Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blogging Might Be Slow For a Few Days

I just wanted to let my furiends know that we might experience some blogging and commenting delays for a while. Blog Mom has gone lame! Yes, JUST like a horse.She had an x-ray and she's got bone spurs. She's waiting for a referral to an appropriate vet.

Why in the world would this slow down blogging, you ask? Does she blog with her feet? She doesn't, but that would be something to see.  Well, at first, it didn't affect our more sedentary activities. Not really. This has been coming on for a while. But as the pain has gotten worse, Blog Mom has become less useful in all areas of life. As of this evening she has taken to spending a fair amount of time lying about on the couch, moaning and whining. It's times like this that you really have to feel sorry for two-leggers. It's not so easy for them to just pick up one leg and go about their business with what's leftover as we so often can. I've put my nurse's hat back on and I feel that my special "I know you don't feel good" licks have been some help. At least we can put this post up.

In between bouts of dramatics, we'll attempt to visit as usual, but I doubt we'll be able to visit everywhere in a timely manner until we've cleared this up somewhat..


  1. Oh, dear! We're sending get well wishes to your Blog Mom from VA!! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job nursing her back to health, Lola.


  2. Get well Pei vibes are heading your way.

    Nose Kisses for Blog Mom.


  3. Oh, poor Blog Mom! Yes...the 2-leggers most certainly have it harder than we do. Bless their poor little 2-legger hearts! Whew, Lola! You sure do have your paws full. Before you came along, what DID your family do when one of 'em got the sickies? I shudder at the thought!

    You tell Blog Mom to take her time and that I hopes she gets feeling better soon and if it's a million billion years before you can blog again, I will never forget you and I will miss you every single day. (But gosh, I hope it's not a million billion years!)

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  4. Bone spurs are painful conditions... hope Blog Mom have it sorted out soon and here's wishing her a speedy recovery. Your presence is definitely a comfort, Lola.

    Licks, hero

  5. aahhh poor mama. You take care
    Benny & Lily

  6. Lola, I hope your Blog Mom get well very soon!
    lots of licks and hugs,

  7. We hope she's up and jumping around soon!

  8. Oh, Lola, you are the best nurse I've ever seen in my entire life! I would get better in a big hurry if you were there to comfort me that's for sure! Just one look at you wearing that darling nurse's hat would cheer me up immediately! But, obviously your mom's bone spurs have to heal a bit more slowly than just a few minutes so we'll be happy to wait until your mom gets better and we'll understand if you can't visit me as much as you'd like. Get better soon, Lola's mom!

  9. Lola!
    Oh-noes! I will have my paws crossed for Blog Mom!
    Sounds painful! I really hope she gets better soon!
    Don't worry about blogging and commenting!
    Just make sure she gets better!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. miss lola,
    oh, i'm so sorry that your blog mama's footsies are hurting. :(
    you are very good at being a nurse, so i am 150% sure that you will take good care of her. me and asa and my mama will be hoping your blog mama feels better really really fast like.
    the booker man

  11. Ouch! Hope she's feeling better soon.

  12. Oh Lolie, no!
    My Mama had a big ouchie in her back two years ago and all my pals say she was totes useless. She actually has some achies she's been whining about tonight, something about the weather makes her back hurt? I brought her a baby bird that was missing it's head but it didn't make her feel better. Then I tried giving her some loving licks and she screeched and wouldn't let me! Sounds like your BlogMom isn't a non-compliant with her treatment as mine is. Either that or I need to take lessons from you on how to be a better nurse.
    But seriously, who would love a dead bird AND some loving puppy spit? I mean COME ON.
    Tell your fam we have our paws crossed.
    *gentle snuggles*
    Stellaluna the erstwhile RN

  13. *wouldN'T love a dead bird
    I'm sure you probably figured that out but just in case...

  14. Lola, Your Mom is so LUCKY to have you for her private & special nurse. We hope she feels better soon.

  15. Oh Lola, you are going to be quite busy!
    Give your mom my best wishes for a prompt recovery.

  16. Lola, please tell Blog Mom that Donna, Lisa, and Molly B are sending super-charged California get-well-soon vibes.

  17. Lola, that nurse hat of yours is really getting a lot of use. Your poor parents. :( Our mom has bone spurs in her heels from too much running (Oh no no no, not with us mind you!) Mom knows it's painful. Tell your mom to rest up and we send her lot's of healing kisses.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  18. Oh dear, I is so very soory to hear about her condition. My mum says those spurs are very much hurtful. I'm sure as da world you will takes real good cares of her....just try not stay gone too long cuz ya'll will be missed lots and lots.

  19. I hope your mom is feeling better soon! Take good care of her!


  20. Poor Mom!!!
    Lola we are glad you are on top of things...keep up with the TLC. We hope Mom gets some relief soon,
    Madi and Mom

  21. I, too, am concerned about sore feet affecting blogging. Perhaps those bone spurs have gone to her brains. Just do your best nursing and all will be right again, no doubt.



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