Friday, December 31, 2010

Ready to Pawty!

We are counting down to 2011. We are trying to keep Blog Mom and Daddy awake. Alpha Mom is going out so she'll have to depend on her dinner companions to give her a nudge with their noses from time to time.
Eat, snort and be merry, everybuddy!
Franklin has things a bit turned around. He's still new at this.

Our New Year's resolution is simple. We resolve not to change a thing. We are Pei. We see no real room for improvement.

Our hopes and wishes for the New Year are not much different than for Christmas. We  hope for a  healthy and happy year for all our friends, better lives for all creatures, and more than ever, we want Hero to get all better very soon and in plenty of time to welcome his new human sister into the world.

We still haven't posted anything about our Christmas Day and we have some other holiday seasonal type things we haven't posted yet. I  do hope we get to them before Valentine's Day. But for now, I will say that our Christmas day was stellar and involved pressies, bacon and eggs in the morning and turkey at night. 'Nuff said?

Now all you pawty animals have a safe and sane New Year's. Don't drink and chase cars. Get home safely if you're going out. Don't burn anything down if you're staying home amd most of all, have a most Happy New Year.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

The Shar Pei are snuggled all safe in our beds while visions of noms dance in our heads. We wish you all the best Christmas ever. Mostly we want good health for all our furiends and family and furever homes for all the homeless, be they doggies, kitties, humans or other.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Power of the Paw for Hero

We interrupt our holiday non-programming to talk about how Hero is much in need of the Power of the Paw right now. He's having a horrific bout of complications due to Familial Shar Pei Fever. Hero will always be a very special Pei friend to us, and we know he's special to lots of you, too. Especially Twix, but just about everydoggy loves Hero, we think. Right now all we want from Santa Paws is good news from Maylasia and to read that he's healing and feeling good.

Oh, and we don't care if the medicine makes him lose his wrinkles and shrinks his muzzle as long as it heals him and brings his appetite back. It's Hero's heart that makes him special, not the way he looks. Please join us in keeping good thoughts and prayers and wishes heading his way.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're Back - Sort of

We have sooo much to catch up on, but we first have to say how much we've missed you. We haven't even gotten to read much the last few days. That's been torture. Blog Mom is still spending most of the time she's not at work taking Daddy to human vets and for tests, but he's not doing too badly right now. We're keeping our paws crossed that he'll be a lot better soon. Blog Mom has to see her own vets early in the  New Year, but is feeling OK now. Oh, and Franklin has a bump on his nose and he's got to go to the Vet for that, too. It never stops, does it?

We've had Chanukah and two birthdays in between all this, and of course, getting ready for Christmas, too. Here are some pictures from Alpha Mom's Second Annual Latkepalooza party. It was back on December 4th, for Dog's sake. That's how behind we are.

 First, of course, pressies! I got a fish that says "Gefilte" on it.
When you squeeze it says, "Oy veh!" I just love it.

 Franklin got a dreidel stuffie. It plays The Dreidel Song in a kind of awful high pitched voice when you squeeze it.

 These are the latkes. Alpha Mom's friends come over and make them. And she also gets all kind of things from a wonderful kosher deli. Very nice nommables for all of us. 

 Franklin and I both attended, of course, but there was some concern about his social skills. He tends to get over-excited at times

 Well, we didn't have to worry. He behaved just fine for the most part and stayed 95% calm.

 As it turns out, he enjoys being a host almost as much as I enjoy the role of hostess.

Although I really think I still throw more of myself into the job than he does. 

We both helped with the clean-up, of course.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Friends

We have to talk to you. We have been away from Blogville too much lately, but it might not get that much better before the holidays are over. We know we're not the only ones in this fix, but we'd still like to list our excuses reason for being absent so much. We wouldn't feel so badly about not posting new posts, but we've been so behind in visiting, too. That's where we start to feel like putting our tails right between our legs, because we just love every one of you. You know that, right?
  1. Being a rather ecumenical family our holiday season is long this year. In fact, we hope our next post will be about Alpha Mom's Second Annual Latkepolooza, which we enjoyed immensely. But that's the thing. Chanukah started on the first of the month, just a few days after Thanksgiving and then there are two Gotcha Days coming right up (Blog Mom's and Daddy's) and of course the whole month is Christmas when you count all the getting ready for it. So that's the main thing.
  2. Daddy has a higher than average number of medical things going on this month, too. Blog Mom goes with him. He hasn't been feeling great the last few weeks and that keeps Blog Mom just a lot busier than when he's OK.
  3. Now Blog Mom has a Mysterious Ailment. Hopefully a little antibiotic will take care of it, but she's all swollen up around her eyes and the whole area. Actually, she's starting to look a bit like a Shar Pei, but you know - it's not nearly as cute on her as it is on us. Anyway, she's not feeling so great and has not been able to keep up helping me visit everyone as well as we'd like.
We just don't want anyone's feeling to be hurt and we certainly don't want you to forget us, or think that we forgot you. That's really all we want to say. We hope everybuddy's holiday season is coming along just great so far.
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