Friday, March 19, 2010

Tweaking and Untweaking

I'm utterly exhausted tonight. I spent the day entertaining Daddy. Then Blog Mom came home and I had to pay attention to her for a while. We all played in the back yard for a bit and I had some nose to nose time with my next door neighbor, a lovely husky mix, until I thought it was about time we did something about dinner.  I must say tonight's menu was delicious. Cheese ravioli with four cheese rosa sauce. It's one of my most favorites. I didn't even bother to pretend to be disinterested, which I sometimes like to do.

After dinner we decided it was time we applied some tweaks to the blog. We tried one of the very new templates but decided that for now, this one suited better and we ended up just changing the text around a bit. But the best thing was that we found a couple of most excellent widgets. One is Featured Pet from and the other is.a Click A Day thingy from the Animal Rescue Site.

It's been an amazingly wonderful first week of blogging. It turns out dogs are just as friendly in the blogging world as they are everywhere else - which we all know is very friendly.. I never expected to make so many new friends in just the first week. I wish I could give everyone who's stopped by my very best nose licks. I guess the best I can do is say thank you all so very much!

And now Alpha Mom is home and as soon as I recharge I'll be giving her my full atttention. But for just right now, I think I need a little nap.

Snores and Grunts from me, Lola


  1. Boy you've had a busy day! We'd be snoozin too.

    Feather, Darla, Pappy, LizzaBelle & Skippy the Foster Dude ^..^

  2. We have really enjoyed your arrival into the blogging world, Lola!

  3. Great widgets... and what a packed day of fun.

    Licks, hero

  4. Those really are excellent widgets Lola, and you look so sweet curled up so snug for your nap :)


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