lotta discrimination right there. Yeesh! I think my mom almost fell over when she heard how much more it was gonna be. That's ker-azy!

    My paws are crossed super tight that you can gets it from Canada! Good luck!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. Madi's fountain: she has been drinking from fountains since she was about 6 mos. old She doesn't know any different and if it broke I'd have to replace it immediately. She loves to drink from the area where the water falls. Often I found her in this same position with her chin resting on the edge watching the water fall. So it has two purposes to quench her thirst and entertain her.

  15. Most Distressing and totally unfair!! Butt.. CANADA... ROCKS.. It is the Home of my Beautiful Wives you know.

    I will cross my paws that you can get your pills from there!!! Keep us posted!!!

  16. Oh, that stinks bigtime. We will cross our paws for the Canandians to come through for you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Oh no! My poor Lola. We hope that this situation will turn out ok...


  18. I hope Canada comes to your rescue!!!

  19. Oh! That's terrible!$5 a pill?

    We really really hope u can get it from Canada. Is Mexico an alternative too?
    We wish we could send some over. But the couriers do not allow us to send medicines overseas. We will try and find if any export house ships it directly to you. And then you can calculate the costs, whether it will be worthwhile.
    We feel so bad. It is so freely available here...

    Thank you so much for your bday wishes.
    We believe you can go on wishing even after the day is over because it is the wish that counts and not the day. So please do not be sorry:)

    Hugs n licks to the two of u,
    Gin, Bud n Shadow

  20. How are you trying to get it from Canada. Meja his sporadic bouts of SPF but now just takes a baby aspirin a day. We were holding off on the colchicine for when/if it gets worse. I'd like to have the Canada info in my back pocket for then. Thanks a bunch!!!

    Bobo and Meja Mommy (Pam)

  21. Oh no! I hope all turns out okay....

  22. Ok.. Im keeping all 4 of my paws crossed for you!! Canada to the rescue.. and make sure mom stocks up on them..


  23. Well that sure makes me mad. What is going on with the FDA? I hope that you stay healthy and never ever need those pills.


  24. Totally unfair all the way around! We hope you find an affordable source for your meds. Or else find a human with gout that is willing to share :) Good luck!

    The Road Dogs

  25. miss lola,

    this news stinks! GRRRRRRR.
    i really really really hope you can get your meddies from canada for the lesser green papers price. (my mama is sayin' over my shoulder to just make sure you buy from a place that has a good reputation, but i know you know that already! my mama is a silly worry wart!)

    the booker man

  26. Hey Lola!
    Wow, I sure hope you stay healthy and don't need any meds. We gotta get those peeps to do something about why we gotta go to Canada or Mexico to get their affordable meds! You'd think we could do this here too. My mom went to CN for eye surgery where it was cheaper and more experienced. I sure hope this works out for you...please keep us posted. Sending lots of healing vibes to you!!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  27. Mom read about this on one of her Shar Pei message boards. :( I hopes you had luck in Canada! Keep us posted.


  28. Our Mom buys a lot of our meds from Canada and she just checked the place she gets them carries Colchicine. She goes to Canada medicine Shop. You can give them a try. So far they've been really good to buy from.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  29. I have the shar pei fevers too, but so far my human doctor says she doesn't think I need to go on it just yet. Mommy is hoping and praying much like your mommy that we never go through another one!
    If need be we will have to get ours from there too.
    Big hugs,


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