Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Poop on Horse Poop and other questions

Firstly, this is not a real post. If it were a real post there would probably be at least one picture. My last post raised a few questions and I wanted to respond to them.  I noticed that a lot of pawple try different ways to do that. I'm thinking  new post just for that might be the easiest way.

How did you get a horse brother? 
I believe it was Twix who asked how Sarge came to be my brother. Well, he was there when I got here. Alpha Mom is crazy about horses and from what I'm told always has been, ever since she was a tiny little girl, back in the middle of the last century. That's like hundreds of years ago. Somewhere during her adult life she decided that if she really, really wanted her own horse she could make it happen. So she did and she's had a horse ever since. We are not a pawticularly affluent family, at least by American standards, so while Sarge may very well retire someday, Alpha Mom probably won't be able to thanks to her equine habit, but it's worth it to her and that's what matters.

What's the deal with all that horse poop, you lucky dog?
Most of the other questions related to the popular subject of horse poop. Yes, I suppose that I do have access to a wealth of horse poop. Sarge alone could make enough in one day for us all to have a little of our own. I would love to send some to each of you, but apparently there is a question of how the Postal Service would take it. Some seem to think that they might take it as a federal offense. Silly Postal Service. But no, I don't roll in it. I just enjoy the scent in the air. The reason is that the slightest little roll in the poop and I'll find myself having an extra bath. So would any of you, as Mayzie so famously discovered. Now some would find it worth it, but I am a Shar Pei and we don't like baths. At all. We hate them so very much. Even Hero, who thinks nothing of taking a swim in the ocean or the rushing rapids does not like baths, so there you go.


  1. I always envy hoomans with horses... how lucky that Alpha Mom gets to have Sarge... horses are beautiful animals, after dogs that is :)... and yes, we sharpei wouldn't risk anything that would result in us getting a bath, smart move, Lola.

    Licks, hero

  2. Sure is pawesome that Alpha Mom has Sarge!
    I have seen horse poop on the streets here and I'd love to get close to it for a good sniffing but for some reason my mom has never let me do it!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Those horses are great - especially the miniature ones - and Sarge of course! I guess you are a very lucky dog to have him for a big brother - he should be able to handle any scary situations where you need some help!

  4. Oh, it might be worth a bath for a roll like that! I do understand your feelings, though!


  5. Hello Lola,see what happens when ur mummy decides other things are more important than our blog?we miss out on all the super fun like that trip of yours to the horse farm.
    how kool is that..a horse of your own!we think u are the only dawg we know who has a horse big B.mummy and daddy loves horses too and someimes goes and meets them in some farm nearby. but we don't have any of our own.i went there once but the two 'greeters' there were not happy to greet other Dawgs!so further trips are cancelled for ever.
    we agree with u about the rolling-in-the-poop. we would love it!A Bath afterwards?Water? Yipeee...
    er..Sorry, we can't help ourselves if we see/hear 'water'!

    Wags, Bud n Gin

  6. Thank you so very much fur clearing da to speak. My mom has a fascination with horsies and my papa. Of course, it really doesn't take much to fascinate my mum anyway.
    I haaaaate baffs. Brudder and sissy don't mind them though.
    You don't roll, you don't ride horsies, and you don't this a breed thing?

  7. Puddles - yes, it is a breed thing. That is to say the bath being the worst of fates and barking part.

  8. Oh my stars Lola you are hilarious!!!
    Mom and I never know what you will come up with.
    Thanks for the smiles.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Lola - Puddles and me were thinking abouts starting a doggie day spa where doggies could come and take things like mud baths or poop baths. Do you wants to join in with us? Imagine all the treats you could buy with the green papers you'll make from all that horse poop!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Wow, we've never experienced horse poop, but we'd sure like to. We think it would be fun to roll in it and it would add some body to our curls. Mom would probably give us baths or turn the hose on us, but that's OK, too. We love water and if we can play in a tub full of water, we're ready.
    The Porties

  11. It certainly is a breed thing. Ginger hated baths worse than I hate my mom being away - and that's a lot!! Thanks for checking into the USPS option though. BOL!


  12. You probably can guess what my comment is going to be on this post: I EMPATHIZE!!! I sure do. I have a horse bro myself, I love horse poo, I get baths when I roll in it... I get you, Lola. I don't need to be a shar pei to get what you say and I don't like baths any better than you or Hero either :)

  13. Thanks for answering my question, Lola. I was having a hard time imagining your birth mom giving birth to a horse....but now I see he is your "step" bro. Makes much more sense to my doxie brain now. I think I might be scared of a horse but it doesn't seem that you are. You are so brave!

  14. Twix, they're not really scary at all as long as you stay out from under their hooves. That part is very impawtant. Most of them are very used to having dogs around. Horse barns usually do have plenty of dogs and doggy visitors, too. Sarge's barn has some doxie horse owners that are there a lot, but sadly not the day I was there.

  15. You could always ship the poop to us in cats. It would be thoroughly undetectable! ;)

  16. Hey Lola, Thanks for liking our post on TCT.Your comments are always encouraging.
    We came back to see you sniffing around that horse farm. you look so smart in that harness
    wags, Gin n Bud

  17. Oooooo, horse turds, now that does sound truly gourmet! All we have is the occasional cat turd to munch on...sigh.

  18. Hi, just hopping through from the blog hop. We've got two horses here so there's plenty of poop to go around for the three dogs. And boy do they love them some poops!


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