Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday and I'm So Behind

I'm a little behind here.
I need to apologize to all my wonderful furiends. I haven't visited anyone at all today. I mean, I've read a few blogs where I could but I haven't so much as left a word. You know I love you all, right? And I'll catch up as soon as I can, but maybe not for another day. Our usual morning session on the web got cut short and tonight's not looking good either. That kind of thing happens from time to time and I'd be catching up with everyone instead of posting this Blog Mom culpa, but there are major events that have passed by while I was kept from my blogging duties.

This morning I did just get a chance to read that it's National Dog Day, which I didn't know was a thing at all. Thank you, Mayzie. If not for furiends I wouldn't know anything at all, I think. Of course, the day's about over now, but I sure hope everydog had a great one. Mine was so-so. To tell the truth I'm a little off my feed, which is making the Moms and Daddy just a tad nervous and that's part of the reason that I've had trouble getting online. They're too busy watching me and worrying  to keep up with everything they need to be doing. Like helping me blog, for instance.

There was another very impawtent event that I did not post about at the proper time, which was yesterday. It was Alpha Mom's birthday! She turned 385 in standard dog years yesterday, August 25th. We didn't forget her birthday. In fact, Franklin and I got her a netbook and she really likes it. ...Oh, OK, I'll tell the truth. We didn't buy it all by ourselves. The kitties chipped in, too, but only a little. But I think that it's only right to say a formal Happy Birthday to one of the best Moms in the whole world here on my blog. So, better late than never.

with love from me, Lola


  1. Happy Birfday to youz Mom Lola!!!

    Don't worries 'bout checkin' in with everbodys, we all understand. I am sending puppy prayers to you my furiend, I am sad dat you is not felling well, get betters soon...'kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Oh Miss Lola, please tell me's you gonna be's okie dokie. I haves you in my thoughts and I send good vibes to you too.
    No need to go apologizing fur not being ables to get around to da bloggies, your health be's more impotant.
    Tell alphs mom happy birfday and I hopes her had a wonderful day withs lots of good treats. My mum be wanting one of them netbooks but, her ain't gonna get one...hehehe!

    HEllllos Franklin!!!!!!!


  3. Lola, please feel better soon - we don't like it when our furiends are sick. OK?

    And a very big happy birthday to your Mom - we hope she was still able to have a nice day.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Oh dears, do I understand getting behind with blogs! Sheesh! The good news is all of our furends are so understanding when we fall behind.


    Lola, I very much hopes you get back to your usual spunky self soon. Maybe you would like some different noms... like STEAK? Your moms might not go for it but I like to try to convince my mom now and then. It never works.

    Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for you!

    Hi to Franklin and the kitties!


  5. We understand getting behind! No worries! Sometimes you just have to take some time off!

    Happy Birthday, Alpha Mom!

    Lola, please know that we have our paws crossed for you to feel better! There aren't any sweeter Peis that we know!


  6. Happy Birthday to Alpha Mom!... and many more to come... I hope you're getting better now, Lola. I have my paws crossed for you and will be thinking of you. Too bad nurse Lola is under the weather this time round... would Franklin bro make a good nurse? I guess he has not reached that stage of training yet, huh.

    Licks, hero

  7. Hi Lola, I am sorry you are not feeling well! I wish I had some advice on the food thing. I usually have the opposite problem - I eat too much and then get sick. Sending you healing thoughts and some of my many food cravings - you are hungry, very hungry ...

    Happy Birthday to alpha mom!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Poor is hoping you just got a 24 hrs type of 'bug' that will go away with the quickness!

    and please tell your mom happy belated birthday! You are most generous to get hers a netbook for her birthday! That is what my momma really wants fur her birthday....she keeps dropping big ol' hints to us bout one.

    Healing Hugs,

  9. Lola!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    It is not funny to be sick!
    Happy Birthday Alpha Mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Happy birthday to your mom! And I hope you feel better.

  11. miss lola,
    happy happy birthday to your alpha mom!!! that was really super nice of you and the kitties to pitch in and get her a netbook. :)
    you don't have woof sorry for not getting to comment on bloggies cuz real life comes first! we'll always be here for you when you get back so no worries, okie dokie??
    i hope your tummy gets better soon!
    the booker man

  12. Happy Birthday to your momma!

    I'm so sorry you're not feeling up to it, Lola!! Be strong and ask your mom to give you some nicer food, might be nice!

  13. Happy birthday Alpha Mom !!

    I hope you are feeling better now Lola!! You are getting us a little worried here now.. Are you ok?? Why are your little paws getting weak?? *licks*licks*Some power licks. Hopefully you will get well soon..

    wiggle butt

  14. Happy birthday to Alpha Mom.

    You are going to have to take good care of the OLD lady.

    We're glad you're back and hope you're feeling better soon. No eating, that's gotta be serious!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  15. Hi Lola,
    Just dropping by to say Happy Birthday to Alpha Mom. Oh you are so lucky having all those Moms. Do have a slice of cake - a little bit of what you fancy does you good, you know!
    Toodle pip!

  16. Butt yours is such a lovely behinds Lola that no one will minds at all if you is a little ways behind :o)
    Hope you are back nomming properly soons tho my furiend, Hot dog sausages now thats the way to go.......BOL
    Big Luvs

  17. Happy Birthday Blog Mom!!! and may you have 385 more. thing for sure...even though you are a
    'little behind' (MOL) you are still comical!!
    Give mom a well done for us.
    Madi and Mom

  18. Oh, Lola, you don't haves to say you're sorry for being a little behind. Specially since it's such a CUTE behind. Heehee! You just would NOT believes how far behind I am, too! I feel just terrible about it but Most Luckily, Blogville is very understanding and forgiving. We all know that sometimes life gets crazy-nuts.

    Now, as for you - EAT! There's just no reason to make everybuddy worry abouts you. Although I will admit, it's kinda nice to get some extra attention. But really, darling furend, you must keep up your strength in order to keeps up with Franklin.

    And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alpha Mom! I hopes she had the bestest birthday that ever, ever was! Gives her a little lick from me, 'kay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Happy Birthday to your mommy! Did you make her a cake?

  20. Don't worry so much Lola.
    Everyone falls behind...tee hee hee, we like ur illustration!u definitely are getting an overdose of our Puddles!!
    we like what the OP pack says about falling behind on blogging..'Life gets in the way'.
    See, we are late in wishing your Alpha Mom but here are our heartfelt wishes from the deepest core of our Labra hearts...HAPPY BARKDAY, a day late But to make up we wish you a YEAR filled with treats of your choice.
    Mummy sends her hugs too.
    Lola, please tell us you are fine by now? Please do go fall sick?Just a tad tired is ok, but not sick. We are wishing u all our get well wishes.
    love to Franklin n Happy n err...u know who,
    Buddy n Ginger

  21. Lola - Hope you're feeling better soon. Being a little under the weather is always tough on the peeps - Hang in there - and Happy B-Day to Alpha Mom! - Abbey

  22. Happy birfday to your momma! I bet she wouldn't mind if you eat a piece of her cake??!

  23. Hope your mom had a nice birthday! And I surely hope you're feeling better! Did you eat too much birthday cake from your mom?! Sending healthy lovin's your way!

  24. Hey Lola! I hope you get your appetite back very soon! I occasionally go off my food a bit, usually because I have munched on something I shouldn't have in the fields....

    Happy Belated Birthday to your Alpha Mom too!


  25. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom. Great pressie you got her.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  26. Hi Lola! Hope you're feeling better.
    Happy Belated Birthday to Alpha Mom!

  27. Hi Lola!

    Hope you're feeling better now, not wanting to nom is no laughing matter!

    And belated happy birthday to your mom - please give her a snuggle from us!

    Hey, your items are doing very well at the auction - thank you so much for donating them, you have a very large heart!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  28. Happy Birthday Mom. We all hope you had a great day. We love parties, so you could have called and we would have been happy to come celebrate with you. Anyway here's to a great year ahead.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  29. Hey it's been a hectic summer- we can't all be everywhere at once! :)

  30. Happy Happy birthday to your mommy!!
    It's such a busy summer - we know you have soo much furry cool stuff to do... so we don't mind you not stopping by everyday!! (hey... I don't even have time for that anymore!).
    I do furry thank you for visiting as much as you do... I furry enjoy it!


  31. And an even more belated Happy Birthday for your mom! And many thousands mooooore!
    Are you listening or am I talking to your behind? Go on, go wish your mom from me...

  32. A major Happy Birthday going out from this side of the matter about not blogging on time, every day or whatever....this happens to the best of us!! Continue on with your adventures...will be waiting!

  33. Lola - We know just what you mean about being behind! We didn't post for almost a week and so much had happened while we weren't paying attention! Anywho - we know you're trying to catch up and all, but we wanted to give you a strange award. When you get a chance, check out our blog post today (8/31) and read all about it. Strange = good :)
    The Road Dogs

  34. You may not know this yet, but I'm a huge Franklin fan. I think he's really cool and I'm really happy he joined your family. He's quite a character and he's a good fit. I just read your comment about the squirrels he "rescued". I think you should name them all Franklin Jr. Tell him thank you from me. I have a soft spot for squirrels!!!


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