Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doggy Day Afternoon Fur Real Part II

I believe we left off during our water break. After some nice long drinkies I felt the need to regroup in the semi-shade on the coolish concrete. Chi felt just fine, but was willing enough to hang around while I got a second wind.

At one point in the festivities they had a breed parade and one dog of every discernable breed they could round up represented. CoCo and I were asked to represent our respective breeds. In my case, I was the only Pei on the grounds, but there were a number of Danes, so it was a bit of an honor for Cocoa. We lined up to take our turn.

There's CoCo. Great Dane represent! I was number 11. Cocoa went earlier so I was waiting on line after she did her bit.

I passed the time making conversation with even more new friends. This was just the best day ever. Did I mention that?

My star turn came out a little blurry. Sorry about that, and blame Blog Mom, as usual. She's also my personal photographer.

So here I was, just getting some shade. Shade is nice when it's 3,000 degrees out and humid. A nice lady who was working at the event decided I was overheated. Well, define "over", I guess. I was heated, but the Moms are pretty aware of a Shar Pei's needs in weather like this and were already talking about it being time to head home. In the meantime I was hydrated and in the shade, right? We just pant a lot, lady.  But the lady was worried and pretty much insisted that we take advantage of a thing they had set up just for dogs who looked like they were about to have heat stroke. So I had to do this:

Soooo unfair. I'd already had a bath that day and now they put me in a pool with ice cubes and act like they're doing me a favor. Shar Pei don't do water, people! I stayed in  for all of about 5 seconds and that was more than enough, thank you.

Around then we did head home where I had to start a napathon that lasted well into today, with food and potty breaks, of course. I did not make the horse show and neither did Blog Mom who didn't do her foot any favors at the doggy event. Alpha Mom went, of course, since Sarge was in it and he did very, very well. It would have been nice to see, but I think we made the right choice. Alpha Mom says there will absolutely be lots more horsie shows with Sarge this summer and this was the only doggiecentric event that we're aware of for some time. Horse shows are wonderful fun, and there are usually quite a few dogs in attendance, but let us face facts. Horse show are about the horsies. This was about us. The doggies. It was kind of special in that way. We are talking about my going back to school to get my degree and to be able to have a more rounded canine social life. I think it's not a bad idea and I'll probably do it.


  1. Lola, what's up with the pool? Ice? Were they concocting a 'shar Pei Cocktail?'
    Napathon - that's what we're barkin' about!
    Bark of Love
    Julie, Parker and Bennie

  2. Hi, Lola!
    I felt like I was there with you and all those doggie friends!
    A pool with ice cubes?? Cool! (literally)
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Oh, Lola, I'm so very much sorry that they stuck you that pool thing. Shudder! I'm very much surprised that I don't haves any Shar Pei in my family tree cuz I don't do water either.

    On the other paw, I'm glad you had a good time the rest of the time and that you gots to take your turn on the catwalk! Er, dogwalk. Whatever. I bets all the peoples just ooohed and aaaahed over your stunning sharpei-ness!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  4. I rather like playing in the pool, but I mostly just get my feet wet, which does make me feel cooler. I only get in when it's my idea, though! I am so impressed that you saw so many cool things and even got to represent for Shar Peis everywhere. What an honor! I'd probably have stayed home the next day to rest, too!


  5. miss lola,
    the fair sounds like it was totally funsies, even if it was 50 gazillion degrees outside. how exciting that you got to be a model in the runway show!! oh, and you know, i am not a big fan of the community water slurpin' bowls either. i nevarrr hardly drink out of them. my mama and daddy need to get me my own private bowl like yours, except maybe it can be like a red bone shape instead of a pink heart or somethingie manly like that. heehee.
    the booker man

  6. Have you considered applying for a scholarship? :)

  7. What a fun time! I think it's quite nice they had the pool set up. When we took our pooches out today we gave them a bowl of water, then we kind of poured water on them. I think frolicking in a pool seems like a much nicer option.

  8. What a fabulous time, Lola! It must have been so great to meet all those other breeds!


  9. Hi Lola,
    Looks like you had a fun time apart from the pool, I don't do pools either my Mom has a teeny tiny inflatable one for me but I only ever get my two front paws wet and that is quite enough for me. My Momma loves your pink water bucket she say it is scrummy like you.

    x x

  10. Lola Dear,
    we are so proud that our furiend walked the ramp!how cool!
    you are so right, you couldn't have missed this dogciting event for ANYTHING!
    we lovvveeed the whole story and read some parts tice over.
    that lady ws so rude to lil Chi. If our Mummy had been there,she would definitely hav thought of something to say to her, especially because it was Chi she had attackd. Mummy nevaaa evaa lets anyone get away with being rude to any DaWggy.
    we can't wait to see your new harness.
    Yeah!those grey hounds actually made mummy think they were 'YOU KNOW WHO'!and thre of them together too!
    Ginger is very fussy about drinking out of a public bowl too. Guess girls are way fussier about stuff(in the right kinda way of course!)
    We are DELIGHTED that you are actually 5ish!CONGRATULATIONS on your new age.
    we hope blogmom is taking better care of her feet and is feeling better.
    and we also hope your pukies etc are all settled now.
    Must be the heat.
    we reeeely enjoyed reading about your fun day out.
    bud n gin

  11. Oh my gosh, a doggie parade. I figured you'd be da only Pei theres. I kinda shocked there was so many Danes though, we nevers see Danes round our parts.
    I can't believes dat sily wooman made you gets in water. I just kinda glads you didn't melt fom da water though, oh dat would be bad.

  12. Hi Lola we are so sorry it was so hot for your very fun day outside. I believe this time of year humans and pets need to wear a water pack on their back....horrible weather all they way up to you. It was 101 here yesterday.

    Rest lots today sweetie,
    Madi and Mom

  13. That was such a great outing, Lola... Blog Mom did make the right choice I must say... so many new furiends and you even get to go on stage to represent our breed, way to go, Lola, I'm so proud to see you on that stage. Btw, luv your pinky heart drinking bucket ;) you're going back to school?... do keep us posted.

    Licks, hero

  14. An ice bath?!? I didn't think a bath could get any worse but apparently it can!! I'm so sorry that your pawsome day ended with some ice to the feetsies!!


  15. A pool with ice-cubes!?! I don't think it's fun at all. OH dear, they put you there too! Gosh!!!

    Wow, we're so happy that you represented your breed and went onto the stage, what a great moment! It seems you did a good job too. Well done.

  16. Woof! Woof! FUN FUN FUN ... Gotta try that ICE CUBES. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. Hi Lola, it looks like you had a great (but HOT!) day!!


  18. This seems to have been a great day. and you are gifted to tell stories :-)
    I went shopping today, and I saw one sharpei. I just thought of you.

  19. Hot day stories.......I don't do doggie swimming pools either...........not matter what the temp. reads! All the best, Ella Pei in Northern Calif.

  20. Lola, you are such a busy girl, that looks like a lot of fun. I can't believe you got an ice bath! If I was there I would have eaten all your ice cubes :)


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