Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Rearrangement Continues

Hi. Remember me, Lola? The forecast here is for continued slow blogging until either the end of time or until Blog Mom runs out of projects she can do, or make Daddy do, in the house whichever comes first.  See that photo above? I don't even look like that anymore. I have my new fall collar and not a single decent photo of it yet. It's pink with silver bones on it, by the way. Maybe you'll get to see it sometime, if we get our priorities straight.

Of course some of these home improvements do show the right attitude. See that bed that Franklin's on? That's my ratty old bed that had been retired but was recalled to duty when Franklin moved in.  That's history. Blog Mom came home from one of her expeditions with a new one, but we don't have a picture of it, do we? Actually, we're not sure we like it all that much. It's a little too fluffy for our taste. We prefer something in a flatter bed, but we're starting to use it. And at least she was thinking of the dogs while she was out that time.  She claims it all has a lot to do with us. She says that the house was never properly set up to accomodate a Pei centered family and now that there are two of us, it's more Pei centered than ever. Whatever.

Blog Mom has really got the bit in her teeth now. It all started, as far as I can tell, with her deciding that she just had to do something about where the cats eat, which was largely on the kitchen table. Because of the Pei, of course. It's actually the only dining table they currently have as the dining room has been pressed into service for other things, so it was pretty inconvenient to have the cats on the kitchen table entirely aside from the impression that makes on any normal people who might sneak into the house.  Anyhoo, there's an old hutch in the kitchen and she thought of clearing it off and giving it to the cats for their dining area. One thing leads to another. When you empty a space you have to put the things that were there other places. And if you're going to move the microwave you might as well get a new one, etc, etc.  Long, long story short - the kitchen had to be totally reorganized. And while we were at it, wasn't it about time we got a new kitchen table? Apparently it was.

Simone got it right away. It took Happy a little longer to remember where to look for his food and he still has to be put there sometimes. They both seem very pleased by the change, I have to admit. Happy sleeps there a lot during the day and both of them seem to enjoy having a dining/napping space that is exclusively theirs. But they did stay away the day the new table came. That was just too much change and commotion for them and they hid out in the bedroom until they were overcome with hunger. By then the table was in place and they could see it wasn't really dangerous at all.

Blog Mom almost satisfied with the kitchen for now, except for a few finishing touches she has in mind. It needs a new floor as does the front hall, but that's going to have to wait until there's a budget for it, and DIY is pretty much out of the question. It's for the best, believe me. However, this aggression did not stop at the kitchen door. She's begun the living room and one idea leads to another. Somehow we've gone to making a place for the kitties to eat to researching the pros and cons of gel burning fireplaces. After the living room she's already got a to-do list for the hall bathroom. And she's thinking up things she wants to do next Spring, too! We did get some new area rugs for the living room. There was a going out of business sale right on the way to the supermarket it seems. I like the rugs and am doing my best to infuse them with a nice, homey essence of Pei.

 I have to admit that despite the fact that some humans were not giving us undivided attention and there was all this upheaval going on, Franklin and I had a very nice, relaxing Labor Day weekend. The weather was beautiful and there were plenty of people around to let us in and out and out and in and see to our every need and most of our wants, too. We napped in the sun and played in the shade had treats and Franklin barked at the neighbors some and all in all, from a doggy point of view it was pretty nice even though Alpha Mom went to the Hampton Classic and didn't take us. She says she's taking us next year for sure. I hope you all had a great one.


  1. I think this weekend was easily the best of my whole summer! We did so much! It was great!

    I am glad to see that things continue to be mostly Pei-centered there at your house, but I'm worried that the cats might be getting a little too much reorganization done to suit their needs. Perhaps you need to remind Blog Mom that it's PEI-CENTERED. Just to be sure!


  2. It's all happening there. Our renovations usually follow the domino theory. This can't happen until that happens and that happens.....etc.

    We're glad that the dogs weren't ignored!

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  3. As if we could ever forget you Lola!!

    My mom goes through these "reorganizing/cleaning out" phases as well. Lasts for awhile and then things get messed up again and she starts over. I just stay out of the way and let her go.

    The kitties new dining area looks very nice. That's a cool looking hutch. We like vintage wood furniture and built-ins, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. I'm glad to hear everything is doing well. Looks like you had a great holiday!

  5. Nice of Blog Mom to re-organize the house to cater for a pei centered family now but do remind mom to take it easy on her legs though. Looks like you and Franklin had a wonderful labor weekend.

    Licks, hero

  6. The hoomans get a bit too eager from time to time, but they tend to calm down eventually. Just make sure you're being a good role model for them ;) Mom's been tidying and fixing a lot lately, too..


  7. WOW Lola is sounds pretty busy at your house but in a good way of course.
    A relaxing weekend for you and Franklin sounded lovely wish we had nice weather here but it is wet and dreary .
    Big Love
    Mollys Momma

  8. Morning Lola...
    Oh me oh my a mom with the cleaning fever is a dangerous thing. I have learned to steer clear of mom when she gets in a closet 'cause things start flying out. What a very nice new kitty dining area. Kitties love being up high so that is purrfect. Lola be sure to wait for me on the curb today...I'll be by shortly,

  9. Hi Lola, can't wait to see you with your new collar!

    Sometimes, I've the cleaning fever too and I'll clean all Eva's toys which means they will go to the washing and later have a good sun bathing! I'm not sure whether Eva likes this though but she never complains so I take it as she agrees with me too!

  10. Furst it is sooooo good to see that Molly's mom commented!!!
    Second.. here is Sarge's blog addy

    I don't know if you can link from a comment or not though.

    Third... this silly two legger remodel thingy is... well as close as they can come to the impawtant work of Marking Territory. If you get my drift. The poor dear things are so... well... they just are not like... US that's all. They are so pitiful.
    Love the new Kitty Buffet. Perfect for them.
    Have a super day.

  11. Lola,
    I just know you will make the BEST remodeling superviser!

  12. Woof! Woof! A very busy weekend ... but seems that you had a great time. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Ah, Lola - we've been missing your posts and pics. We totally understand how the humans get, um, distracted with things other than us sometimes. Actually, we don't understand it, but we know too well that it happens! What could be more interesting or important than us every minute of the day?!
    The Road Dogs

  14. It's okay with me, Lola. You see, you know, I have a rather active imagination and I put your words into photos, until you get some. How much have you guys changed, really? I'll have to return to find out. To be continued...

  15. OH geez them hoomans are nevers satisfied with their surroundings. My mum goes and does dat stuff then I has no clue where da couch it in da kitchen, is it in da baffroom? Yea, beats me!
    I has nevers seen a kitteh eat on a buffet...hmmmm, din din time fur da Puddles...buffet style...hehehe!


  16. The kitties look so happy! I know how it goes with the reorganizing chaos that two-leggers get into. Sheesh!


  17. Hi, Lola!
    Sounds like lot of changes have been made in your house!
    My mom used to move the furniture and paint the walls almost every year. She has not done that since I came to live with her... and she is thinking of doing the painting thing soon...
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Hi Lola

    Looks like blog mom is on the go !! It's hard to get out or stop once you start re organizing the house. Somehow there is a sense of satisfaction which we just cannot explain.. I guess its always nice to see something new around the house..

    Lets pray my mom wont try anything funny now that she has read your blog mom rearranging the house..cuz i know she feels like doing it now..

  19. Wow, that's a lot of changes for a dog to get used to. It sounds like they're all pretty good changes, so you two can relax. As long as you can figure out where to eat and sleep, life is good.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  20. We are really glad Lola, that you and Franklin had a good weekend. We understand all about the adjustments we doggies have to make when our Moms nad Dads are in that 'renovating the house mode'.Easy for the kitties, they can just fit anywhere.
    But what is going on? The kitties get to be photographed, even if it is only Happy, and get their picture posted on your blog?
    You really need to talk to Mom.
    Happy seems to have settled in nicely in his new abode though!
    Mummy says to tell your mom she is waiting for more pictures of the house and of course you n Franklin.
    Love n wags n Hugs,
    Gin n Bud n Mummy

  21. Your moms been very busy, mom says she always feels better after a change around and a clean up!! must be a peeps thing, I must say you look very beautiful in that first photo.
    See Yea George xxx

  22. Hey and I hope you all have a good weekend...oh dang it we just realized 4 of the informational pictures about the Wolfpack did not post today. Dang blogger
    Madi and Mom

  23. Lola, Mom found you on Twinkie's blog_ The stroller Twionkie has does hold up to 150 lbs- you just have to buy the bigger one. Try eBay- that is where Mom found our strollers!!! It took her a while to find ones that held 50 lbs each but she said that the type Twinkie has can hold up to 100 or 150 lbs- you just have to see how much they hold, but they are out there!

  24. Lola, we think even India has to go a long way to go before we can claim to be living up to what the Father of our nation said.
    There are so many places where animals aren't even given their basic rights and so many people who seriously need to re-think about their attitude towards animals...
    We are hopeful those people will learn eventually.
    Buddy n Ginger


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