Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cats! Part Deaux

It's about time I finished introducing my cats. When we left the subject of our family felines Simone was living happily ever after with Stevie, and only incidentally, Blog Mom and Daddy. The only fly in that ointment is that there is no "ever after" in real life. Things change in good ways and bad ways and just in ways, all the time. One way that things changed was that Happy joined the family. He had already been named. He certainly wasn't happy when he joined this family.

Happy in a more characteristic pose
Happy was a victim of a landlord/tenant problem. One of the neighbors had been renting an apartment in his house and then he had to sell in a hurry and the tenants had to go, also in a hurry. Seems they forgot to pack the cat and Happy was left behind and considerably traumatized by this abandonment. That's not hard to understand.

Of course, once my family found out about it Happy was invited to stay with us. Or ,rather, them. These events predate my arrival by a couple of years, at least. He didn't want to come in for the longest time. He liked people, but was terrified by other four leggers of all types. If Happy had been listed on Petfinders it would have said that he'd prefer to be an only pet. The only thing is, with the number of cats available for adoption at any given time, and Happy being a gray tabby - not exactly a rarity - it was thought that he might be better off learning to adjust than to take his chances at the local shelter.

They let him stay in the garage and fed him there for a while, but Alpha Mom took him to the Vet for a check-up, shots and a neutering right away. Seems his original people had forgotten to do that, too, and he was left free to roam around the neighborhood creating more homeless kitties. After a time the humans here decided that the garage thing wasn't working out so well. It was constantly filled with other cats, most of whom had homes of their own, and they were eating Happy's food up. He was getting skinnier and skinnier. They insisted that he had to at least eat inside. He did and gradually got used to things like soft furniture and warmth on cold days and such and got big and plump and healthy.

Here's what Happy is -confused. Since he was outside for a long time he's allowed out when he asks. He just pretty much stays around the yard anyway. He has a strong urge to go out at night, too. As soon as it's dark he starts asking to go and will get kind of crazy if someone doesn't let him right out. The thing is, he's neutered. He doesn't need to hunt. He doesn't really know why he's out there once he's let out. So as soon as the door is opened again he comes back and has a bite to eat. And then he starts yowling and insisting that he must go out again. With the amount of coming and going in this house that whole process gets repeated at least five different times during the evening.  It's fairly entertaining, actually.

 Simone, of course, wasn't happy about Happy joining the household. She isn't exactly a "more the merrier' type. She tried to say she wasn't having it, but found out that she didn't quite have that kind of authority. She had to adjust, of course, but she's still probably less than thrilled about the whole thing. Stevie didn't mind. He never really minded anything. He didn't mind my arrival either. The others did, of course. But they had to adjust to that, too. Now, with the exception of an occasional brutal attempted attack on me, we're rubbing along all right, I think.


  1. It is always interesting to know each "cat"racter of your household, Lola... and Happy seems to be at a cross road whether he belongs outside or inside the house... BOL. I guess it's one big happy family at the end of the day (no pun intended) :)

    Licks, hero

  2. Dear Lola,
    That was a very beautifully written account of your family.From all that we can make out, you seem to be the most tolerant, mature and accepting of them all.Not surprising though.
    we feel a little sad for Happy, the way he was treated earlier. this confusion that he seems to have probably is because he isn't used to the comforts of a loving home and doesn't know how to adjust. and then when he goes out, he realises it is much happier inside!!
    we are sure he will settle down finally.
    we just hope none of the kitties are ever successful in their attempts to injure you.
    Btw, thankyou very much for ur kind words in the earlier blog post.Mummy wants you to know that Doggy-blogging is one of the best things that ever happened to her.after a really mentally and physically taxing day at work,reading your blogs and typing for us is what makes her smile.
    take care,

    wags, Bud n Gin

  3. Large families are often a challenge. Getting all those strong personalities to cohabitate peacefully can be a challenge. Even over at the Poupounette, we get the occasional snarl and spat.

    Thanks for telling us about the kitties, Lola.

  4. HI Lola,
    Oh we are so sorry to read about Happy's beginnings. Cats do not like to have their world rocked. Poor guy got left behind. Mom and I cannot understand how any body could do that. Mean, mean people for sure. We are thankful to hear that he has gradually find a niche in your home. You are a very kind puppy to be so understanding. Madi is much like Simone...she DEFINITELY prefers being an only cat.
    Madi and Mom

  5. You haves a nice freaky family.I know her is a kitteh and all but I do feels bad fur her beginning. You haves da nicest hoomans willing and prolly not willing to bring in those kittehs.
    Has blog mom's foot? Her don't type with her feetsies does she?

  6. How does one FORGET their kitty when they move??? You have very caring two-leggers to take in Happy--- even though she's a cat. BOL!


  7. Hello, Thank You for taking Happy into your home! We had a neighbor once that left a kitten and a doggy behind when they moved out. Glad Happy as a great home with you.

  8. I'm very much glad that Happy found a happy home, whether he can totally appreciates it or not. Kittehs are odd creatures for sure. My mom's reading a book right now that says that kittehs have a smaller part of their brain that is able to adapt and change than either dogs or peoples do. So that might be why they get stuck in their ways sometimes - like Happy wanting to be let out even when there's no reason for him to be out there.

    Anyway, I'm real glad to meets Happy. Tell him I think he's Most Handsome.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Lola, I think that your family may not have given you the complete story. When Happy was first brought inside, he was not happy on account of the other beasts. So - get this - he was given his own private room, in a house that at the time was pretty crowded. Alpha Mom used to fret that maybe poor Happy was feeling a little isolated. Hah. Poor Happy, indeed. Allowed out of his room when he wanted out, and living the life of Riley.

    As you have noticed, Happy has integrated well into the household. And while he no longer has his own private room, he has a full complement of door attendants.

    Your devoted California auntie.

    PS I saw all of this with MY OWN EYES one time when I was back east for a visit.

  10. Hi Aunt Donna! It's always great to hear from you. His own room, you say? I don't believe they ever told me about that, no. Did the other cats know about this? Because Simone strikes me as the jealous type.

  11. miss lola,
    okay, now, as much as i may give a kitty a hard time, what hooman would leave their kitty behind like that?! poor happy. i'm glad that your hoomans are super nice and took happy home to live with them. i'm also glad that everybuddy has adjusted for the most part...but watch your back just in case! ;)
    the booker man


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