Sunday, July 4, 2010

Frankie's Name Game - Or How I Became Me, Lola

Today is the day to play Frankie's Name Game. First off, I guess I have to tell you that my name story is not so very fascinating. I'm mostly playing because, being a dog, sometimes I indulge in a certain pack mentality and the rest of the pack is doing it, so...well, there you go. For one thing, none of our current household pets were named by any of our current humans. In fact, Blog Mom tells me that the last pets that they got to name themselves have since passed on to the Rainbow Bridge of disorders connected with old age. The only member of our household who was named by anyone in our household is my human brother, who is 31 and he was named after Daddy. Boorrring.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a graduate of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. I got the name "Lola" while I was matriculating there. There are some connected issues that are interesting to me and my humans. I wasn't surrenderd to Sean Casey. I was surrendered to Animal Control with my puppy and Puppy Daddy. We all went to Sean Casey right after that. Sooo, all the Sean Casey people had was my Animal Control records and the name on my paper from them was "Juson". I never answered to that, though. They thought maybe they weren't pronouncing it right and maybe they weren't, being that it turned out that French was my first language and they didn't know that. But really, it's only two syllables and there are only so many ways to say it. There was this man working there who loved me a pawticular lot and would take care of me whenever he was there. Spanish was his first language and for whatever reason he thought that Lola was a good name for me. I guess I did, too, because I answered to that very quickly. When the Moms came and adopted me they thought I'd been through enough changes and didn't really consider changing my name since I seemed OK with it. They did try out the name that was on the papers, though, and once they figured out that I was a French speaking dog they tried it with the best French accent they could. Still nothing. It was like I'd never heard it before. So we stayed with Lola, which is fine by me.

The Moms think that maybe the people who surrendered me weren't my original owners at all and my name (and maybe my age) might not have been right. One of the reasons that they think this is that on the same paper with what was supposed to be my name was the information that I was in dirty condition when I was surrendered. Now let me tell you that a dirty Pei is an uncared for Pei. We need our ears cleaned and also we tend to have skin issues. I know I do. If I'd been neglected for most of my life I would have been a mess by the time I got to rescue. As it was, all I really needed was a bath (ugh). As my new humans got to know me they had to conclude that I'd spent most of my life being well cared for. I was affectionate, friendly, confidant and  optimistic. I wasn't fearful or defensive at all. I seemed very familiar with all manner of creature comforts. I was very well behaved and socialized. Once the language barrier was cleared up it was apparent that I was trained, too, at least in basic commands. Sooo...what happened there? I guess we'll never know for sure, but it is the subject of a fair amount of speculation around the house.

Now I'm going to stay out of the heat and just read everydog's entry in the Name Game for awhile.


  1. We love happy tales and that sure is one! You've got a great home and a great name!
    The Road Dogs

  2. Hi Lola - cheers to rescue dogs! I never knew you had a puppy (or puppy daddy). There is some speculation that I may have been a puppy daddy as well! So, there may be some little pips running around out there - hope they are all OK.

    It is interesting to piece it all together isn't it? But sometimes it is just better to move on and appreciate what you have now. That's what I try to do, anyway.

    At any rate, I think Lola is the absolute perfect name for you! I always have even before I read your name post.

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Lola very good question you asked. Madi and I were of the opinion that every city had a church on every corner like we do here in Raleigh....however, we have come to realize that it is not so. Several of our blogging friends were originally from NC or another Southern State. Since reading our Steeple Sunday they have commented that they had forgotten how many churches there are in the South. We haven't even gone outside a 15 mile radius of home yet. LOL
    We're glad you are enjoying them. More to come.

  4. Very interesting story Miss Lola, evertime I thinks bout you I gets dat "Loa"" song stuck in my head and I be all singing and stuffs....hehehehe.
    Anyways, I couldn't see you as anything eellse.

  5. Lola - that is prolly the Most Perfect name that ever was for you! I can't imagine you as anything BUT Lola! I'm Most Glad that man who luved you lots while you were in the rescue place named you. I think every doggie should be named with luv, don't you?

    I think your mysterious past is also Most Fascinating!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. It almost sounds to me like perhaps you lived with someone who passed away, and the new people didn't know what to do with you. I had no idea you had a puppy! Wow! I do always smile when I hear your name, though, and it does seem to really suit you!


  7. your spanish hooman friend at sean casey did a most awesome job naming you. lola is a happy and chic name all rolled into one. and that is totally you, miss lola -- happy and chic!
    happy independence day to ya'll!!
    the booker man

    pee s -- i forgot to woof in your last post that i totally dig your red, white, 'n blue necklace thingie! you look snazzy! :)

  8. We love your rescue story & hearing about how you got to your happy forever home. Your name is super & you are one lucky Pei to have loving family & friends.

  9. You look so patriotic in your photo - I love it! And I love your name. Lola is a beautiful name for a beautiful Pei. Was it difficult for your moms to figure out that you spoke French??

    Happy 4th! I suppose you'll be watching the game with your dad today?


  10. Lola,

    That was one of the best rescue, how I gots my name story evers. :) And Oh year you me and Mayzie can turn our gotcha day celebration into a week long pawty!!

    Happy July 4th!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. I think Lola is perfect for you!
    At about the same time I found your blog, our belly dance teacher introduced us to "Whatever Lola wants..." the sond and the film. In the film, that girl is also optimistic and gets things her way, a bit like you

  12. Well we think Lola suits you to a tee cis it is an xotic name and you are like an xotic flower all beautiful

  13. We think Lola is the perfect name for you. P.S. Your 4th of July collar is very cute :)

  14. Hi, Lola!
    I knew your name is spanish. Now I know how you got it!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. I think Lola is a perfect name for you, Lola... it exudes a strong and determine character whilst lady like and full of love at the same time.

    Licks, hero

  16. Hi Lola, I am soooo glad to meet you. Your NameGame story was both Sad and Sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us. I see that you and I already know many of the same furends. That's grrreat. 87 Wags for playing and I hope you will stop at my blog TOMORROW.. and ALSO.. meet my GIRRRRLS at

  17. Lola is a beautiful name and it's perfect to you! You look cute with your patriotic collar!

  18. Woof! Woof! Lola ... More Woofs, Thanks for sharing. LOVE your story. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. OMD... you think CHEESE might be part of the surprise?! I didn't think of that possibility. I'm off to ask mom for more details! And since I AM in danger of bursting maybe I can contain myself longer if I find some noms.


  20. Lola is a much better fit than Juson by far!

  21. Hi Lola
    We think Lola is a very pretty name. Juson sounds like a boys name.
    We are so happy that you came over to meet us and are coming to our wedding.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - we love your blog header & wallpaper. So cute.

  22. HI Lola,
    I saw your comment on Madi's blog and loved your comment so much I thought I would come over and say Hi!!!!
    Loved your name story too!! So glad you have a forever home now and are happy!! Do you know what happened to your pup?? Your puppy's Daddy??
    Come on over and read a few posts of mine. Lets be friends OK???
    XXOO, Fern ( the MOM )

  23. Lolie-
    Mama thought maybe Barry Manilow named you.
    Thank you for your pawrayers for brudder Oz. He hasn't come home but Mama isn't as sad.
    I hope you had a good 4th!

    -Stellaluna the spazteroid

  24. Happy Tuesday Lola...boy blogger has been a mean grizzly bear comments would post today for the longest time.

    We meant to tell you yesterday how very happy we are you found your mom and dad and blog mom.
    You are such a beautiful Pei TLC is all any animal needs.
    Hugs Madi

  25. So what's your name? You don't remember anything before your forever home, do you? I don't either. Life begins with our loving families. Thank you for sharing your story you well trained pei you... :)

  26. Well, I have to say that even though you were well cared for before you are with the perfect furever family now. So, do you know what happened to your puppy and your puppy daddy? Lola is the perfect name for someone as beautiful as you. Thanks for giving us the history lesson too. I didn't know any of those things about Shar Pei....and being Hero's girl I outta know those things.


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