Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Happy Song and a Sad

Well it took all day to get on the computer, and I'm not even on the right one, but that's a whole other story. When I logged on I saw this wonderful post at Bolo's blog. A song for me, Lola. If it's OK with him I'm going to copy it and put it on a keepsake page, which I just decided I need to have. That was such a gallant gesture. It just makes a bitch feel really special, you know what I mean?  Thank you so much Bolo. I needed that, because here comes the sad in the next paragraph.

My Daddy is in the hospital. He just had a regular vet appointment this morning. He has lots of those. Blog Mom thought he didn't seem totally well so she decided to drive him there and he lost something called consciousness while he was there and apparently no one could find it. The vet called an ambulance to take him to the hospital and that's where he'll be, probably for a couple of days while they do lots and lots of tests on him. So, if in the next few days I don't always get around to visit everyone, that's probably why. I'll try to keep you updated when I can. I'm going to try to catch up with as many friends as I can right now.


  1. Oh my goodness, Lola! I'm so very much sorry your daddy is feeling so sick. I bet you and your moms must be real scared. But please try not to worry, dear furend. I'm gonna be sending you lots of wiggles and wags and happy wishes for your daddy to get better and come home very soon!

    I saw Bolo's song earlier today and thought it was the Most Sweet and Romantical thing I ever saw. I am very much glad he did that cuz I know it prolly made your day seem a little less sad.

    Wiggles & Wags & Doggie Kisses to you!


  2. Oh Lola, we'll be sending you the most positive thoughts. We hope everything is okay with your daddy. We'll keep checking back to see if there's any pupdates.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Thank you both and I'll post pupdates whenever I can. Blog Mom will be at the hospital a lot tomorrow so that kind of slows me down. You're right Mayzie. Bolo's song did make the day seem a little less sad. It even put a smile on Blog Mom's face. First one today, I think. I'll tell you one thing, though. Daddy being sick does put the leafie thing in perspective. Leafies can be replaced, even if it takes long. Daddy is one of a kind and can't ever be replaced.

  4. Oh Lola, I'm so sorry to hear about your daddy. I bet you can't even go visit him. Those hospital people are picky that way! I don't understand it myself. I know my mom is always happier when I curl up with her! Hope your dad is home soon so you can get back to being the most wonderful nurse that you are!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  5. Lola!
    I am so sorry to know your Dad is at the hospital!
    I will have my paws crossed and my mom is praying for him! We hope he will be back at home soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

    PS The song is pawesome!

  6. Oh Lola, I'm so sorry for your Daddy. I hope he is better soon and that he can come home very, very soon.
    Lots of positive thought to you and your humans.

  7. Lola, we will be thinking about your dadda and crossing paws for him to be better. Our momma said that she will sending prayer to heaven asking for your dadda to come home good as new and if not new refurbished.☺

  8. Oh Lola, sorry to hear about your daddy having to spend some time at the vet... he'll be in our thoughts and paws crossed for a speedy recovery. Take care, ya!

    Licks, hero

    pei ess: Bolo sure knows his way to a gal's heart.

  9. That is super scary! We hope dad will be OK. We'll keep him in our thoughts and send powerful vibes your way.


  10. miss lola,
    i am sending lotsa gooey nose kisses to your daddy. my mama will keep him in her thoughts and prayers. i hope he gets better super fast.
    the booker man

  11. Hi Lola,
    Madi and I want to send your Dad lots of kitty wishes and prayers for him and his Doctors as they work to find out the cause of his sickness so that they can cure him to 200%
    Many prayers and get well wishes,
    Madi and Mom

  12. Hope your Dad gets better soon Lola. Do you think whoever took the leaves took your Dad's consciousness too? (I've been watching a lot of crime shows with Mom.) The two crimes could be related.

    Sending Nose kisses to Alpha Mom, Blog Mom and Dad to get everyone through this.


  13. Oh, Lola, we sure hope your daddy will be okay! Of course it's most important to take care of him right now. The other things will wait.


  14. Hi Lola, Mayzie sent us. We hope your Daddy will get well soon and that everything is fine.

  15. Oh Lola, we're so sorry to hear that your daddy is not well and in hospital. We hope they can help him get better very quickly.

    What a lovely song Bolo wrote for you!

  16. Hi Lola. I am sorry to hear about your Daddy. We're thinking and praying for him. Hope he gets well very soon. Sending lots of golden vibes your way.

  17. Woof! Woof! Sending my Golden Healing to your dad. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. We will keep all our paws crossed for your paw
    Benny & Lily

  19. We are so sorry, we hope your dad feels much better real soon!


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