Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our First Fight

I have to tell you, it's been a difficult evening around here. I've had to yell at Franklin from time to time. His reaction is usually perfectly satisfactory, in that he either stops doing whatever it is I don't want him to do, or if, for instance, a chewy is in dispute, he might run and hide under the chair with it. Either way, I'm the undisputed boss of him and it's all good. Tonight he yelled right back. What's more, there seems to be an idea that I bear some responsibililty for the incident in question. That's an unaccustomed and unwelcome feeling, let me tell you.  Now in general, I love Franklin. Having a little brother is overall a wonderful thing. But he does cramp my preferred dining style, which I believe is at the root of the whole thing.

I've mentioned that I'm a picky eater. Also a moody eater. And, some of the time I prefer to dine at a fashionably late hour. I usually eat with Blog Mom and Daddy. Alpha Mom is not often home at dinner time and doesn't cook at home much either. BF (before Franklin) Blog Mom or Daddy would put down whatever they hoped I'd decide to eat and then I would eat, or I'd tell them to leave it there and I'd get back to it when the mood struck me. I'd have dinner any time between 6 and 11 PM, strictly according to my own appetite and mood. Since the acquisition of a little brother, it's a whole different story. Dinner is served and if it's not eaten it's picked up, because otherwise Franklin will, of course, eat it. I have to admit I'd do the same in his place if I was in an eating sort of mood. If I've refused to eat all evening, I do get another shot when Alpha Mom and I head upstairs at night. Most usually I eat then, but not always. For the last couple of days I have not been in an eating mood at all. So, I suppose by dinner time tonight I was a little hungrier than usual.

 Saturday is hamburger night. I get some burger. Franklin does not because it hasn't agreed with him. He gets dog food. Usually, when I do dine at the same time as Franklin, either he finishes his food first or at about the same time as me, Lola. Tonight I went at dinner with a little extra  gusto or something because I was finished way before Franklin, and I guess that hunger strike I had been on came back to haunt me, because I was still hungry. And Franklin was still eating. So I decided I wanted his food. And he wouldn't let me have it! So, I got a little sharp with him. And he got quite sharp right back. That had never happened before. Not only that, Blog Mom told me I should stop. She said, "No, Lola.". I'm not used to that kind of language from her, either. The whole ugly episode has left us a bit on edge, I think. Oh, I did stop when Blog Mom told me to, and eventually  I did get some more food. She waited a while. Said she didn't want me to think that bad behavior was being rewarded. Bad behavior? Moi?

The rest of the evening passed pretty peacefully, but I think the whole thing was just a bit traumatic for all of us. I hope that we can all put it completely behind us now. Tomorrow we're getting baths at the groomer and I have found I much prefer to have Franklin along. It's always nice to be with pack and partial pack is better than none.


  1. Well, I can understand why you are a little shaken up. I tend to eat like Franklin - when food is out, I eat it. This is NOT how my feline siblings like to eat. They like to linger and eat when they want (don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like your eating habits are similar to cat).

    So, if the cats leave something behind, I have been known to grab it. Likewise, when my human sister drops her unwanted bread crusts on the floor - well, I dive for them. This usually results in a "NO PIP".

    Your pal, Pip

  2. I am sorry Lola, I know how you feel!


  3. Lola Lola Lola..

    Im sorry to hear about your and your little brother Franklin.. And of course mom saying No! to you ..

    I agree with Mr. Pip, you do have a weird eating habit.. I would usually just dive into my food or my mom's food when she is not looking..

    I wonder if Hero has the same habit too.. then u know its a one of the sharpei traits..

    Have a good sunday and happy grooming !


  4. Lola, I agree, you are very feline in your eating habits. And well, it is not Franklin's fault if you were still hungry, no reason why he should share with you. I'm sure your mom will make sure you have enough to eat the next time you come out of hunger strike. You'll both find out a way to know when you need a little extra.
    Enjoy your spa trip!
    PS the picture with both of you are cute!

  5. Hi, Lola!
    Sounds like an interesting evening at your home!
    Franklin is a good boy but I guess he is not very fond on sharing his food!
    I hope everything is back to normal now!
    Have a nice spa day!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. A very difficult situation, Lola, and I appreciate your pain. Most woofies do tend to gobble up their food, and I hear it is one issue over which a few can be aggressive. It sounds like it was al handled very well by your humans, and perhaps a little lesson for you. We live and learn, you now!

    Have a great Sunday!


  7. Oh the woes of having a bruvver. I feels you Lola I truly do... Meja

  8. We've had a few spats at dinner time. Bella and Kendra inhale their food. I prefer to savour mine, so I've developed a menacing growl to warn them off if they get too close. Luckily, they know I mean business and they just exchange bowls while I eat in peace.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Hi Lola,I'm sorry to hear that episode happened at home lately. Your eating habit is kind of weird so I can't 100% blame Franklin but Franklin should learn how to resist it because you're his big sister, he got to respect you.

    I'm sorry that your mom said NO to you too. Well, I guess she felt bad too so she gave you some extra food. Don't worry, just give her some licks to tell her that you've forgiven her.

    It's always good to have someone around!!!

  10. I think the honeymoon is over. Sometimes it takes a few months for a doggie to feel comfortable enough to start to assert himself. It might turn out that Franklin is the boss dog, but here are some tips that we use to help keep the peace;

    1) Chewies never happen together, period. Momma says I am too much of a greedy bully so we always have our chewies in separate rooms with a door closed between us and they can never ever be left out.

    2) Weather permitting, I dine outside whilst PeeWee eats inside. He is crazy for foodables and will snap at me and scare me away from my bowl. If I have to eat inside, momma makes PeeWee come in and do a sit stay with her until I am finished.

    3) Sounds like you are already getting tough love on the whole food thing. When I switched kibbles I went on a hunger strike and the same thing happened. Food available for ten minutes and then gone. I didn't starve.

    4) It is super important for your humans to train you together and teach you that even when you are grouchy, listen to mom. I rarely have a tiff with PeeWee anymore, but when there is a dust up, we BOTH have to come to her and do attention drills.

    Hope that helps.


  11. Oh Lola I know exactly how YOU like to dine. I am the same way. My mom puts my supper down for me at 5 and I usually don't finish it until 10 or 10:30 at night.
    Sorry you and Frankie... OoooopS I mean Franklin had a food fight.

  12. Lola...Mom told me absence makes the heart grow keep an eye out for the post man..we'll be sending you a one way ticket to Raleigh feel free to stay as long as you please. We are pretty sure Franklin will be lost after just 1/2 a day without your guidance.
    If you had rather no leave home then I suggest you and Franklin kiss and makeup!!
    Big kitty hugs,

  13. Your Mom did a good job getting things under control. These things happen, Lola. Our Mom used to free feed all of us, but then it appeared that Phantom was missing out on the food and Dakota and Thunder were getting extras. So she switched to twice a day feedings. It is no problem for Ciara and Thunder, their food is inhaled in 15 seconds flat. Phantom is the one who wants to eat when he wants to, and sometimes he doesn't want to eat for a couple of days. So now he gets his dish in a separate room and he gets a bit more time to eat. Mom even hand feeds him if it works. But after 10 minutes, if he hasn't eaten, the dish is taken up. He seems to have figured out that if he is hungry, he needs to help, but it is still difficult.

    Bones are a problem too. We only get bones or bully sticks or the like in our crates. Better to be safe than risk a fight.

    We hope this was a one time or rare occurrence and you and Franklin can move on.

    Hope today is a better day for all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Lola I'm with you on this eating, some days I do some I don't,I can see your point of view, your mom was right with what she said and did, but it hard if you have to eat when you don't feel like it.
    You have a good mom there looking after both of you needs, I'm sure you know that.
    Tomorrow another day
    See Yea George xxx

  15. I totally and entirely empathise with you Lola.It really hurts that Mummy said 'No' to me, that is one day soon after Buddy came here, when i tried to make him see things.
    But things are pretty much settled now. And we have the same arrangement about food. Mummy picks up my plate immediately afterwards because Buddy wants to clean up EVERYTHING. I have realised it is much better and easier to just eat when dinner is served. I take my time though, and Buddy understands now that he has to sit till I say i am done. Sometimes he gets a good amount of left overs and sometimes nothing. But he does help me clean up my plate .
    Mummy no longer needs to say No to me. In fact she need not say 'stay' to Buddy even. He got the message.
    I am sure things will work out well at your end too with time.
    till then, Just know that you are not alone.
    Have a grrrt day at the spa.And yeah, having a brother is lots of fun.

    pee ess: yeps Lola, how could we forget? L is a very special letter because of YOU, LOLA too.:)

  16. Lola please don't explain any further. I live with my Lily. I understand!
    Benny & (Lily)

  17. Beautiful Lola,
    Brothers can be a pain sometime (I've heard).
    I hope this is something lil Franklin will outgrow....


  18. I always fort bruvvers and sistas were s'posed to fight now 'n' then Miss Lola so try not to worry too much. I am an eat when I want to kind of guy myself and might act the same way wiv a bro or sis so don't yu be frettin about it Miss Lola.


  19. Lola,

    Since I am an only child I do not know what you is going through :( I hopes you and Franklin work it all out.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  20. Dearest Lola. Ranger here. I certainly do not believe you were to blame for this little "incident." As the older and wiser sibling, you most certainly should have whatever you desire - even if it's in Franklin's mouth at the time. Like most siblings, you and Franklin simply needed to sort this out with you, of course, coming out the winner. But unfortunately, humans seem not to be so keen on this approach. In fact, mother and dad feed Mayzie and I in separate rooms now just to ensure that there are no "misunderstandings" between us. I think that it is wholly unreasonable but alas, I seem to have no say in the matter.

    I am sure in no time, this will all be brushed under the rug and life as you know it will return to normal. It is, after all, simply a part of being a family.


    P.S. My mother wants me to pass along that in PetSmart yesterday, she and my dad saw an all-black shar pei. My mother was beyond thrilled and asked if she could pet "Lucy." This was the first time mother had ever petted a shar pei and raved that Lucy's fur was like velvet.

  21. Oh, Lola. We could be two peas in a pod you and I. I rather prefer to dictate when and how how I will eat. well not since we took on Lala. She is half my size but will eat enogh for the both of us. Pre-Lala, mom would make me wieners and eggs every Saturday morning. Now it is a rareity when I get it because MS LA TI DA, I menan Lala, has some kind of alergies and so we usually stick to the basic menue. I feel your oain!!

    Hugs & smoochies! XOXO

    Peees I will definitiely be back!!!!

  22. Oh my goodness Lola!
    I haves to agree withs Mango and da OP Pack. Their info was dead on!
    Albert used to be free fed until I came along and now dat Whitney is here...Albert has to eat in da laundry room. If food is still left at da 10 min mark it gets taken away. And we NEVER has raw hide or chewie things UNLESS we is all in seperate rooms too.
    Albert has attacked Whitney before and I could haves swore I saw mum's heart jump out...her was scared to death.
    Please let us know how things are going.


  23. Poor Lola....Ozzie is an only dog so he never runs into these situations. Hopefully there will be no more food fights in the future!

  24. We are sorry that you & Franklin had a fight. Sounds like blog mom knows what to do.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  25. Dinner time can be tense. Our Mom feeds the three fastest eaters first, then sends them outside to play. Next she feeds the four sisters. They all eat about the same speed, so when they get done they go outside with the others. Then she feeds the three slowpokes. They dawdle and chew each piece and it takes them forever to finish. Tsar is always the last one done and Morgan and Noah have to sit around and wait for him. Finally they get done and go out, but everyone else is ready to come in by then.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  26. miss lola,
    i'm sorry you and franklin had a kerfluffle over the foodables, but i hope you feel better now that you've vented and got everythingie all out in the open.
    like a lot of other doggies are woofin', when it comes to a multiple doggie household, it's prolly best to have set meal times. me and asa eat twice a day at 6am and 6pm. we eat on opposite sides of the kitchen, and we haven't left food hardly evarrr, but if we do, mama and daddy will take it away so we won't get fiesty!

    the booker man

  27. Hi Lola and Franklin,
    You know Lola things like that happen when you have a sibling. It happens all the time!!! If there is more trouble Mom will get it fixed, thats what Moms do!!!
    What is your Moms name?? I am thinking of giving her an award tomorrow and I don't know her name.
    xxoo, Bambi & Fern

  28. Miss Lola,

    I'm a bit late to this post on account of traveling so I'm sure by now this is behind you both. It is something getting used to a new dining pattern when siblings are in the picture isn't it?? But it IS nice to have moral support on trips such as to the groomer. Hope the trip went well.



  29. We also like going with a friend to the Groomers around here. Sorry that you got in a fight about silly food, the little poodle around here thinks she should help the 90lb Grover eat his dinner every so often and Grover lets her know what he thinks.

  30. Sometimes Duncan will steal food right off my plate IN FRONT OF ME!! What the crap?? But mom always takes it from him...just with some added Duncan drool. Gotta be careful with those noms!!

  31. That happens sometimes....everything will be fine....don't worry....

  32. Ah, Lola - That's what happens when the young whippersnappers start getting all comfy - they think some stuff belongs to THEM! But don't worry - food tends to bring out the animal in the best of us (you should see Mom when there's chocolate around!). Hope you and Franklin work it out. Separate dining areas isn't a bad thing :)

    The Road Dogs

  33. Dear Lola, I COMPLETELY understand! I am a "whenever my tummy desires" eater too, and ever since my little sister came along, I have much less attention paid to my preferences.- These young ones... I'm so glad I found your blog today! I'm brand new to the doggy bloggy world, and I'm looking forward to making lots of friends! My name's Chester, and you can find my digs at:


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