Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Are NOT Going to Believe This

With this week going the way it has, I don't know which way is up...or down.

 Monday: Cable guy came to see me. He was very nice and I sniffed that he had a labradawg at home. I helped him out a great deal, I think. He said it was the splitter and switched it and the internets were working but Blog Mom had to run out to work. By the time she got home it wasn't working anymore. Alpha Mom was on hold for 87 hours an entire hour trying to get through to the repair line Monday night - without success I might add.

Tuesday: BlogMom got through to the repair line from work. Made an appointment for Wednesday morning.

Wednesday: Different cable guy came. He asked if I was safe! Can you imagine?? I mean, how do I know HE was "safe"? I take that leap of faith is how. Seems he could do the same. I was somewhat offended but I tried to be gracious anyway.  We decided he might not want to be introduced to Franklin at all. That was OK. Franklin is loving the snow so much we can hardly get him to come inside. Anyhoo, this non-dog loving cable guy said we needed a new modem and  no, there was no way this problem could be something outside (because the tee vee is working, I guess). So, he gave us a nice new modem and this time it worked until into the evening when the snow started in earnest.

Thursday:  There was the aftermath of our weekly snowstorm to deal with. Blog Mom hurt her back trying to shovel. The internets were out a lot of the time. The humans are really starting to get cranky about all the snow. Have you noticed that with your humans?

As of now, as long as it's above freezing, or there's a strong sun the modem works. Once it gets really cold out there, it goes on strike. As I mentioned before, most of the time it's working is not when Blog Mom can be online, due to work, shopping, and all the errands humans seem to have to do.  We have to call the cable company again, of course, and try to get them to see the light. Alpha Mom's landline phone is also out when the modem is, so the whole thing is just not good.

What we're trying to do it get on as often as possible and read as many blogs as we can, just to keep up. We figure for now, if we don't comment too much, we can read more, but we do like to post updates now and then so you know why we aren't here.

Oh, and while we're doing pupdates, Franklin most likely has hyperkeratosis on his nose. It's common with lots of breeds and not a threat to anything but his good looks, but it might mean he had distemper before we got him. His original family never got his eyes done and didn't get him snipped. Maybe they didn't get him his shots either. He seems very healthy now, though.

I'm going to post this before we lose connectivity. We'll get this straightened out but it might take another few days or a week, we guess. Miss you all tons and tons.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Downtime Update

I know this is getting tiresome, but I don't want my furiends to think I've run off or anything. The internets is still giving problems. We've pretty much figured out that it's an outside problem. It's only working for a few hours most days and only when the sun's out for the most pawt. This is not the best time for my blogging assistant who is either at work or doing boring stuff at those times. We have to get the cable people here to fix it, but the snow is complicating that. Of course, the snow is most likely causing the problems anyway. Anyhoo, we just hope we don't have to wait until Spring to resume our normal blogging/visiting schedule. We love you all and we miss you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

In and Out, On and Off

This is just a note to say that we're still having problems and we will be on and off until we get some help from cable, looks like. You don't need to comment here. I just wanted to let you all know. We were kind of in the middle of visiting everybuddy when the modem dropped out again and stayed out all day. Don't know if it'll be working again long enough to do much, so if we're gone again, that's where we went.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is This Thing On?

We're back. Did you know we were gone?  We couldn't get on the internet for 87 2 whole days! We need to visit EVERYBUDDY, but we wanted to put down what's been doing around here before we forget or before the modem goes poof again.

Not a brand new picture, but we just want you to know it's us. 

THE VET: I, Lola, went back to the VET on Thursday. I really, really didn't want to go. I just had a hunch and I was right. They took my temperature! And for nothing. I did not have a fever. Then they took about 87 a few vials of my BLOOD. They took a good look at it, I suppose, and reported that I have wonderful blood. Not a thing wrong with it at all. I was charming to everyone there, despite the indignities they visited upon me. I gave out lickies and wagged and did everything they asked. Then I went home and sulked  and refused to eat for a couple of days.

The long and short of it all is that I'm fine and there seem to be no after effects of my outbreak of Swollen Hock Syndrome. The VET said it was still a teeny bit swollen, but I am feeling much better.

FRANKLIN: Franklin is fine, but he gave us a bit of a scare this week. Blog Mom had come in the door after being gone for like 5 whole minutes. When humans are coming or going Franklin likes to get in touch with his inner Cracker Dog. He sometimes tries to prevent departures by throwing himself in front of the door and making horrific noises. No one really pays him any mind. All arrivals are greeted with his Happy Dance. This time, after executing a decent brisé he started to scream. There's really no other word for it. Then he kind of limped over to Daddy for comfort and told him all about it. Unfortunately he left out a lot of detail. After telling Daddy his troubles he went to his Special Place, which is under the chair in the living room. Once he recovered no one was able to figure out which paw or leg was the problem. It all happened too fast. Whatever it was, the limp went away quickly and and there's been no recurrence, leaving everyone to wonder if his patella had luxated or if he's got some other problem or if he just messed up his landing. Time and the VET will tell, but he's just his normal self now.

All of that reminds me. I had intended to do a little post in honor of his living here for exactly six months last Friday. Not a Gotcha Day, but I do think the first six months is a milestone. Alas, that never happened because of ----->

OUR NOT SO GOOD FRIDAY:  After work on Friday Alpha Mom went out to dinner to celebrate a human friend's Gotcha Day. Blog Mom was at home, finding that our cable modem wasn't working. She could not figure out why. None of the usual remedies worked. The teevee was working, so cable wasn't out. She gave up after a while and figured that if it wasn't working in the morning (it wasn't!) she'd just have to spend about 87 hours on the phone with the cable company and then she started to read a book and fell asleep until she got a call from Alpha Mom. Alpha Mom was in a car accident! She didn't get hurt, but that's surprising, looking at her car. The back is more smushed in than a Pug's face. The other person skidded on some ice and crashed into the back of her car. Everyone was in  a tizzy, let me tell you.

Of course, Saturday morning was devoted to getting things straightened out. An appointment had to be made with the insurance adjuster, Alpha Mom's errands had to be combined with Blog Mom's, weekend plans had to be changed - all that sort of thing. Sometime during all that the modem started working again, so that, at least, was good.

All of that brings us to now, more or less. We have to try to see what's been going on in Blogville while we were totally MIA.  We did see that Hero is starting to feel like his old self, which was wonderful to see, but we know there are probably AT LEAST 87 other things that we've missed. We hope that everybuddy's doing OK and having a great weekend.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thanks from me, Lola

I want to thank everyone who came by, sent their well wishes and even sent new furiends to visit. It really lifts a girl's spirits to have so many supportive friends. I'm feeling quite well on the Rimadyl now. The only bad thing is that I do still need it to feel well and will probably have to do a second round of it and then go back to the Vet. But now I can go up and downstairs again, and get up on the furniture and even run around a bit, so I'm not complaining.

I was feeling like this. 

But now I feel more like this. Better, right? 
 Our spirits were really lifted today when we learned that Hero is on the mend and healing at last. There could be no better news. Our tails are wagging right off our butts and not just the doggies. The humans are that happy, too. Hero may be a boy dog, but I still think of him as one of my BFF's. Keep on feeling better and better, dear friend. You're going to need all your strength for dealing with your baby sister when she arrives.

 I guess I should say thanks to Franklin for stepping up here on the blog and also for allowing me to get rest and not bothering me too much when I was feeling especially bad. There'll be a little something extra in his doggy dish tonight. I'm also considering add him to my by-line on post and comments. What do you think? Is he ready? He'll have been with us for six months in a few days. It's beginning to seem quite permanent.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lola Update

Hi all. It's Franklin again. We don't have lots of news but I promised to keep you posted so I will. Lola is holding her own just fine. She's got some Rimadyl now and that's making her a lot more comfortable, but once a dose starts wearing off she gets real limpy again. She's going to see her Specialist Vet tomorrow and she's still eating well. I wasn't even here last time she had an attack but I'm told that she lost her appetite that time. So it's go to be good that she's hungry and all this time, right?

I'm afraid we're not going to be able to do a lot of visiting tonight. I would be glad to make the rounds for my Sis any other time, but we were ALL up really, really late last night. It was a pretty uncomfortable night for Lola so none of us slept, pretty much. Tonight is looking to be more peaceful and I think we're all going to just go to bed real early.

Live long and prosper,


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lola Has Got Sickies

Hello Friends. Franklin here. I have to tell you that my big Sis, Lola, is under the weather and feeling kind of bad.  We think it's another case of FSF or Swollen Hock Syndrome. That's what Hero has, too, but  he's suffering from complications, too. Lola's isn't nearly as bad so far. We sure do hope it won't get there, either. Her leg is hurting and she's keeping it off the floor as much as possible and doing a lot of licking the air. She does that when she's not feeling so good. This all just started today and her appetite was just fine, so that's good so far. She'll have to go to her special VET as soon as she can get an appointment. In the meantime we're all doing our best to keep her as comfortable as we possible.

Now, we're not asking for any heavy duty Power of the Paw - yet. We don't think things will get that serious and we want you to keep those vibes mainly headed to Hero, but we did want to keep you informed, 'cause we'd want to know if  any of you was sickies. We'll keep you posted, of course.
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