Sunday, March 14, 2010

What A Day!

I really didn't intend to post so soon again. I figure to post once or twice a week most of the time, but today , which is almost yesterday now, was kind of special. Right after we got the first post up I got quite the upset stomach. It's been pouring rain all day, which is something we Shar Pei don't care for. With so much rain I just couldn't bring myself to go outside and eat some grass to settle the stomach. Instead I licked the floor and the carpet for quite a while before vomiting on said carpet a couple of times. In fact, even though my humans cleaned it up and applied carpet cleaner I do believe you can still see the spots. Ah well. Blogging Mom really could use a new carpet anyway.

All this sent the Moms into a tizzy, trying to decide if I was really sick and should go to the vet or if we should proceed with our usual Saturday plans, which include a trip to the groomer for a bath. Baths are another thing we Shar Pei don't care for, but I have skin issues like a lot of my breed and the vet recommended weekly baths. Sadly, I started to get better and they decided to go ahead with the bath plans.

Even after we arrived there,  I strongly suggested that we turn around and take me right home and skip the whole thing, but to no avail.

Once we finally got home the rain had turned into a full fledged storm and the wind is still gusting hard right now. Some of the shrubs in the front yard are now in totally different places from where they were this morning.  As a result of the weather our internet connection has been on and off and it wasn't for the longest time that I learned that I'd been welcomed into the canine Blogaverse.Wimsey himself left a welcome and a comment, even though he's still recovering from his injuries. Gallant, I call that. Another Hound named Bernie, who I didn't even know about before today, also left a lovely welcome message and became a follower. When you're being followed by a Hound, you're really being followed, too. As he mentions in his comment and on his blog, Bernie is also originally from Animal Control It's like we share an alma mater, even if it wasn't the same campus. All this really got my tail wagging and I want to thank them both so much. It even made up for the bath...this week.

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