Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mayzie's Family Tree

As probably everydog in the whole world knows by now, Mayzie knows all about her dee-en-ay, but she's not telling us yet. First there's this contest with fabulous prizes and green papers going to charity besides. If you haven't entered yet, you should really go do it right now. I'll wait right here 'til you get back and then we can talk about it because we might as well. We have to wait a week to find out anyway. I didn't care a bit who Mayzie came from, but now that she knows, I can't wait to find out. I guessed that she had a Boston Terrorist granpawrent. Blog Mom liked that but I told her it was my guess and she had to come up with something else. I think she might have said French Bulldog after that. Alpha Mom said GSD. See, we were all trying to account for the ears. Clearly someone had a Brindle gene, but also there was someone with mighty good hearing in Mayzie's family tree. Simone thought American Staffordshire Terrorist, which is certainly possible, but it's not where she got the ears. Happy said Maine Coon. He's not bright at all. Maine Coons have long hair. Also they're cats. Silly Happy.

Besides its being fun, what I'm thinking is - well, everyone loves Mayzie. You can't help it. She's adorable. If it's known what's in the recipe for a Mayzie, maybe she could become a designer breed. It could happen. I was reading about Ocicats recently. Yes, really. They sounded interesting and very nice. It's said they might like dogs. Anyway, the Ocicat breed was developed by accident. The breeder was after something else entirely and it all involved three different breeds. It took a while to realize they were onto something, too. They just neutered the first one. Well, it could be like that with Mayzie.No one realized at first that she'd be a hugely popular breed, but I bet she would. I bet then all the movie stars would show up in People magazine with a Mayzie on the leash. You'd see Brangelina with their 862 kids and a purebred Mayzie. Jennifer Aniston would finally give up on men and just get herself a Mayzie. So, what do you think? Right now, Mayzie is one of a kind, but must it always be that way?


  1. I'm not sure that they can recreate the magic that is Mayzie! She's one of a kind in the best of ways!


  2. Well, now I'm wondering if hers ears had been cropped as a pup or do they naturally stick up...her failed to tell us that but I failed to ask too...hehehehe!
    Miss Mayzie is a gem of a doggie that's fur sures and her has a wonderful mom and dad to gives her "a most loving furever home that ever was".

  3. Awwww...LOLA! Thank you for doing a whole postie on my contest! I'm sending you lots of wet doggie kisses and snuffles and wags! You're such a very great furend! (And I'm gonna go over right away and edit the part of my postie of all the furends I thanked for helping me gets the word out.)

    And as far as designer Mayzies - well, as long as those famous peoples promised not to carry a Mayzie around in a shoulder bag, I'd prolly be okay with it. (I can assure you I am NOT a ride-around-in-a-shoulder-bag kinda gal.) Oh, and instead of buying a Mayzie, they'd have to donates a million dollars to a rescue in order to get one! :-)

    Grateful wiggles & wags,
    Mayzie (the one and only - for now)

  4. A world full of Mayzies... I'm not sure she can be replicated but it sure would be wonderful!!


  5. What a great post! I went over and made my guess!

  6. Hi Lola, I think you're onto something. The world would be a much better place if there were a lot more Mayzies out there! Good idea!


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