Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So Many Thanks In Order, Part I

I haven't blogged much and for the first time in a while I really have gotten behind in reading blogs. For that, I'm getting awards and a cool pressie. Maybe I should just shut up all the time. Nah! That's not going to happen. But there are so many thanks in order I thought I better do them it two evenings. Awards tomorrow, I hope, pressie and other business tonight.

I want to say a BIG thank you to J.D., Max and their Mom for all the work they've done and are still doing on the auction for Shelby. I feel awful about not getting online to bid on something, but a lot of the things we put up sold, so I'm happy about that and even happier that the auction really did raise a considerable contribution to Shelby's care.

Now I have to tell you about the big surprise I got yesterday. I got mail! I generally get much better mail than my humans do and this was no exception.

I've got mail!

Someone bring my reading glasses!
It was from my Rhodesian Ridgeback furiend, Boomer Miller! Boomer sent me mail! How exciting is that? Very, very exciting!  So, what's in the envelope? I need to know.
This is pawfect! 
Boomer, how did you know? It's just what I needed!
To be honest, I like having a little brother. I kind of love Franklin. Maybe even a lot. But there are moments now and then when I remember what it was like being the sole canine center of my universe and sometimes I miss it. It kind of lifts my spirits to have this and  say, "Nyah, nyah!" at those moments. OK, I can be a bit of a bitch at times. Comes with the territory. Not that it's entirely true. I will always be top dog here as long as I'm on this side of the Bridge. I got that in writing just to be sure. But they probably love Franklin just as much. Just sort of differently, due to the fact that he's young and kind of goofy. But I don't have to tell him that, do I?
Oh, I feel right on top of my game again!
Thank you again so very much, Boomer. You are a thoughtful and kind Ridgeback and I'll be furever grateful.

I can't close this post out without expressing Get Well wishes for dear little Molly. She's sickies again, and fighting like a teeny tiger again, too. We are sending all the pawsitive vibes that we can, Molly. I hope you can feel them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday and I'm So Behind

I'm a little behind here.
I need to apologize to all my wonderful furiends. I haven't visited anyone at all today. I mean, I've read a few blogs where I could but I haven't so much as left a word. You know I love you all, right? And I'll catch up as soon as I can, but maybe not for another day. Our usual morning session on the web got cut short and tonight's not looking good either. That kind of thing happens from time to time and I'd be catching up with everyone instead of posting this Blog Mom culpa, but there are major events that have passed by while I was kept from my blogging duties.

This morning I did just get a chance to read that it's National Dog Day, which I didn't know was a thing at all. Thank you, Mayzie. If not for furiends I wouldn't know anything at all, I think. Of course, the day's about over now, but I sure hope everydog had a great one. Mine was so-so. To tell the truth I'm a little off my feed, which is making the Moms and Daddy just a tad nervous and that's part of the reason that I've had trouble getting online. They're too busy watching me and worrying  to keep up with everything they need to be doing. Like helping me blog, for instance.

There was another very impawtent event that I did not post about at the proper time, which was yesterday. It was Alpha Mom's birthday! She turned 385 in standard dog years yesterday, August 25th. We didn't forget her birthday. In fact, Franklin and I got her a netbook and she really likes it. ...Oh, OK, I'll tell the truth. We didn't buy it all by ourselves. The kitties chipped in, too, but only a little. But I think that it's only right to say a formal Happy Birthday to one of the best Moms in the whole world here on my blog. So, better late than never.

with love from me, Lola

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

We're Driving Everyone Crazy

Finally it's not so hot out. But it's raining. It rained yesterday and today and it's supposed to rain for the next couple of days, too. This is great news for what grass we have left, but we are not water dogs - at all - and we can't go out and do this:
Please pardon our blur.
Sorry for the horrible photo quality. Blog Mom's camera is not adequate for capturing our supersonic Pei play. Now that Franklin and I are all bonded and on the same page we have gotten used to being able to do zoomies and play Pei tag in the yard when it gets cool enough after dinner. Faced with two days of (very much needed) rain, we're getting a little antsy. I think that everyone should be able to understand that. Yet, you'd think that zoomies in the living room was disturbing the peace or something, the way everyone seems kind of testy about it. Thing is, we don't really care that much. They'll get over it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

International Homeless Animal Day

Before taking off for the wedding of the century, I made sure to leave a  post about International Homeless Animal Day.  I confess that I didn't know about it. It was Bocci who made us here at Chez Lola aware of this important day. All of us four leggers, except Simone, here at my house were once without a permanent address, so this occasion resonates with us as it does with so many of our furiends.  Probably most of the people who stop by here are already doing what they can to help.

 Some are doing huge things, like fostering doggies or transporting them or volunteering at shelters or with rescue organizations. Even if you can't do those things, there are lots of little ways to help every day. When we buy things for our pets, we can check and see if what we need can be had from a place that supports rescue, for instance. There are quite a few of them. Franklin just got his back to school collar and leash from Rescue Pet Supply, for instance. They donate 10% of the purchase price of items that you purchase to one of their affiliate rescue organizations, which they list on their site Or you could do lots of different kinds of shopping at The Animal Rescue Site. I bet humans could get a LOT of holiday shopping done there, as well as other types of things.

Miss Brooklyn 2009 and in front of my Alma Mater

Of course, if you happen to be in or near Brooklyn, you can't do better than to buy your stuff from the Fort Hamilton Dog House, which is physically connected to and supports the Sean Casey Animal Rescue which is my alma mater, as I've mentioned many times before. I believe they're offering free local delivery on their site, too, but you really should stop by. It's a wonderful fun place to visit if you like animals at all and if you don't, what are you doing here?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordlessish Wednesday

Action shot!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bachelorette Parties Are Ruff

Thank you Mayzie and Puddles. You sure are the hostesses with the mostesses. I just hope that Ruby and Penny and Frankie are all recovered in time for the big day.
Mom! The room is spinning around. Make it stop!
Before I pass out go to sleep I just want to remind everydog about the Auction for Shelby that JD and Max are so kindly hosting. Bidding is already open on a lot of items. I'm still deciding myself, but hurry over and start browsing as soon as you can.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speak, Franklin!

Hi everyone! My big sister Lola says that it was one month ago today, August 10th that my unfortunate incarceration ended and I joined the family. She also says I should write this post (almost) all by myself to thank  you all for your very nice and kind welcome to me and also for being so supportive through my name changes. I do thank you really a lot. You are all  so nice and friendly and I'm real happy to meet you all. I did want to say that, but I really didn't know what else to write about. My Big Sis said that I should talk about my Gotcha Day from my point of view, so I will. I pretty much always do what she tells me. More or less.

I'm going to let you write on my blog. Please don't embarrass me.
  It was a dark and stormy day when the lady came to meet me. I'd been on the inside for over three months for the crime of having a family that was moving and couldn't keep me. OK, I know that other dogs have it a lot worse than I ever did. I don't want to be a whiner, but it still wasn't a very cool experience, you know? I do have to admit that the warden and the matrons were pretty chill peeps. They looked out for us and everything and we got time in the exercise yard  every day. Also my family couldn't provide some important medical care  that I needed and I did get that while I was on the inside. I was going out of my mind, spending so much time in that little cell, though. And that's why I could have blown the whole deal.

A month ago today I was just hanging out in my cell when one of the matrons came and told me I had company. It was the first visitor I'd had and I didn't have any idea that this was like an important interview or anything. I was just excited to be out of the cell and to meet a new person because I really like people a lot. Matron brought me into this room  where this lady was waiting and I went all crack dog.  I ran around the room - stopping to say hi to the lady every so often - like I had a firecracker up my butt. And I lifted my leg and marked everything  that wasn't moving about every 5 seconds. I'm sooo embarrassed thinking about it now. After a few minutes of this the lady left and I went back to my cell and I figured that was that. But it wasn't.

An hour or so later the same matron put a leash on me and took me outside in the pouring rain. This was getting to be a pretty strange day. Now I'm a Shar Pei and I don't usually like to go out in the rain at all, but I didn't even care. That's how desperate a dog can get for a change of pace when he's incarcerated. We were out in front of the jailhouse and that same lady got out of a car, but she wasn't alone this time. There was another lady and a beautiful lady Shar Pei with her. I was so excited to meet this Shar Pei. I don't know if she was all that thrilled. I mean, it was raining a lot. We spent some time getting to know each other. Well, really I was mostly telling her how pleased I was to meet her and she was mostly trying to stay as dry as she could, but it was still a big thrill for me. After a while I got taken back inside again and I was planning on a nap and maybe dreaming of that lady Pei, but I didn't go back to my cell. Instead, one of the ladies came inside and spent some time with the warden and then she took me outside and we got into the car. The car with the beautiful Pei.  Wowser! I did not see that coming.

I finally figured out that this was something important. This could mean I was getting what I wanted most in the world - a new pack with a pawsome big sister. It seemed too good to be true, but I didn't want to make any more mistakes. I sat real nice in the back seat of the car and just looked out the window, all casual, like this happened all the time. We got to a house and went inside and I made a point of not even looking like I was thinking of lifting a leg. And I never have. Not once. I understand "house". That room in the jail just wasn't part of a house to me.  I haven't had a really bad day since. I have two Moms, a Dad a human brother and a bass player. What more could a dog want?

I love our big back yard, but I love my Big Sis more than anything.

 My wonderful big sister Lola started teaching me things right away. The very  first life lesson she taught me was never, ever try to mount your sister, even if you're not blood relatives. Hoo boy, I never made that mistake again. She also taught me how to play and also that we play when she says we do and it's not such a great idea to try to insist when she's not feeling like it. She feels like it a lot more now than when I first got there. I guess 'cause I learned how to do it right.

Big Sis introduced me to our pawsome neighbor, Sambuca
 She's still working on me and she can be pretty strict about some things, but I don't mind that. She's so much older  wiser and more experienced than I am that I don't mind at all that she's the boss of me. Actually, everyone's the boss of me, almost. That's not so bad, though. Everyone's kind and they love me so it just makes me feel safe and taken care of.

Another thing that Lola taught me is about dog beds. I didn't know that dogs could have beds or that we needed them. Turns out they're pretty great. I have more to talk about, but it's time for me to be in my bed right now. Maybe if I didn't embarrass her too much, Lola will let me do this again some time.

Night night everybuddy.

Happy Barkday, Sugar

Sugar is nine years young today. She looks much younger, doesn't she? And she is having a blog pawty to celebrate. She says that all you have to do to attend the pawty is the following:
  1. If you wish to celebrate and pawty on my Barkday, simply do a blog post on Tuesday, August 10th (my Barkday). About WHAT? Well, on how you would Pawty on my Barkday ... adventures will be doing and of course the delish treats will be eating
  2. On my post on August 10th "My 9th Barkday,"
  3. Feel free to use any photos in my blog to use in your post.
Easy Peasy, right? Well, I love a pawty. I'm assuming a lot of Golden Retrievers will be there, so it should be very social and fun. Goldens might be the most social doggies I've ever ment. I think starting with a good game of Pin the Tail on the Kitty is a great way to break the ice.

Then it would be pretty cool to work up an appetite (as if we needed to do that) with a good old fashioned squirrel treeing competition.

And then it would be time for a little something. I would love to try Sugar's Mom's Cheesy Bone Treats, maybe along with a little chopped liver. There's nothing like chopped liver for a pawty, I always woof. And maybe a nice cheese platter. Then, of course, the big moment and a ginormous cheesecake and we bark Happy Barkday to Sugar. Sounds like a great time to me, but I'm certainly open to other ideas and look forward to reading what others have thought up. Whatever goes on, I hope that Sugar has the best birthday ever.

Weather permitting, I will chase a squirrel in Sugar's honor today. I would love to toast her with a bit of chopped liver as well, but that one's not up to me. Failing that we'll think of her when as we munch on a tea time lamb and rice buscuit - not party fare, but more likely to be available

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Happy World Cat Day to all our Kitty Furiends

Actually, I just found out about World Cat Day from Tama-Chan.  I knew it was something I could not let pass, so first I went to wish Happy a Happy World Cat Day.
But I AM celebrating!
Happy was totally busy working on becoming one with his basket. He's doing rather well at it. having managed to become rectangular. He said to put a little something special in his supper dish and he'd see us around 6 PM or so. So, down the hall to alert Simone.

She was going to miss the whole day if I let her sleep, so I took my life in my paws and called to her to wake up.
Honey, every day is World Cat Day - if you're me.
She was most grateful to me for waking her up and wishing her a happy holiday. She didn't say so, but I could tell. She didn't take a swipe at me for one thing.

This being a special day for kitties it seemed like a good time to post a couple of  the numerous pictures we have of Schooner. I think Blog Mom is trying to experience having a Maine Coon in the family vicariously. She saves all the photos of Schooner she can get. I don't mind. I think he's a pretty pawsome kitty, too.

Winning over an adopted sibling
His Mom says he's doing great, making friends and infuencing people and other kitties all over the place. This one was from a while ago. He's grown since this one was taken.

I am SOOOO big.
He's going to be a very big kitty when he grows up. He'll keep growing for the longest time and eventually he'll probably have a mane like a lion. His kitty daddy does.

Cuteness - I haz it.
For now, though, he's still just a kid and a pretty adorable one. Go ahead - You know you want to say, "SQUEE!".

I need to post about going to PetSmart and I am considering....considering, mind you....letting Franklin contribute to a post on his one month Gotcha anniversary, which I believe is Tuesday. We are going to have to work to get that together, but in the meantime here's one of us doing what we usually do:

I know Franklin has a tendency to look a teensy bit demonic, with those unfortunate eye. He's not, though. Not a sign of being a demon so far at all. He's just a little annoying at the absolute worst.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good News from CoCo!

I"m sure the Power of the Paw is helping. CoCo went home yesterday, still kind of shaky on her pins, but she's been improving since she got home. Her Mom said that when they got to the VET, CoCo just started heading toward the visiting room, but her folks told her no, she was going home and she was one happy Dane once she understood that. They said she really hadn't slept well at the hospital, but she had an excellent night's sleep last night. Except when she woke up about 4:30 AM and asked to go out, and she pooped. No one minded getting up at that  hour because she hadn't been able to poop in the hospital so there was great celebrating about that success. She has a lot of weight to gain back. She's all thin and her collar is hanging off, but the meds and  home cooking will fix that.

I want to thank you for all your good thoughts for CoCo. I know what she's got is treatable and manageable, but it's always good to have those vibes out there for you.

While I'm at it, I just want to make sure that everydog knows about Shelby's Auction Page that JD and Max are running for her. I  would guess that everyone does know, but did you know you could follow it and know whenever new stuff is posted?  Go ahead. What are you waiting for?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Can I Get Some Power of the Paw for a Friend?

CoCo, a very sweet Great Dane of my aquaintance is very sick in the hospital right now. Some of you met her in my post about the Doggy Expo we were both at in June. Her Mom works with both my Moms and both she and CoCo's Daddy are torn up about this.

CoCo and her Mom, feeling great just last month
  I should tell you that the VET says it's all going to be OK. What happened was, she stopped eating and then over the weekend she got weak and her legs couldn't support her and the long and short of it is that she was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. The VET says that now that they know what's wrong she can be treated and will have to have maintenance meds once a month, but she'll be all right. But she's not there yet, and that's where the Power of the Paw comes in. She has to get her strength back.  CoCo is not a blogging dog, but if you could all just think some pawsitive vibes  for her to get better fast so she can be back home with her family  - well, it couldn't possibly hurt, right?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quiet Times for me, Lola and Franklin, too

"So what's Lola been up to lately?", you may (or may not) wonder. Not much. Between Blog Mom's injury which wasn't supposed to heal for weeks and weeks (and she just managed to set it back a week or so) and the heat, after the big excitement of Franklin's arrival I've been doing a lot of nothing much. There was a VET visit for shots and some horrid, painful ear cleaning. Alpha Mom finally made him stop. Now I have medication, but I got  a shot for it, too and it made my meaty mouth shrink up a bit. It'll come back,  I'm pretty sure. Franklin didn't need shots, but he got checked out,  and his ears were assaulted as well. It should come as no surprise that I was very good and he wasn't.

We often see eye to eye on things
But when we don't, he knows looks up to whom in this team
We're still working on him and getting to know all about him. I pretty much have him under my paw, but the humans feel he needs further training from where they sit so that he'll mature into a  the really good dog he almost is. He's not going to be as good as me, Lola, I'm fairly certain. But good enough. It's too bad they can't learn from me. He's not only my little brother. He's now pretty much available to me as a minion, should I ever require one. He might still be growing, which is a teensy bit alarming. He seems a little taller. He's filling out and his collar had to be loosened by one hole. He still looks like he was built out of spare Pei parts, though.

Yesterday was the first day that we got some relief from the heat and could enjoy the backyard a little instead of just doing what we had to and going right in.
Where's my min...I mean my little brother?
Franklin here, reporting for whatever you should want, Big Sis!
That's been life around here. Franklin's going to get microchipped on Thursday night. He's going to PetSmart for that, so I really, really hope I get to go, too. And I sure hope the temperatures stay down for a while for everybuddy who's been sweltering all summer.
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