Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awardification -Catching Up

A while back I came by the  coveted Beautiful Blogger award via Toby, who awarded it to all his followers. I think it might have been his last one before going onto college. Very shortly thereafter, my young friend Booker passed it along to me as well. His came with a few rules - or, as we Pei like to think of them - suggestions. Well, what with one thing and another, pawticularly Daddy's recent hospitalization, it took a while to get to this one. It doesn't mean I don't value it. I do.

Under Booker's rules the recipient is now supposed to tell seven things about her or himself. Well, I have been writing about myself almost non-stop for the last month, so some of these might be redundant. Will be redundant. But we'll give it a shot.

  1. I'm multi-lingual, conversationally, but I only understand commands in French. We're planning a post about this at some point.
  2. I hate vegetables and kibble -  not necessarily in that order. My humans have adjusted to the kibble issue but are not happy about the veggies. They worry that I'll get stopped up and constantly plot to get veggies into my diet.
  3. I like sidewalks. We don't have many in the residential areas around here and I'm so happy when we take walks in town where they're on every street. It's one thing I miss about the city. My humans worry that for a generally pretty smart dog I don't have a lot of traffic sense and they have to keep reminding me to keep to the side of the road when we're walking. I say that it's not a question of not having traffic sense. What we don't have is sidewalks. Cars on street, foot traffic on the sidewalk. You know where you are with a sidewalk. Of course there have been instances where that system has broken down and cars wind up on the sidewalk or in the window of a building, but no system is foolproof.
  4. Cheese. This one is very redundant but no post about me, Lola, would be complete without a bit of cheese appreciation.
  5. I almost caught a squirrel today. It got up the tree ahead of me but just barely. Daddy was a witness and is willing to sign a deposition.
  6. As a Shar Pei, I belong to a previously persecuted minority that was almost rendered extinct and not so very long ago, either, historically speaking. All Shar Pei know this history, but some other dogs might not. We do plan to talk more about this in the future.
  7. Blogging is one of the best things Blog Mom and I decided to do. Not only have we met the most pawsome other dogs, humans and some great cats, we've gotten even closer than before. A dog's typist has to pay close attention so as to properly represent said dog's words and thoughts.
As far as redistribution goes, many of my friends already have this award by now, so I'm going to follow Toby's lead on this one and say that I want all my followers and those I follow to have it. Also those who I visit or who visit here. You are all beautiful bloggers and I would name each of you if I had the time.


  1. Those are some pretty neat things about you, Lola! Dad had a really cool book called Dog Man that you might like. Who doesn't like cheese? I mean, come on, it's delicious!


    P.S. I'm totally in envy over that squirrel! My cousin Lilly got so close to getting one two years ago that she bit off the end of his tail as he ran up the tree.

  2. thanks, miss lola!
    i know rules are kinda square and all, but i wanted to learn some more neato thingies about you! and i totally did! like how super cool that you know french! my mama studied french in college, so she could talk to you en français, too!! heehee.
    the booker man

  3. Rules aren't necessarily square, Booker. They're just hard for some of us to stick to sometimes. The thing about French is that I'm the only one here who really speaks it. The Moms have tried to pick some up and they had to learn the commands. Luckily for them, "No" is the same in either language.

    Bunny, I'm going to look into that book. Thanks!

  4. Congratulations, Lola!
    I loved to learn those things about you!
    I don't have that "traffic" sense either!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Praise be to cheese. My brother and I will do anything for a sprinkle of Parmesan.

  6. Lola, so pleased you speak French! hehe
    And you've got a good blog mom, she translates your thought in quite a pleasant way. I've been reading you for a couple of weeks, and would not miss any of your post.

  7. Hi Lola and happy Monday. It was good to read all the interesting information on you today.
    We hope Dad is feeling better each day,
    Madi and Mom

  8. I think you should give number five another shot - maybe you can drop the almost. :)

  9. You speak French, Lola? That's very exciting! Of course, I only speak English, eve though I lie in France, since I am an English Springer Spaniel!


  10. Lola, I loves your list about yourself...especially your knowing commands in French. I don't even know commands in English...hehe!
    I can't wait to learns more about your breed. I thinks that will be most interesting.
    Congrats on your awardie.
    Pees: I don't know if you remembers buts awhile back I posted on your blog and sang you da song "Lola". Yep, I know I'm a dweeb.

  11. Congrats on the award Lola!
    So nice to know more about you!
    I LOVE cheese too!
    Thor xx

  12. HI LOLA,
    it was really Good to read about u.I can relate to u on a number of issues. Kibbles are something mummy gives when she doesn't have time to cook a pawper meal,like in the mornings she has to leave early for her i have this agreement now that each kibble meal must be followed by a chicken meal!
    Ginger, however,eats her kibble diligently. She says it helps her maintain her pawfect figure!

    about the squirrel issue..can't tell u how close i came just today to catching one on my morning walk. will let u know if i hav some success tomorrow.

    wags, Buddy

  13. BTW, Sorry we missed saying this earlier..We are very glad your Daddy is home.Wishes, licks and wags for him to get well soon.

    And dont u worry.even all of us put together cannot exshaust the world's cheese supply.

    Paws crossed,
    Buddy and Ginger


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