Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sedentary Sunday

Hi all. We have not been posting like we should, but you haven't missed much. We really haven't been doing much besides hanging around.  Franklin keeps the backyard safe, which is a full  time job for him. I'm trying to get ahead of the curve with my napping. Doing pretty well there. Sarge is still doing well and  Alpha Mom says he farted quite a bit today. She was worried because she felt he wasn't doing that enough. But everything seems to be in working order right now.

Blog Mom is still having trouble staying awake long enough to attend to our blogging duties. She says this is because the nest - never really empty - is more full of people who need feeding more of the time and by the time she works, shops and cooks she doesn't have much left in her. I think I'm going to have to change her name to Not Blogging Mom. But we do check on everyone as much as we can and we wanted to check in and say that we still love EVERYBODY in Blogville.  We miss you when we're not able to get out here. We are hoping that nothing at all comes up tonight so we can at least catch up with you all. Here's me, having a nap interrupted:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Power of the Paw Working Well! Thank you so much.

Thank you all so much for your good wishes. They must be working wonders because Sarge was able to go back home to his barn. He's not speaking to Alpha Mom right now. She says he feels he made it perfectly clear that he wanted to go home last night and she did not take him there, so she's getting the cold shoulder right now. She says that's OK and that he'll get over it. I can see his point, although I don't do cold shoulder myself. I prefer to inflict guilt by looking sad and soulful.

We are a little worried that this is the beginning of something. Sarge isn't a young horse. As far as Alpha Mom knows this is the first time he's colicked and we hope it was just an isolated incident rather than the beginning of  trend. Anyhoo, thank you again so much for all your caring and concern. It really helps and we appreciate it more than you know.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Power of the Paw and Hoof Needed for a Horse -Updated

~ Morning Update - Thank you so much for your good wishes. There is cautious optimism here this morning. Sarge made it though the night and was even feeling a little better. We are still crossing everything we've got. 

No time for a real post. Alpha Mom just got word that Sarge is in the hospital with colic. She's on her way there now. It'll probably be a very late night and we probably won't have more information until maybe tomorrow night. We'd just appreciate if you could send Sarge some good vibes because he sure could use them right now.

Please get well, Sarge, from the whole family.
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