Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is This Thing On?

We're back. Did you know we were gone?  We couldn't get on the internet for 87 2 whole days! We need to visit EVERYBUDDY, but we wanted to put down what's been doing around here before we forget or before the modem goes poof again.

Not a brand new picture, but we just want you to know it's us. 

THE VET: I, Lola, went back to the VET on Thursday. I really, really didn't want to go. I just had a hunch and I was right. They took my temperature! And for nothing. I did not have a fever. Then they took about 87 a few vials of my BLOOD. They took a good look at it, I suppose, and reported that I have wonderful blood. Not a thing wrong with it at all. I was charming to everyone there, despite the indignities they visited upon me. I gave out lickies and wagged and did everything they asked. Then I went home and sulked  and refused to eat for a couple of days.

The long and short of it all is that I'm fine and there seem to be no after effects of my outbreak of Swollen Hock Syndrome. The VET said it was still a teeny bit swollen, but I am feeling much better.

FRANKLIN: Franklin is fine, but he gave us a bit of a scare this week. Blog Mom had come in the door after being gone for like 5 whole minutes. When humans are coming or going Franklin likes to get in touch with his inner Cracker Dog. He sometimes tries to prevent departures by throwing himself in front of the door and making horrific noises. No one really pays him any mind. All arrivals are greeted with his Happy Dance. This time, after executing a decent brisé he started to scream. There's really no other word for it. Then he kind of limped over to Daddy for comfort and told him all about it. Unfortunately he left out a lot of detail. After telling Daddy his troubles he went to his Special Place, which is under the chair in the living room. Once he recovered no one was able to figure out which paw or leg was the problem. It all happened too fast. Whatever it was, the limp went away quickly and and there's been no recurrence, leaving everyone to wonder if his patella had luxated or if he's got some other problem or if he just messed up his landing. Time and the VET will tell, but he's just his normal self now.

All of that reminds me. I had intended to do a little post in honor of his living here for exactly six months last Friday. Not a Gotcha Day, but I do think the first six months is a milestone. Alas, that never happened because of ----->

OUR NOT SO GOOD FRIDAY:  After work on Friday Alpha Mom went out to dinner to celebrate a human friend's Gotcha Day. Blog Mom was at home, finding that our cable modem wasn't working. She could not figure out why. None of the usual remedies worked. The teevee was working, so cable wasn't out. She gave up after a while and figured that if it wasn't working in the morning (it wasn't!) she'd just have to spend about 87 hours on the phone with the cable company and then she started to read a book and fell asleep until she got a call from Alpha Mom. Alpha Mom was in a car accident! She didn't get hurt, but that's surprising, looking at her car. The back is more smushed in than a Pug's face. The other person skidded on some ice and crashed into the back of her car. Everyone was in  a tizzy, let me tell you.

Of course, Saturday morning was devoted to getting things straightened out. An appointment had to be made with the insurance adjuster, Alpha Mom's errands had to be combined with Blog Mom's, weekend plans had to be changed - all that sort of thing. Sometime during all that the modem started working again, so that, at least, was good.

All of that brings us to now, more or less. We have to try to see what's been going on in Blogville while we were totally MIA.  We did see that Hero is starting to feel like his old self, which was wonderful to see, but we know there are probably AT LEAST 87 other things that we've missed. We hope that everybuddy's doing OK and having a great weekend.


  1. Welcome back !! I hope the modem will stay for a little while.. We absolutely hate it whenever it starts to go a little wacky..

    Happy Sunday peeps !!

    PeeS : It's really good to see you and Hero back in action !! Please stay well ..


  2. Oh my dear Lola, what great news to know you're doing fine, and you still have your charm at the VET too :)... brother Franklin must be a tat too excited in his happy dance and pull a muscle or something I guess... happy half anniversary to Franklin. I'm sorry to hear about Alpha Mom car accident but most importantly, she is not hurt... hope everything is sorted out by now, including the other 87 things ;)

    Licks, hero

  3. YIKES! I am so glad to hear that Alpha Mom is okay! How skeery....

    And I'm glad to hear that you and Franklin are on the mend. What a week it's been for you!!!


  4. Welcome back, Lola! We are so glad to hear that you are fine and the vet gave you an "A+" report. Franklin was a bit naughty and over excited but I guess it is because he is still very young. You know young people do silly things sometimes.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's car accident but, Whew!!! so glad that she is okay. It's kind of scary though.
    Really glad that your internet is back so that we can see you and Franklin here again!

  5. Hey good to see you back. Looks like it was buzy couple of days. Gald all is ok now.
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Hi Lola and Franklin!!!
    Boy is it good to see your shining happy faces!!!
    We are so glad Lola is back to her happy lovely self. Franklin were you trying to get sympathy with your paw or did one of the two leggers step on it?
    Hugs Madi

  7. Mostly all good news from you two - so glad to hear that Lola is on the mend, and that Franklin seems OK after his mishap. Poor Alpha Mom - so glad she is OK, but too bad about the car. Here's to a better week this week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Woof! Woof! Happy New Year ... still catching up with all bloggie friends. Lots of things happening ... good to see your faces. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Hi Lola! I am so glad that you are healthy and well. I hope Franklin's paw is all healed. Car accident? That is scary! I am glad no one was hurt. I missed you lots!


  10. We are glad you are back online. What a week you have had. We are glad the vet visits went okay but the car wreck is scary. Having to contact the cable company is always a mess and we know how that goes! We hope you have a good Sunday!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  11. I am so glad that you, Lola, are okay and feeling better! I'm also very glad that Alpha Mom did not get hurt in her accident! Cars can be replaced, but moms cannot.

    Oh, those modems! Dad called about ours because it's been getting to be a problem and they finally sent us a new one when they realized how old the one we had before was! Let's just say we've changed a few presidents since then. I hope yours gets sorted out soon!


    P.S. Perhaps Franklin is auditioning for some sort of acting role!

  12. oh loLA!
    Thank Dogness it was just the modem! we were worried and were thinking about u when u were MIA.
    Sorry about ur Mom's accident. We are relieved to know she is un-injured, which is the MOST impawtant thing.
    All other 87 things can be sorted by n by.

    We are VERY VERY delighted by the news that ur blood is doing good.
    Good thing u did there...sulk because they took away your pawfectly ok blood.
    We truly admire ur resilience at the vet's though.
    Franklin, u must have sprained a muscle. Do be careful, the muscles aren't up to their full stretching capacity due to the cold weather n all. And we don't want your vet to take some of ur blood too, do we now?

    Hope the modem behaves.
    bud, gin n shadow

  13. Lola and Franklin.. I am soooooo glad that thingys seem to have all worked out.. OK! Whewwie... what a week you had, indeed.
    Happy HALF Gotcha Day, Franklin!!

    I hope that you are enjoying MangoMinster 2011!!!!

  14. miss lola!

    welcome back!! ya'll sure have had a crazy go nuts week at your house! i'm glad everybuddy is okie dokie and that your interwebs are workin' again. car accidents are always way scary like, and i'm so glad your alpha mom didn't get hurt! i know it's stinky to go to the V-E-T, but isn't it a relief to know for sures that your blood was grrreat lookin' and that you didn't have the fevers anymore? i sure hope franklin just had a momentary ouchie, too.

    the booker man

  15. Yeesh! It's all happening at your house. Going through all those indignities to be told there was nothing wrong with you. You're a good sport.

    Hope Franklin was just acting and not really hurt.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Hi Lola! I DID notice you were gone and I missed you something terrible! Okay, firstly - I am EVER so happy that you're feeling all better and the VET said your blood is super terrific. But of course, YOU already knew that. Everything abouts you is super terrific.

    Secondly, I hope that Franklin is okay but I bet he just landed wrong, don't you? And then he prolly had to be alllll dramatic cuz you have prolly been the one getting all the attentions and he decided he needed some, too.

    Lastly, I am SO very happy that Alpha Mom wasn't hurt in that accident! But I know it musta been skeery. Be sure and give her lots of extra cuddles and cheese, okay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. Oh girl, thank goodnesses ya'll is back. I haves missed ya'll.
    I am so glad you is doin' betters, except fur da whole temperture takin' thing...yea, sorry bouts dat. But, looks likes you manged to get a clean bill of health.


  18. Yay you and Alpha mom is OK. I hopes Franklin is OK too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. So glad you are back and well, Lola! Glad Franklin's paw is OK.

    Car accidents are always so scary - even if you are not hurt physically that jolt stays with you. Not fun at all!

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Very glad to hear you got on well at the vets Lola and that only the car was damaged and not Mom but what a horrid thing for her to have gone through. I hope that Franklin just landed awkwardly and that it is nothing more than that.
    It is so good to have you back again

    Momma Tea

  21. Lola!
    Wow! Lots of things happening there at your house!
    Glad to know you are much much better!
    I hope what happened to Franklin was just something at the moment!
    Glad Alpha Mom is Ok!
    I hope everything goes well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Lola, I'm so glad you're back and well. I was worried about you and Hero. Hope Franklin is ok too!

    Glad Alpha Mom is ok. That's so scary!

  23. Thanks for the update, Lola. We also had connection problems last week and finally got a new modem on Saturday. As for Franklin, perhaps he just landed not quite right and had a bit of a sprain? Those things usually go away pretty quickly by themselves.

    We're really sorry to hear about your Alpha Mom's car accident and hope the insurance company behaves decently. We had such a hard time with insurers when someone rammed #1 from behind last year...

    Last but not least, we're so happy your vet report was good, Lola! And Happy 6-Month Gotchaversary, Franklin!


  24. Hi Lola we are happee to hear you are doing fine. Modem problems are the worse!
    Benny & Lily

  25. Welcome back! We will keep our fingers crossed that your modem fixes itself soon! We are also thankful that everyone is fine and no on was hurt in the accident. Hopefully, getting it all settled will go quickly.


  26. Welcome back! I missed you! Glad things are going okay....hope you modem thingy keeps working....that is NOT fun at all!

  27. Welcomes back Lola!
    I don't think I've been your way recently... I've missed seeing your posts!
    Glad to hear things are going good, hope you have a furry good Monday :)


  28. Boy, we're glad to hear that you and your Mom are both OK. Tell Franklin that we do that sometimes. We jump or run fast and crash into something and start limping around. Mom always checks us out, but most of the time the offer of a cookie makes the pain go away really fast and we start dancing again.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  29. Wow 6 whole months went by since Franklin arrived?! How time flies! I guess that everyone is holding their own. Sorry to hear about the accident. This winter is sure making auto body shops happy!


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