About Me, Lola

I am a Chinese Shar Pei living on Long Island in New York and a proud alumnus of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.  I am from New York City originally, but was moved out to the Island on April 4th, 2009, when I was adopted by suburbanites. It's not bad. There's somewhat less culture out here, but I do have a really big backyard now. Everything in life involves a trade-off. Plus, I wasn't in a position to be picky about location. I was living in a cage and lucky to be there, at that. This is much better.

Here at home I live in a house divided, but not against itself. The upstairs is Alpha Mom's apartment. I live there. The downstairs belongs to Blog Mom, who is Alpha Mom's older sister and Daddy, who is married to Blog  Mom. I live there, too. So does my human brother, who is all grown up, two cats and a bass player who has been staying here temporarily for several years.

I generally sleep upstairs with Alpha Mom so I can wake her up nice and early. Then we can have several hours together before she has to go to work. I'm quite the morning person. Once Alpha Mom has to tear herself away from me and get ready for work, I go downstairs and start my day there. Daddy is retired and we generally spend the weekdays together, as I don't work outside the home either. Sometimes he doesn't feel so well and on those days I keep an eye on him, cheer him up, accept treats from him, and do whatever else is needed. On better days I snoopervise whatever projects he's working on and I'm always available for conversation, except during my morning and afternoon naps, of course. In the evening when Blog Mom comes home from work I help her decompress with many licks and, if the weather is good, some running around the backyard. Then we make dinner and wait for Alpha Mom, who usually works later than Blog Mom. When she gets home we have a wonderful reunion and hang around together with Blog Mom and Daddy. Then she falls asleep on the loveseat. She says that's because "someone" gets her up hours before she needs to be up. It's OK. She doesn't need to explain. By the time she falls asleep it's time for my evening nap, anyway.

I have written several posts with a fair amount of detail about my life and times. They can be found here.

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