Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cautious Optimism

The 87th 4th different cable guy just left. We were out most of the weekend and yesterday. Alpha Mom told them that they absolutely had to send someone higher up on the cable repair food chain or else we were going to be forced to switch to Verizon, which could still happen. We'll see. This one got right up on the roof, which none of the others had done, and claimed that he saw the whole problem which was different from 3 different things the others had seen. It seems like they need to work their way around. The first one just changed the inside splitter. The second one changed the modem. The third changed an outside splitter, but this is the first one who didn't stay at ground level. Everything's working now, but everything was always working each time the others left. So we'll just see.

We really, really need our internet to be working now because I'm expecting a couple of new doggy-related books to review. No one told us that we'd be getting that kind of perk from blogging, but we're loving it. AND my Gotcha Day is coming up. And we need to catch up with all our friends. Oh, and Alpha Mom also needs her phone, which doesn't work when the cable is out. So this is their absolute last chance.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fabulous Feline Friday with Schooner

It's been a long time since we've posted any pictures of our friend, Schooner. He's been very busy growing.

He's quite handsome for someone who is not a dog, isn't he?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Pupdates

First of all, paws down to our internet connection which started giving trouble again before we could even catch up. Right now it mostly works from 7 am to 7 pm, approximately. That is not when there are humans available to help with  blogging and visiting, unfortunately. Someone's coming tomorrow.  If that doesn't work out we might have to switch to Verizon, which we don't really want to do, or so I'm told. But we might. So there's that.

Next, the good news. My meds came from Canada! Just as promised and at a pawfectly reasonable price. Not only am I being helped by this, as well as lots of other Shar Pei, but also our friend CoCo is now going to get her meds from Canada, too. She was sick a while back. And then she got better. But she needs very expensive medications to keep her well and healthy. Much more expensive than mine, even at the new prices. So, when we told her Mom about the Canada option she looked into it and can get CoCo's medications at a much more manageable price, leaving more green papers for the humans to have things like groceries and such. I mean, they've got to keep up their strength to take proper care of us, right? In case anydoggy's interested, we got ours from Pharmacy Rx World. There are lots of others, but now that we got our stuff, just as promised, we thought we should share that link.

What with all these connection problems we haven't posted much about our day to day doings lately. Well, there haven't been so many of those anyway once we thought about it. It was a pretty quiet winter from our point of view. Now it's almost Spring, so maybe things will get more exciting. One thing we did do over the winter was watch Franklin's nose get crusty. I thought you might enjoy some photos of old crusty so there they are:

Franklin with original nose
Together with the red eyes, he's turning out to be a real looker
It seems to be something called nasodigital hyperkeratosis and does not appear to have a cure. I must say it doesn't seem to bother him or interfere with his self esteem any, though. 

My second Gotcha Day is in  just a couple of weeks. I'm making gift lists for the humans and I hope they're planning something nice. I also hope that our connection is more reliable then than it is now.

Once again, we apologize for our spotty visiting lately. Sometimes we lose our connection right in the middle of our rounds, or sometime before we even get started, but I have been assured that we will get this fixed eventually, for sure.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh My Dogness. I forgot my own Blogaversary!

We were just lazing around the living room here, trying to catch up with some of our friends when the date came up. March 13th is the date and I just wondered why it rang a bell. We checked and yep, it's been one year today since our first post here. I had certainly thought to do something more special for a Blogaversary Post. You know - special photos, a bit of a retrospective. We should be reflecting on how many wonderful friends we've made from all over the world and how much we've been enriched by this whole Blogville community. We should be thanking everydoggy for their friendliness, unfailing kindness and understanding when we aren't as reliable as we'd like to be.

Franklin, wake up! Do you realize what day this is?
We should be doing something, anyway. But the fact is that Blog Mom's 'flu hung on all week and she's been a bit foggy and not exactly on the old ball if you know what I mean. So, I guess we're lucky just to get a post about it in under the wire. But at the very least, we do want to thank each and every one of you for making this year so very special to us.

Now if any of you boy doggies want to say Happy Blogaversary, there could be no better way than to drop by and see me at the Kissing Booth at the fund raiser for Richie and Ronnie. Just click on the Kissing Booth tab and look around for me. I won't take it amiss if you should want to plant one on some of the other lady doggies, too. It's all for a good cause. And don't worry, girls. There are plenty of boy doggies there, too.

Pucker up!
In other news, we are waiting on the meds from Canada. I guess it's too soon to say how well that went until they get here, but so far so good, I think.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where We've Been - This Time

We kind of disappeared again. This time it's because Blog Mom has barely been out of bed since the weekend. She's got the 'flu. I don't know what she would have done without Franklin and me, Lola, this time. Even the kitties had to help out in order to make sure there was at least one fourlegger in bed with her the whole time.

She's finally getting better and as soon as we can, we're going to start reading a bit to see what's been going on, but she's still not good for much. If she's better tomorrow then she's going back to work and you know what that means. She'll be crawling home, tail down, just ready to curl up and go to sleep. In other woofs, this week is pretty much shot to heck.

One very important - and sad - thing happened since we've been away. Molly Bloom, Dog of Doom - who was rescued by and shared her life with my Auntie Donna and her partner, Lisa - passed over to the bridge. I never had the pleasure of meeting Molly B. being that we live on opposite sides of the country, but Alpha Mom did and thought the world of her. They knew it was coming but Aunt Donna and Lisa miss her very much as you can well imagine. Our hearts go out to all of them. This is a picture that we borrowed from Aunt Lisa's blog. That's mainly a classical music blog so we're not sure we should link to it without permission. We just wanted you to get to see Molly B's lovely face.

We'll be back around as soon as we can.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh, Canada! (We hope!)

We got some distressing news today.  We should have known about it sooner, but somehow we missed the news. The FDA has banned the generic (and inexpensive) colchicine pills in the U.S. and now just one company seems to have exclusive rights to produce it. I might have that a little wrong, but it's something like that.

Since, due to blatant discrimination, I'm not covered under either of my Moms' prescription drug plans, this makes the medication which prevents flare-ups of  Shar Pei Fever very, very hard to afford. This change caused the price to go from an average of 10 cents a pill to five dollars a pill. That's a difference of a lot of green papers when you take it every day. This is causing a lot of problems for the Shar Pei community in the United States, as you can well imagine. You see, colchicine is mostly a human drug and it's mostly used for gout, but it's also the only thing that seems to control Shar Pei Fever, which I've got. Luckily, so far, Franklin doesn't seem to have it, but he's young yet. And of course he's simply frantic with worry for me. There is quite a lot of assistance available for humans who need it but now can't afford the only approved type, but not for doggies. More blatant discrimination.

Lola and Franklin contemplate this unfortunate development.
But it looks like Canada might just come to our rescue! It seems as though we can get this from Canada at prices similar to what we were paying before, or at least not much more. We are going to give it a shot tomorrow and cross our paws that the inexpensive kind continues to be available in Canada.
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