Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speak, Franklin!

Hi everyone! My big sister Lola says that it was one month ago today, August 10th that my unfortunate incarceration ended and I joined the family. She also says I should write this post (almost) all by myself to thank  you all for your very nice and kind welcome to me and also for being so supportive through my name changes. I do thank you really a lot. You are all  so nice and friendly and I'm real happy to meet you all. I did want to say that, but I really didn't know what else to write about. My Big Sis said that I should talk about my Gotcha Day from my point of view, so I will. I pretty much always do what she tells me. More or less.

I'm going to let you write on my blog. Please don't embarrass me.
  It was a dark and stormy day when the lady came to meet me. I'd been on the inside for over three months for the crime of having a family that was moving and couldn't keep me. OK, I know that other dogs have it a lot worse than I ever did. I don't want to be a whiner, but it still wasn't a very cool experience, you know? I do have to admit that the warden and the matrons were pretty chill peeps. They looked out for us and everything and we got time in the exercise yard  every day. Also my family couldn't provide some important medical care  that I needed and I did get that while I was on the inside. I was going out of my mind, spending so much time in that little cell, though. And that's why I could have blown the whole deal.

A month ago today I was just hanging out in my cell when one of the matrons came and told me I had company. It was the first visitor I'd had and I didn't have any idea that this was like an important interview or anything. I was just excited to be out of the cell and to meet a new person because I really like people a lot. Matron brought me into this room  where this lady was waiting and I went all crack dog.  I ran around the room - stopping to say hi to the lady every so often - like I had a firecracker up my butt. And I lifted my leg and marked everything  that wasn't moving about every 5 seconds. I'm sooo embarrassed thinking about it now. After a few minutes of this the lady left and I went back to my cell and I figured that was that. But it wasn't.

An hour or so later the same matron put a leash on me and took me outside in the pouring rain. This was getting to be a pretty strange day. Now I'm a Shar Pei and I don't usually like to go out in the rain at all, but I didn't even care. That's how desperate a dog can get for a change of pace when he's incarcerated. We were out in front of the jailhouse and that same lady got out of a car, but she wasn't alone this time. There was another lady and a beautiful lady Shar Pei with her. I was so excited to meet this Shar Pei. I don't know if she was all that thrilled. I mean, it was raining a lot. We spent some time getting to know each other. Well, really I was mostly telling her how pleased I was to meet her and she was mostly trying to stay as dry as she could, but it was still a big thrill for me. After a while I got taken back inside again and I was planning on a nap and maybe dreaming of that lady Pei, but I didn't go back to my cell. Instead, one of the ladies came inside and spent some time with the warden and then she took me outside and we got into the car. The car with the beautiful Pei.  Wowser! I did not see that coming.

I finally figured out that this was something important. This could mean I was getting what I wanted most in the world - a new pack with a pawsome big sister. It seemed too good to be true, but I didn't want to make any more mistakes. I sat real nice in the back seat of the car and just looked out the window, all casual, like this happened all the time. We got to a house and went inside and I made a point of not even looking like I was thinking of lifting a leg. And I never have. Not once. I understand "house". That room in the jail just wasn't part of a house to me.  I haven't had a really bad day since. I have two Moms, a Dad a human brother and a bass player. What more could a dog want?

I love our big back yard, but I love my Big Sis more than anything.

 My wonderful big sister Lola started teaching me things right away. The very  first life lesson she taught me was never, ever try to mount your sister, even if you're not blood relatives. Hoo boy, I never made that mistake again. She also taught me how to play and also that we play when she says we do and it's not such a great idea to try to insist when she's not feeling like it. She feels like it a lot more now than when I first got there. I guess 'cause I learned how to do it right.

Big Sis introduced me to our pawsome neighbor, Sambuca
 She's still working on me and she can be pretty strict about some things, but I don't mind that. She's so much older  wiser and more experienced than I am that I don't mind at all that she's the boss of me. Actually, everyone's the boss of me, almost. That's not so bad, though. Everyone's kind and they love me so it just makes me feel safe and taken care of.

Another thing that Lola taught me is about dog beds. I didn't know that dogs could have beds or that we needed them. Turns out they're pretty great. I have more to talk about, but it's time for me to be in my bed right now. Maybe if I didn't embarrass her too much, Lola will let me do this again some time.

Night night everybuddy.


  1. Franklin, I think that was a great first post! I feel so happy for you now, knowing how long you waited for your wonderful family. I was incarcerated once, for a very short time, and I know how great it is to finally get your own home! My tail is wagging like crazy for you!


  2. Hi, Franklin!
    You made a pawesome post! I love to read all those things about you!
    I know you are happy living with Lola and all the family!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I knew you'd figure out that Lola came with a lot of perks, it was only a matter of time. :)

  4. Great first post, Franklin. Sounds like Lola is giving you some good advice. AND you're takin' it. We try to give Bella advice, but she ignores it mostly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Hi Franklin
    So nice to learn a bit more about you. I can see you have the makings of a champion blogger, now that you have settled in so well to your new home.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Lola is a great Pei isn't she?
    Having a big sister is so fun! We're so glad you're happy in your new home :)

  7. Well done Franklin you did a great first post, My Momma is sitting here blubbing because she is so happy your not in that jailhouse anymore and so am I. You have the worlds sweetest sister and a lovely family now and thats just pawesome and me and Moms are just so happy for you all
    Big Luvs to you and the lovely Lola and Happy Gotcha Day

  8. Franklin,

    You is a natural at this whole bloggie thing and that wuz a wunderful Gotcha Day story. Mom and me is so happy that you have found your furever home. Lola and your new family are the best!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Franklin what a very beautiful story....you and your family are very lucky to have found one another.

    Mom was rolling in the floor reading about the first time you met your human. HILARIOUS boy you need to take your show on the road. I guess your Mom figured she had seen your worst behavior and it would just get better from that day on and she was right.

    Lola is a very loving and kind sister and I'm sure you are a fierce protector of your sister so you two make a great pair.

    Happy days to you from now until eternity,
    Madi and Mom

  10. Hi, Franklin! It's so nice to hear from you in pawson! You did a Most Wonderful job with your first postie and I bet Lola is real proud of you! I can tell how happy you are to have your super terrific home and your moms and dad and sister. And I know that they're happy to have you, too! Even Lola! (Maybe even especially Lola - though she might not tell you that. Older siblings are that way sometimes.)

    I hopes to hear more from you soon! Say hi to Lola for me, 'kay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Franklin... you did a most excellent job of telling your gotcha day story. You are soooo lucky to have big sister Lola to teach you the impawtant stuffs and WOW have you ever learned her lessons well!!
    this was a Super Wonderful post!!!

  12. Hi Franklin! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

    I'm glad Miss Lola let you post. It's pawesome to meet you! Mom says you look a little like my brother who came before. She also likes how your tail curls opposite to Miss Lola's. She's sending nose kisses for the both of you. Me, I'm going to lift my leg to you - as soon as Mom lets me outside. Pei laughter.


  13. Hi Franklin, nice to meet you and finding out all about your journey. You have landed on your paws with your new peeps and sis Lola, look forward to some more posts from you.
    See Yea George xxx

  14. Two paws up for you, Franklin! I was also in one of those jail cells for a while... it was horrible! So glad you found a great furever home!

  15. Hi Franklin. Our mommy had another puppy beford us his name was Spoiler and she says you look just like him. She was all leakin when she just saw the picture of you sleepin. That's one leaky mommy we tells ya.

    I bet yer new family is so glad you finally found them

    Bobo and Meja

  16. Franklin that was a great post! I am so glad that it is working out with your wonderful sister Lola. It was very nice of her to let u take over the blog posting today. You look mighty comfortable on your doggy bed.
    Sleep Tight Franklin!

  17. Dearest Franklin,
    We are very proud you came up with that pawsome post. You certainly don't need to worry. Lola must be terribly proud of you actually. Maybe she will let you take over her blog for an entire day of the week like ASA, Bookerman's sister.You should go ask.
    we are so glad you are with a family you love.we have known Lola for some time now and we know she is capable of giving a lot.
    Cheers!Congrats on your one month gotcha day!
    your forever furiends,
    Buddy n Ginger

  18. Franklin - my Mom says she wants to smooch your snooter in that last photo! We are so happy you are a happy family :)

  19. I always have a warm fuzzy feeling looking at the two of you... such a lovely pei siblings. Lola is a perfect big sis to you, Franklin... and we are happy for you having to be part of this great family. May you have many great adventures and endless love in your new life, Franklin.

    Licks, hero

  20. Franklin, it is so nice to hear from you first paw! You did a wonderful job and I bet Miss Lola approves!! We're so glad your gotcha day worked out the way it did.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere!


  21. Franklin - Excellent post, buddy! We're so happy that you have a wonderful family now, especially a big sister as cool as Lola! You're a lucky dog, for sure!
    The Road Dogs

  22. It's great to hear your point of view. I can't believe you've already been with your family for a whole month!

  23. Franklin, Ozzie enjoyed your post! It is a wonderful feeling to finally have a big sister and your forever home! Look forward to more posts from you!

  24. Hi Franklin,
    Boy can you blog good!!! That was a wonderful story of your gotcha day!!! Poor Bambi was in that jail three times!!! Poeple would come and get her and then take her back!!! It hurt her really bad. She has been in her forever home for 12 years 5 months.
    I love Lola's blogs and I love yours Franklin!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  25. You did really well, Franklin, and I'm sure that Lola is very proud of you! It's good to have you among our friends!


  26. Lola! My goodness! What a fabulous informative comment you left on my blog about getting the kittens introduced to the rest of the menagerie! I got to run but I simply couldn't THANK you! Paws crossed :)


  27. Hi, Franklin! Welcome to our dog blogging family! We are so happy that you had a lucky day a month ago, and we are glad you got to share your story with us!


  28. You are a wonderful writer. You must have taken a correspondence course while you were in prison. That was a great story.

    You must have been stunned when you were put in the car with the beautiful Lola! How lucky can a guy get?


  29. You did a great job on your first post, Franklin. We really enjoyed it. We girls always have to teach the guys how to play and when we're ready to let them play. It's a natural thing in all species. Lola seems to be a good sister and you two look great together.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  30. Looooooola...hehehe...Ummmmm, well since da boys be in da clink clink I would blame it on them...hehehe!
    You need a refill? I goes and gets you one.


  31. Loooola....

    I have to say, that was very nice of you to let your brother speak on your blog...

    Mommy got a little leaky reading Franklin's story... She thinks your moms are amazing for giving Franklin another chance...

    My mom and dad is also planning to adopt another sister for me., but we are not sure when... Will keep you posted !


  32. Franklin - that's quite a name and quite a story. Glad you've settled down.

  33. Hi Franklin! Loved your gotcha story. You and Lola are so cute together.


    Sorry I haven't been around to visit much but Mommy has been so busy helping take care of Shelby and now that Shelby might be pregnant it's gonna be really hard to keep up.



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