Sunday, April 22, 2012

We Sure Owe a LOT of Apologies

We are so very sorry for disappearing the way we did. At first, I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look you in the eye.

But then I decided that I just had to face the music and own up to the fact that Blog Mom did a very bad thing. We never meant to just book like that. It just got harder to keep up for a variety of human-based reasons and then it got to be a long time and then it was just awkward. We missed milestones and celebrations and sadness and all the things that furiends are supposed to be around to share. We never did stop thinking about you all, though. Not ever.

Then today  we got a sign that it was time to come back. Blog Mom downloaded a Kindle book. About  a dog, of course. What else is really worth reading? Well, the author of this book has a blog, so of course we  had to check that out and what did we find? Well, we found a real dog blog, not one of those fancy pants  author blogs. A Daily Dose of Jack is fur real. And what else? The very first post mentioned Remington. Yes, THAT Remington! A little further down was one where Madi sent a pressie. And Wilf.  The pack was all there!

Wait a minute, Wilf? One thing that was a little scary coming back was wondering if any of our friends know. We still haven't counted noses so we don't know, but we prepared for Wilf to have moved on. And he didn't. Hasn't. Is still here. Thank Dog!

We did learn that Hero has had another harrowing time with stomach bloat, but is on the road to recovery. We are, of course sending all the power of the paw that we can and we are sure that he'll be all better real soon. 

We don't know how often we'll be able to post and we know we can't keep up with commenting everywhere, but we are going to try to catch up with everyone for the next few days and as far as our own posts go we'll see how it goes, but we'll try to get one out of Blog Mom every so often.
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