Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Vet!

Well, that was my big excitement for the weekend. I went to the V.E.T.! Here's the thing - my Vet life is a little complicated. Since I displayed a touch of Shar Pei fever last year Alpha Mom found me an internist who knows all about that and she prescribes my colchicine. That Vet doesn't do routine things, though, and also, so far Franklin hasn't shown any signs of Shar Pei fever, so we need a regular vet; one that doesn't mind that I go to a specialist if I really get sick. Hoo boy. So, we went to PetSmart's vet for shots and things and I go to my special doctor for my medication. She's a lovely person and she thinks I'm wonderful. That doesn't mean I like going there, though.
I think I should drive. I'd take us to a park or something instead of.... 
I think they're too busy to see me. Perhaps another time...Let's book!   
Look, it's nothing pawsonal. It's lovely to see you, but I really can't stay. 
The fact is, as nice as the Vet might be, sometimes you get left there. I hate that. I have abandoment issues. I try to deal with them with a certain composed dignity, but I still have them and this whole thing makes me a little nervous. Of course, when the Vet came in and told her assistant that I was the "sweetest Shar Pei" she'd ever meet, that did go some way toward softening me up. (She hasn't met absolutely any of the Pei in the blogiverse, of course.I know I'm not the only sweetie.)

That's my Vet, in red. She's hardly more than a puppy, but she's smart.
Of course, after all that sweet talk and petting and ear scritching, they still stole some of my blood. AND, didn't give it back! They said they had to see if the colchicine was hurting me and they could tell by my blood. We won't get those results for a few days. We're not too worried because they said I'd have some symptoms if my blood count was bad and I don't. But what if it was? It would literally be a matter of "can't live with it, can't live without it", at least in the long run. I hope you had something better to do with your Saturday than this!


  1. Ohh Miss Lola I be sorry yu had to go see the Doc, it don't matter how nice they are they all still have that thing they stick where they shouldn't don's they ?

    I hopes yor bloods go okays I am sure they will be fine tho.
    Big Licks
    xx xx

  2. Oh Dear, Lola! That really was not a dun Saturday for you, was it? We are crossing all of our paws (and Vidock his hooves!) that the results are good.

    We had never heard of Shar Pei Fever so we looked it up. It is apparently related to Amilolydosis which can be a problem with Abyssinian cats.

    Anyway, here's hoping your Sunday is sweet and snuggly, Lola!

  3. Oh lola, sorry your Saturday involved going to the vets, you seemed to handle it very well, I'll keep me paws crossed that the bloods come back ok, did you get treats when you got home ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Lola all our feets are crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  5. Lola, OK I understand you are not thrilled to go to the VEt, but she seems to be a nice person, right? And you know your moms would not leave you unless really necessary. They would miss you as much as you would miss them.
    And be honest, it was a great way to show the whole town how pretty you are with this pink collar and leash...
    Lots of snuggles to you and Franklin

  6. OoH Lola,

    I sure hopes everything is Ok wif youz! My paws are crossed and I am sending out puppy prayers!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  7. Lola I will cross my paws that everythingy will be super duper OK. What a horrid way to have to spend a Saturday.

  8. Yeah, the vet is one of those sorta good sorta bad things. We don't like to be left there either, but we sure do love all the attention the vets lavish on us. We hope your blood work comes back fine. Happy Sunday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Lola, I had never heard of Shar Pei Fever! I'm so glad you're okay. I'm also sorry that you had to go to the vet on a weekend! That's just not right! At least they were nice to you there.


  10. Hoo boy! That's like prolly one of the worst Saturdays ever! But at least they didn't make you stay. Do you think they're gonna sell your special Shar Pei blood on ebay? I hope not.

    I hadn't heard of Shar Pei fever either. So we went and looked at that wikipedia linkie. Gosh, that was very much informative. Do you ever watch that show, "House"? Every time they get a new patient in, they first decide that the pawson has "amyloidosis," but it NEVER is amyloidosis. And here you really DO have it! Not that that's a good thing or anything but, well, it kind of makes you practically famous - in a round about sort of way.

    Anyway, I'm sure your blood tests will come back just fine!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Hope great news will come shortly!

  12. Woof! Woof! Yes going to the vet is not so fun. Sending you my Golden Thoughts for good news on your blood works. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Sorry you had to go to the vet! Your's sure looks like a nice lady, even if she took your blood. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well Lola!

  14. oH LOLA, we are sorry they stole ur blood n lso just about the fact that u are woried about fever issues.
    we certainly hope ur test results turn out ok. please do keep us posted.

    ur vet seems like a gentle girl, nd pretty too.
    and she was telling the truth when she said u are the sweetest..u are u know, u are d swwetest pei girl we know.

    we dont think u need to worry any more about being abandoned. we somehow have a feeling ur blogmom n alphamom n franklin n dad and even ur bass player cant really live without u:)
    so there u are...cheer up n go get a nap:)
    wags, budboy n gingin

  15. we forgot to tell u, that place we went too, the lake..? well it is a beautiful place and just about 20 mins drive from our home, but unfortunately not always nice.
    often mummy has to assure people we arent some doggy monsters about to bite each n everyone on sight!!!how ridiculous!
    and sometimes, there are too many rude bi ped puppies around.
    we always try n go before it gets dark. we avoid major crowds that way.
    of course,the lawns are just as lovely at any given time:)and the icecream man always comes by:)
    wags, Buddy n Ginger

  16. Lola, I feel your pain as I have abandonment issues, too - and some other issues which I won't go into. Your vet looks very nice and of course, I agree that you are the sweetest, coolest, most insightful Shar Pei in the world!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Hi Lola
    We are crossing all our paws here and hopeing for great test results.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  18. Hi, Lola!
    Visits to the Vet are not funny!
    I hope your results will come fine!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Hm, I love the vet! I hope they give you good news soon!

  20. Well that's not a fun way to spend your day! Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. Sorry you didn't get to watch your game! We WON! I don't know if you know it or not....I love football!

  22. Lola, could you ask your mom to inform us about Shar Pei fever? I don't want the google version. I want to know how it affects you, the lovely Lola. Seems like a nice vet lady, but you have to work the guilt card for treats anyway.

    Kitty and Coco

  23. Sounds like the day went well... all things considered. I'm sorry they stole your blood but let us know when you get the all clear!


  24. awww, miss lola, you had to go the V-E-T and on the weekend, too?? boohoo. i'm glad you made it out a-okay, even if they did stick you and steal your blood. i'm hopin' you pass your tests with flyin' colors!

    the booker man

    pee s -- btw, asa is noddin' her head in agreement. she says she totally sympathizes with you cuz she hates bein' left alone, too.

  25. Bummer of a way to spend a Saturday, Lola. Hope they gave you some treats as well as all the compliments!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  26. It's gonna be Ok, Lola, I'm sure of it. I always have to go to the VET on Saturday but Mommy always stays right there with me and then we go home and take a nap. Nothing like unwinding with a good nap with Mommy.

    Mommy sure hopes it don't take forever to heal cuase we gots lots of things to do, places to go and peoples to see.


  27. Morning lovely Lola!!!
    We had never heard of Shar Pei fever. Thank goodness you have a very alert Mom!! Sweet talking vets: they are a tricky lot. Do you think they offer special courses in that in Vet School?

    Take care of yourself sweetie,
    Hugs and sniffs,

  28. I bet your bloodwork is always freaks out while waiting from news from Dr. Vet but it's always okay. All that worrying could ruin your beauty sleep!! Paws crossed!

    Dr. Vet always puts me to la la land and I wake up groggy. But I like Dr. Vet. Imagine my suprise when she was my doggie school trainer! I was so confused!!

  29. Sorry to hear that you had to go to the vet and the worst part is they stole your blood right in front of your own eyes! It's unforgivable!!!

    However, I think they meant well too because it helped them to make sure you're alright all the time and stay fit and strong.

    Hope the bloods went well and good news on the way soon!

    Paws crossed here too!!!

  30. Crossed paws that you get a good report.
    Toodle pip!

  31. Oh you poor thing, what a waste of a weekend! But when you think about was all about you! :)

  32. Sorry you had to go to the vet, Lola. Hope all is well with you. Paws crossed!


  33. Well now Lola dat is just da awfullest way to spend a saturday...I mean no day is good to go to da vet BUT, a sat is just da worst!
    I don't knows if you knows dis or not but, I knows everything and I knows you is gonna be okays! I don't know what shar pei fever is but you is gonna be fine.


  34. Hope everythings okay! We'll have our paws crossed!

  35. We are sorry to hear you are not feeling too well Lola!! I hope the vet visit turned out well.. Do keep us updated .

    Licks, Zelle


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