Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Thises and Thatses

Look what came in my Pei Mail yesterday:

This is Master. He's a Collie Pei. I don't think he's a designer dog. More likely a love child. But if they all came out like this I'd have to endorse this hybrid. Is he gorgeous or what? It's probably just as well that he's way down in Dallas, because we just don't have room for another doggy bed in this place, or the green papers to support another one in the style to which we've become accustomed and Blog Mom can't stop looking at his photo. He's Pet of the Week in yesterday's Dallas Voice and available for adoption at .the Dallas Animal Services Adoption Center. If you're anywhere near Dallas and are lacking for a Shar Pei and/or a Collie, you really can't go wrong here. I'm sure he'll herd your sheep, rescue Timmy from the well and....

Oh, this is a bit humiliatling. After wittily listing a couple of things that Collies do I can't really come up with anything that we Shar Pei do. We are champions at being housebroken. You won't find a breed in the world that can beat us for that. I'm not sure that qualifies as an activity, though. We are wonderful companions. It's hard to explain why we're so good at that, because being good companions is really a major schtick for the whole canine population. All's I can say is that having one of us around is kind of like having an attentive, but not overly demanding, human around most of the time. That is not exactly an activity on the order of well rescuing or sheep herding either, though. We have a strong prey drive (except for Franklin) but it doesn't really come to anything. We don't track anything much or run vermin to ground.  We certainly don't retrieve. We will encourage YOU to retrieve. Does that count for anything? We must do something.... I know! We grunt! We are not the only grunting breed, but I think we can hold our own with any of them. In fact, I think that for those big doggy shows they have they should open up a new category. The Grunting Group. Right now we're in Non-Sporting Group which only serves to highlight what could be construed by the unenglightened as our lack of function. Anyhoo, someone's going to get a great dog with Master, but I recommend changing the name. Calling your dog Master has just got to set up the wrong dynamic for the whole relationship.

 And having nothing to do with any of the above, I was leaving a comment on Corbin's blog the other day and this was my squiggly word.

Doggem! I'm telling you - there some kind of secret code thing going on here. Any code breaking dogs around?


  1. Oh wow, Master is beautiful! Mama had a collie mix growing up and I still hear about what an amazing, smart, compassionate dog he was - not that I am not all of those things too, but you know what I mean. I sure hope he gets a home soon!

    By the way, I think encouraging humans to retrieve is quite a skill and one I have also mastered.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Lola I think Pei's are very good at being beautiful and loving and having a very sweet nature all qualities you have in abundance
    Mollys Momma Tea

  3. Miss Lola, we Shar Pei have TONS of excellent qualities. They are actually too many to mention. But we're SO good at them, that people barely notice because they're distracted by a pointy nose as opposed to our magnificent muzzles.

    For one thing, we're very good herd dogs. My brother Shih Kwan was quite a herd dog. He'd herd all his people into one room so he could guard them. We're also AWESOME guard dogs. We're EXTREMELY loyal to our people. I will admit that retrieving gets boring after a while and it's better to get the people to do that.

    Honestly, all those working dog qualities and wrinkles to boot! Who would want to be anything but a Shar Pei?

    Snuffles, Bolo

  4. Hey Lola.
    Wow, Master is great. What a good pix. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Grr and Woof,

  5. Wow, Lola! My jaw just dropped to the floor when I saw Master. (But, yes, I think you're right - they prolly need to change his name. He looks like he has ideas of taking over the world already.) Gosh, he's one of the most handsomest doggies I ever saw! I'm sure he's gonna get a home super quick!

    And don't feel bad about not herding stuff or having any other garish talents. I can tell you for sure that our kittehs are very happy we're not herders. And plus, the bestest talent any of us can have is making our humans smile and cuddling up with them when they're feeling down. And I know you're prolly right up there with the best in the cuddling department!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. We DID hear abouts all your storms out that way! I'm very sorry about that young woman who died. My mom says she grew up in Tornado Alley (I think it's right behind the Dust Bowl Bakery) and she said tornadoes are awfully skeery. But she said they also have these things called "downbursts" that can be almost as bad. She said she's kinda glad we live in the Land of Boring Weather now.

  6. Master is one good-looking fellow!

    Don't feel bad, lola! Peis actually do have a purpose. If I recall correctly from my reading, Peis were bred for a variety of tasks in China. They were cattle herders and home protectors. Peis were also used for hunting game, notably wild boars. I think that makes you pretty special!

    Sadly, Greyhounds were not bred for cracking codes, so I can't help you with that!


  7. Peis are well... perfect if you ask us. But you know we're biased on the issue!


  8. Lola - Master is definitely a fine-looking guy. We can understand why your Mom can't stop looking at him! We're hoping he'll find his furever home soon! BTW - we think being an awesome companion is the most important thing we dogs do!
    Doggem - adj. - to be relentlessly adorable and loving.
    Doggem - verb - look imploringly at a human until they give you a treat.
    The Road Dogs

  9. He is a cutie pie/Pei,...BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. What a handsome fellow-he looks like he could rescue Timmy any minute!

  11. Wow, Master is so handsome. He seems to have taken the best of both breeds. Hope he finds a furever home soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. But Shar Peis are so pretty. That is what y'all do best! Master is a very handsome young lad.

  13. Master is nice looking but nothing compared to you, my friend!

  14. code breaking....yeah...I had a word the other day which seemed too much like my topic of was 'dodles'....wha?!

  15. miss lola,
    it's way good to be back in bloggie land! i missed visitin' my friendz!
    this master dude is one super handsome collie pei! (collpei? sharlie? hmmmm.) i totally agree with you that he's gonna need a new name, though. that could get all kinds of confusing with the hoomans and all. i bet he's gonna find his forevarrr home very most quick like!
    now why in the world are you havin' the troubles coming up with good pei qualities?! well, i can help you out with that. let's see...first like, you are very smart and sensible. i would nevarrr doubt your advices. second like, you are beautimous and have the bestest wrinkley squish that is perfect for the hoomans to give you rubs. you help the hoomans to relax and not be all stressed out. i'd woof that those are pretty super duper important qualities!

    the booker man

  16. Master is really handsome! Look at his wrinkles, and the collie-like coat, he's definitely a beauty! He must have all the good pei qualities too!


  17. Hi, Lola!
    Master sure is handsome!
    I know he will find his forever home soon!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Dear Lola, Master is a true handsome. I hope he can find a furever home soon!

    Lola, according to Wikipedia, Peis are great dogs. In China, Peis used to help peasant masters with various tasks, such as herding cattle and guarding the home and family, and have proven themselves to be qualified hunters of wild game—usually wild pigs.

    So you see, Peis have loads of good qualities and the most important thing is you're always a good and loyal company at home.

    Sorry about the code. Can't help! Does it have something related with gem stones, like DIAMOMD???

  19. He is a handsome dog, and thanks for telling us more about the breed, I think you look cuddly. Moms says she'd give you a big hug and a kiss any day.
    See Yea George xxx

  20. I agree with George's Mom,I would love to give you a real big hug and a kiss. You have all the things I love in a dog!!
    I will blog about the coons one day soon. It has taken years to get Bambi to not threaten the coons. Now she pays no attention to them at all, but it didn't come easy.
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  21. Master is a gorgeous boy. We hope he finds his forever home soon.
    Mom is always looking on petfinder at the dachshunds up for adoption. She would love to adopt a senior who really needs her.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  22. Lola
    We agree the Pei Collie is adorable!!! Mom cracked up at 'love child'!!!! Good one...

    Lola we know a Pei talent!!!
    You, my sweet friend, are a wash and wear puppy, no ironing required!!!! MOL
    Happy Sunday
    Madi and Mom

  23. Oh we wish you hadn't shown that picture of Master. Our mommy is ready to drive to Texas and get him. And we've got a good thing going here just me and Meja. We don't need no other boy dog to take mommy's attention.

    Oh yeah we Shar Pei are very good at grabbin attention! Also mommy says no doggie is more loyal than us.


  24. Hi Lola. Master is handsome. Peis are adorable! Happy Sunday!

  25. Hi Lola,

    Master is very handsome - and we think he knows it too judging by his expression, he he he!

    We've only met one Pei in the fur - she was a rescue dog and was VERY nervous so we didn't get to meet her properly, but FH was totally smitten and was oohing and ahhhing over her a huge amount whilst we had to hang back and wait. We sure wish we could have said hello to her as we thought she was real cute, just like you!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  26. OK, I will admit that Pollie dog is kind of cute, but really the original Sharpie is the best. And what is all this about having to do stuff. I think just being good looking and a good pal is plenty.


  27. Boy Master sure is a handsome fella. He is gonna make somebody a very lucky person. There was a Pei mix at Camp Bow Wow on Valentine's Day and Mommy went over and kised him nd gave his rescue group some money. Sure hope it got adopted that day cause he sure had a lot of peoples admiring him.



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