Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally, A Noseventure

Well, Alpha Mom did kinda make up for her heartless abandonment of me. First of all, she came home last night, which was great cause for celebration. But today went even better. I thought that she and Blog Mom were going to take me for a walk and I was all psyched for that, but instead we got in the car.

So, I got psyched about that instead. They didn't tell me where we were going, but being a dog, I'm an optimist and assume it's going to be someplace great. And this time it was. We went to the Willow Rock Horse Farm, where my very big brother and his friends live.

This is not my brother. This is Shorty who is the greeter there. He's getting ready to greet me. I can't imagine where he got the name "Shorty" from, can you?

Now this is my very big brother, Sarge. His full name is Sergeant Pepper, but everyone calls him Sarge. He was hanging out in a paddock when we arrived.

He's very friendly and is usually glad to see everyone, especially if they come bearing carrots. Doesn't he have a nice face?

I think he's got a nice profile, too. Sarge was hanging out right near the Family, as I think of them. They deserve their own post and will get one soon.

The big guy is William and the minis are Dolly and her daughter Bells - or Belles. Not sure which. More about them in a new post very soon.

It seems that this horsey is being held prisoner. I wasn't able to find out why. He seemed pretty calm about it, I must say.

 There goes Shorty, helping out with something else. He sure keeps busy.

What a beautiful day for this outing. And so many sights to see and smells to sniff it's hard to think what to do next.

I didn't catch their names, I'm afraid, but they seemed to be a pair of good friends.

Everyone comes up to the fence as you pass. For one thing, you never know who might have a carrot on them.

This is Gala. She's an Arabian, but she's not all snobbish about it at all.

Time to find some cool shade. There's plenty of that inside the barn.

Gabe was in the barn, too. He's Gala's son and he felt it was time for a Little Something. I just thought I'd have a nice drink.

It's been a lovely day, but it was time for me to go. Back in the car and home to a long afternoon nap.

Note: Blog Mom has informed that she'll probably be home late for the next two nights. That means we have a forecast of only partial visiting and a probable lack of posting for a couple of days.


  1. Lola, car rides are the best. Sometimes mom will take us in the car just throw letters in the mail box thingy. But man oh man you got to visit with furiends and horses! What fun!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. What a most wonderful day! I bet you had the best time!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  3. What a most exciting and wonderful day! Sarge is one handsome fellow! Thanks for sharing all the cool pictures with us.


  4. Finally a noseventure for Lola, woohoo... bless the hoomans... car ride, barn animals, so many studs to sniff at,... and Shorty too. Pawsome day out!... and a good slumber to finish off a great day.

    Licks, hero

  5. What a fabulous noseventure, Lola! As you know, we love horses too over here, so we really enjoying seeing all your pals, and all the pics of you, of course!


  6. That was a huge noseventure. Sarge is very large and handsome for sure. I like this little mini me horses. I bet Shortie is fast given that he can trot next to the big horses and not get squished.


  7. What a dream place to go...I bets Miss Mayzie would loves that place cuz there is so much divine horsepoop there...I bets you didn't get to roll in none cuz I see you hads a leash on.
    Those horsies are just so beautiful.

  8. I love the names of your friends. Sarge and Shorty....And Gala sounds like something out of a Mercedes Lackey story. :) Great pictures!

  9. What a very GREAT noseventure you had!! Sarge looks like a Most Wonderful fellow. Did he supply you with any poop to roll in?

    I just luvs your smiling face SO much!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Thanks for figuring out my math for me! Mom was an English major and I'm not really much into math, so we're grateful you helped us figure it out!!

  10. Hi Lola what a great post full of wonderful animal pictures. You had one fine day of socializing and sniffing.

    We like your blog forecast at the end. LOL
    Madi and Mom

  11. Glad to know alpha mom is back and brought you some exciting adventure !! It must be very nice to be sniffing some fresh and foreign air..

    What a fantastic with the horses

    BTW, you look absolutely fabulous!! We could tell you really had a great time..

  12. Ooooh, what a fabulous place to go! We're with Miss Mayzie - we would love to roll in the horse poop and other stuff. Mom and Dad think that's yukky and always give us baths after we do that. But, what do they know about fun?

    The Road Dogs

  13. You had the best outing ever! That Shorty is something else. He must have little man syndrome. BOL Thank you for the great pictures
    Benny & Lily

  14. That looks like the most fun ever! Your brother and his friends are so friendly!! You look like you're having the best time!

    Sorry your Blog Mom will be late - I hope it's because of something fun and not w-o-r-k.


  15. What an exciting adventure! I've never met a did he get to be your big bro? I'm so glad Alpha Mom made it home safely and I hope she is currently rubbing your tummy to make it up to you even more ;o)

  16. Lola!
    Sure you had a pawesome time visiting Serge!
    Shorty looks like a very nice greeter!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. What a wonderful day for all! Sarge seems like a nice big brother to have! Ozzie needs to get out more to neat places like that! Seems like he prefers napping to visiting!

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful day visiting Serge. We get to see horses and there riders sometimes when we go walking on the trails in the woods.

  19. What a great adventure you had, Mom made it up to you real good, didn't she? I love seeing Shorty next to the horse, and that last photo of you was a nice view of your wonderful wrinkles :)

  20. Wow - it looks like you had a fantastic time at the farm! I bet you had a great nap when you got home.

  21. Woof Woof Baroooooo! What a great adventure. that's the way to live.
    Julie, Bennie and Parker
    Bark Of Love


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