Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Big Kitty!

There are kitties who are substantial in size, like Happy:

And there are kitties who are quite big for a....well, for a kitty, in fact:

And then there are kitties who are just too big for woofs:

Maybe Franklin would like a kitty like that. He's still trying to get the normal sized ones we have to play and they absolutely will not. (In fact, Simone has moved upstairs, but that's a story for another day.) This Very Huge Kitty appears to take doggies in stride.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope that everydoggy is having a wonderful holiday. Ours is kind of quiet, I must woof. Blog Mom and Daddy are going out to dinner at Daddy's brother's house and we don't seem to be going along. However, we did have a kicking Passover pawty upstairs at Alpha Mom's this week, so I guess I can't complain. Too much.

We will try to visit more when THEY get home. I plan to catch up on my napping this afternoon. I have heard talk of a VET visit this week and I need to try to thwart that plan. It's going to take all my wits to do that. The thing about VET visits is that you can't get out of them by pretending to be sick. That makes it very ruff.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrate Life! Big Birthday Bash!

Well, we just got back after a big Passover do and a lot of stuff and found this invitation in our e-mail.

Glitter Photos

Everydoggy and everykitty and everyone else are welcome, I believe. And also snacks, speeches and beer as I understand it. You know the place, right? It's at Ronnii's place where Mama Tea will be helping to hostess. I think. Mayzie has all the details. And I want to thank Mayzie for sending this along in the mail. I'm just so glad we didn't miss it. Also, JD and Max are holding a special commentathing to raise money for the Crossed Paws Organization. JD and Max are incredibly kind and giving, just like Mama Tea. They are always there, helping out when there's a doggy in need. Oh, and I think their Mom helps, too.

Well, it looks like a busy weekend. We have to get commenting and also find some snacks for the party.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Difficult Day in Blogville

Good-bye for now, Richie. We'll see you on the other side, though.
We had been absent for most of the week. Things have just been awfully busy, or so they claim. I, Lola, have been able to keep up with my own responsibilities just fine, but the humans keep falling behind. Anyhoo, we finally logged on this evening and learned that our friend Richie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. There is a beautiful and inspiring post on his site, urging us not to feel sad, but it's hard to help it. Still, thanks to his very special Mom and Dad, Richie had someone to love and care for him when he needed that so much. It would be wonderful if everydoggy had that. We will try not to be sad and just be happy that the last part of his life  was such a happy time with everything a doggy could ask for.

We had barely absorbed that news when we learned the Twinkie is hospitalized with what could be a serious illness. We are crossing our paws extra hard for Twinkie to make a fast and complete recovery.

Dear Twinkie, please get well soon!
We haven't caught up with all the doings in Blogville for the last week, but we do hope that there is no more bad or sad news. We are especially hoping that those tornados didn't affect anyone in Blogville. We will be keeping our paws crossed on that, too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank you all from my Big Sis

Hey all! Franklin here. Lola wants me to say thanks to all her friends for their Happy Gotcha Day wishes and special posts and everything like that. She'll be along as soon as she can to woof all this herself but as you can see she's still kind of exhausted from the festivities. Yeah, she's older more mature than she used to be. Gets tired. I don't get tired, speaking just for myself.  This Gotcha Day stuff is new to me. They tell me I get my first one in July. All I know is that for this one Lola got cake and Franklin got cake, so that's a win/win, am I right?

Also everyone here is in has their tails in a bunch because Alpha Mom's e-mail was hacked. I don't know if she has anyone in Blogville in her address book, because Lola usually handles her own e-mail and she....well, now it's more like we have our own account. But if you happen to get an e-mail from our Alpha Mom saying that she's stranded at Heathrow Airport and to please send her money - don't. She's right here in the living and will be scratching my chest as soon as I finish this post. Which, I guess I have, so have a great night and Lola will be back to posting pretty soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank You, Dog Foster Mom!

We are so honored. And by "we" I mostly mean, me, Lola. After all, it's mainly my blog, am I right? Oh, yes - what we're honored about is that Dog Foster Mom has designated us a Featured Blog for April! I am stunned, really. And also we're in very good company so you need to go there and visit all the Featured Blogs if you haven't already. We also got this totally cool badge which is going in my sidebar, too, of course.

Isn't that totally pawsome? And, as I may have mentioned, my Gotcha Day is coming up (tomorrow) so what a perfect time to receive such an honor.  Thank you again, Dog Foster Mom. You are the best!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hey, We're Still Here!

Oh, hi! It's great to see you!

Forty-eight hours and counting and things are still working. We shouldn't count our packets before they're sent, though. Let's just say we're happy to be here now. It's the weekend, too. Good thing because we need to tighten up the ship around here.

Do you see that pile of toys behind me, Lola? Those toys used to be in a basket as recently as yesterday. Somehow, all of a sudden that basket somehow became chewed up. Now, I know I, Lola, didn't do it. Who do you supposed the culprit might be?

Find the Pei, indoor version
Things are not quite right in the kitchen, either. Look what I saw on the counter:

In case you see this, Mango, I had NOTHING to do with this. Even Franklin is innocent this time.
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