Friday, March 26, 2010

Awards from Sugar

Sugar the Golden Retriever has done me the great honor of  conferring two awards upon me, Lola, and recipients are tasked with passing it on, as I understand things. Thank you, Sugar. This is pawsome.

Here are the rules for the Happy 101 Award
Copy the image and paste it to my blog
List 10 things that make me happy, and do one of them today
List 10 bloggers who brighten my day

This not a toughie. One of the greatest things about being a dog is that so many things make us happy. The list of things that make us not happy tends to be much shorter. Here are my most favorite 10:
  • Love and attention from my humans. That's the most basic thing.
  • Walkies! I love walks so much that it's very hard to stand still while they put my harness on. Impossibly hard, in fact.
  • Chasing squirrels. My humans really hate when I try to combine chasing squirrels with walkies, as we Shar Pei are medium sized but just as strong as much taller dogs. But when it's two of your favorite things at once it's awfully hard to resist. 
  • When my humans come home. I don't care for it when they go out and don't take me with them, but the joy of reunion is almost worth it.
  • Treats. Who doesn't like a nice treat? What I like to do is keep my humans guessing as to which treat I'll be in the mood for at any given time. This results in quite an assortment of treats in the house. They really are eager to please.
  • Company. I enjoy entertaining quite a bit. 
  • My through the fence dog neighbors. Now that it's spring I'm seeing more of them.
  • Belly rubs. They are the best thing and I've got my humans trained to give quite good ones.
  • Toys - with special emphasis on ring shaped rawhide, squeeky toys and, of course, tennis balls.
  • Cheese. I am very much a cheesehound.
I think that's ten. Counting is not one of my best things.


Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award
Post the award
Send the award to 12 bloggers
Post links and leave a comment on the 12 blogs
Put these instructions in my post so they'll know what to do

I would like to pass on these awards to...
Mayzie, Toby, Hero, Mango, (and Dexter, too if Mango wants help), Bolo, Lorenza, Lois, Gentle Ben, Farley, Loki and Juno, Tommy, Bernie, and the gang at ABSharpeii. If any of you got tagged while we were working on this post, well, it's just because you bring sunshine to many.

On edit: I just realized I was supposed list 10 blogs that brighten my day for the first award. Well, all of the 12 of the bloggers  right above would be in that list, plus quite a few others, so perhaps we can leave it at that.


  1. Aww thanks, Toby hasen't gotten any awards in a while!
    I'll make sure he posts about them :)
    Toby's Raiser

  2. hmmm cheese - most excellent snack.
    I like mine with a little liverwurst....
    Thanks for including me in your blogger list.

  3. Oh, congratulations Lola, on this wonderful award! And thank you ever so much for sharing it with me! Again, we have lots in common as I'm sure you know how I feels about cheese! Cheese is really the best invention ever invented. And squirrel chasing and belly rubs - gosh, it's almost like we're twins!

    I hopes you have a Most Wonderful weekend!

    Wiggles & Wag,s

  4. Hi Lola,

    Pei minds sure think alike... that's a happy list indeed... and you're such a sweet furiend for passing all the sunshine around. Congrats on the awards.

    New skin looks great!

    Licks, hero

  5. Lola, your list is awesome, we really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing with me - I am going to modify the post on my site and add your name too :) Thank you!

  6. Congratulations on your Awards!
    You have a great list of things that make you happy!
    Thanks for giving it to me!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Thank you for thinking of us. What a nice award.



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