Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo Shoot

It was a rainy day again today. Not so windy, thank goodness. There's a lot of work for someone in the front yard due to yesterday's wind and rain storms. Don't look at me. No opposable thumbs, ya know.

The good part of the bad weather was that no one went out and there was lots of time for me, Lola. The Moms decided we should have a photo shoot because the new bandana I got from the groomers was so much more flattering than the last one.  I think it's a little loud and not very feminine  myself, but they seem to like it and I have to admit that pink sometimes clashed with my fur. Also, Blogging Mom says that I look too serious in most of the pictures she's taken of me. She feels my personality isn't coming across. I say that Blogging Mom isn't the best photographer in the world. She's not even the best photographer in the room, but Daddy hasn't been well so it's been up to her to take the pictures lately. With both Moms on the job we got some decent shots and, more importantly, I got some treats and lots of attention. Here are a couple that show another side of me, Lola.

 Let there be treats!

That treat is not worthy. You may try another.


  1. Now that's a diva Lola shot... bursting with personality. Me think the bandana looks real nice on your pretty self... really warm up the wet and cold weather.

    Licks, hero

  2. Hero, what a wonderful compliment. You've been such an inspiration to me for so long. And here you are leaving a lovely comment on my blog. What a great week this has been.

    Thanks so much and licks right back at you.

  3. Hi Lola! It's so nice to see another Pei out here spreading the word! You're really pretty. I really like your That Treat is not worth shot. Gorgeous!

    Hope to hear more from you soon! -Bolo

  4. Lola! Bolo sent me to your bloggy! You are such a pretty girl. I like a gal who is not afraid to show off her silly side. Great photo shoot.


  5. I can't believe how friendly the world of blogging dogs is. We've been all your blogs for some time and here you all are with a welcome. This is better than a squeaky chew toy! Thank you all so much!

  6. Hi Lola! We read about you on Bolo's blog and came to visit. I am not a Shar Pei but an English Springer Spaniel, and one of my bestest friends is a Shar Pei whose name is ViVi. I live with four Abyssinian cats and our #1 in France.


  7. Hi Lola!
    Welcome to the dog blog world!
    I'm so glad to meet another pretty Pei!
    AND you were rescued, like me! Very cool.
    Mom and I are looking forward to reading more about you and your adventures!

  8. Hey Lola, I'm happy you are in "the blogging world" - I look forward to following your blog!

    Toby's Raiser


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