Sunday, December 19, 2010

We're Back - Sort of

We have sooo much to catch up on, but we first have to say how much we've missed you. We haven't even gotten to read much the last few days. That's been torture. Blog Mom is still spending most of the time she's not at work taking Daddy to human vets and for tests, but he's not doing too badly right now. We're keeping our paws crossed that he'll be a lot better soon. Blog Mom has to see her own vets early in the  New Year, but is feeling OK now. Oh, and Franklin has a bump on his nose and he's got to go to the Vet for that, too. It never stops, does it?

We've had Chanukah and two birthdays in between all this, and of course, getting ready for Christmas, too. Here are some pictures from Alpha Mom's Second Annual Latkepalooza party. It was back on December 4th, for Dog's sake. That's how behind we are.

 First, of course, pressies! I got a fish that says "Gefilte" on it.
When you squeeze it says, "Oy veh!" I just love it.

 Franklin got a dreidel stuffie. It plays The Dreidel Song in a kind of awful high pitched voice when you squeeze it.

 These are the latkes. Alpha Mom's friends come over and make them. And she also gets all kind of things from a wonderful kosher deli. Very nice nommables for all of us. 

 Franklin and I both attended, of course, but there was some concern about his social skills. He tends to get over-excited at times

 Well, we didn't have to worry. He behaved just fine for the most part and stayed 95% calm.

 As it turns out, he enjoys being a host almost as much as I enjoy the role of hostess.

Although I really think I still throw more of myself into the job than he does. 

We both helped with the clean-up, of course.


  1. We're so happy to read an update from you guys!! We've missed you a lot!!
    So sorry to hear that your daddy isn't getting any better and Frankie's nose has a bumpy. It's never fun to be sickie when there are so many birthdays happening!!
    Wow look at that party! I bet you were so happy to be able to clean up the floor afterwards :) Humans are such dirty eaters!

  2. That's alot of celebrations to enjoy. Hope you paced yourselves. What good cleaner-uppers you are. That's alot of vets visits coming up. We hope that everyone is A-okay.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We're glad you're back.

  3. You two are going to be partied out by the time the New Year gets here. You do a really good job at clean up. So do we.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  4. We have missed you two. We are so sorry to hear about Mom and Dad having some health issues and now Franklin's nose. We will keep our paws crossed for all and hope that 2011 starts off much better for all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Glad to hear from you, Lola... and keeping the paws crossed for everyone on the vet list. I bet Franklin and you are always the life of every party... just comes naturally doesn't it :) Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

    Licks, hero

  6. So happy to see you both, We know life is busy and stressful. I hope your daddy feels better soon!

    I like Franklin's dreidel! That song really sticks in your head, doesn't it. My sister learned it in school and now sings it to me about 100 times a day.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Lola, I'm so happy to read that you're all mostly alright! I think it's been a year since I started following your blog because the first post I remember reading by you was about your Chanukah celebration. I hope you all keep doing well!


  8. Nice to have you back. That looks like a great party and you were SO well behaved. Can you believe that Gail invited all her friends in the neighbourhood round for mulled wine and mince pies last night, on the invite it said from Gail (and Bertie) and guess who got banished to the back room after half an hour. I mean, no-one told me that you could be TOO enthusiastic in greeting your guests....
    Toodle pip!
    PS We want to know where you get the fish that says "Oy Vey"! My retriever friend Jake from across the road has a Jewish Mom (a rare breed in Aberdeen) and we think it the perfect present for him.

  9. There is a lot going on at your estate right now for sure. I am thinking of all of you and hoping for a healthy holiday. Sounds like you're in charge, Lola. That's a big job.


  10. Oh I do declares...I has missed ya'll so much. I'm glad to hears thigs all going betters fur your dad.
    Nows dat sounds like a pawty ya'll hosted.

    Hey, I needs me some of them sunglasses dat dude has on so I can fly in style in my laundry basket.

    pees: dat food looks delish.


  11. Hi Lola we missed seeing you we are glad to hear Dad is maintaining his health and the Moms are doing well. Did you sock Franklin in the nose? Shame on you!!! MOL
    Boy those Latkes look delicious.
    Looks like you had a house full of company and you both were very helpful
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. How wonderful to have BOTH holidays to celebrate. I love your Chanukah toys. They look super fun.
    I want to wish you the very BESTEST HOLIDAYS ever. Full of MORE foods and fun and furends.
    I hope that everyone gets to feeling better very much quickly.

  13. We are SO glad to hear from you! What fun you've been having! I love those pressies!

    I hope all of the vet visits go smoothly.


  14. Hey Miss Lola!
    It is so nice hearing from you!We are saying our prayers that your sweet family comes through all the tests with flying colors!

  15. Great to see you. We missed you! Those stuffies are fun and the latkes look yummy!

    We hope everyone's health issues wil be happily resolved soon.

  16. Oh, that latkepalooza looks like SO much fun! I wish I coulda come helped you hostess. But you and Franklin still did a Most Magnificent job without me. I also find that sitting right next to peoples and leaning in for kisses is the best way to make 'em feel welcome.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. Food and pressies?? Score girlfriend!!

  18. Great presents and yummy food -- WOWZERS! I hope everything goes well for everyone.... I missed you....

  19. I missed you guys. What a fun you had!

    Hope everyone get better very soon! Paws crossed here.

  20. Love the party pics! Hope Franklin's nose is ok! Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!

  21. We are all so pleased to have you back Lola you have been missed. It look like you have been very busy and having great fun too. Sorry blog Mom and your Dad are not good we are all sending them healing thoughts and hope all goes well at the vets with them.
    Richie n Ronnii are telling me to say they send you big huge licks n snuggles.
    Happy holidays to you, Franklin and your family
    Momma Tea

  22. Hey good to hear from you, glad dads on the up, sorry you got a bump, makes your eyes water them do!
    Have a Great Christmas
    See Yea George xxx

  23. Hi Lola,
    What a surprise to see that you all had blogged, a wonderful surprise!!!!!! Love your gifts!!
    Hope everybody will be feeling better soon.
    Tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to blog.
    I have really missed you guys.
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  24. hihi miss lola!

    it's grrreat to hear from you 'n franklin!! it's super crazy busy with the holidays, so pretty please don't worry about not bein' around very 'n asa sure haven't either! your alpha mama's latkepalooza pawty looked way funsies! and those latkes...boy howdy, am i droolin' all over the place just lookin' at that picture! mmmmmm!
    i hope your daddy feels better soon, and i hope franklin's nose bump is nothin' to worry about.

    the booker man

  25. You are back!!! We have missed you dearly.. We hope to hear from you more when things get better at home..

    Wishing everyone a great health and lots of love on Xmas and a happy new year !



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