Monday, May 3, 2010

Send Me No Carrots

You know, being a blogging dog has been almost all good. The wonderful furiends - well, I can't say enough about how great it is to be part of such a warm, friendly, furry community. And, for the most part it's only enhanced my relationship with Blog Mom, since we're partners in this endeavor. I'm the more important partner, of course, but partners nonetheless.  There is just one little fly in my ointment and I wondered if anyone else out there was having similar problems. It stands to reason that anyone who is obsessed involved enough with her dog to help the dog blog is going to give a fair amount of thought to the care and feedng of us. I'm for that. But it seems that there's a fairly large contingent of us who have been brainwashed  into enjoy eating rabbit food healthful fruits and vegetables. And they blog about it. And Blog Mom reads all their blogs.

Well, live and let live, I say, but it's been giving Blog Mom ideas. Do you know what happened just yesterday. Well, she went to the grocery store and brought back bags. The unwritten rule here is that when she does that,  there should be something for me in at least one of the bags. I was innocently rummaging through, trying to help out by pointing out which bag she should look in first, when she took out a bag of carrots and offered me one! I was gobsmacked, I tell you! I was so shocked that I almost turned down the snausages that she'd also bought.  I think that Blog Mom is getting me confused with one of these:

The fact of the matter is that I think of myself more like this:

I am a predator. I give chase and bring down my prey, be it roast chicken or ravioli. I am a carnivore. Also a cheesevore. Not a vegevore, Moms!


  1. Ummmm, Lola, I thought you were excited about vegibles and I now I am disappointed because I thought you were going to AT LEAST try a carrot but I guess you don't like them at all. I mean, how do you know you don't like carrots if you won't even give 'em a chance? If I can eat carrots I think you can. Come on, Lola, I am supposed to ONLY like eating raccoons and look where I am today with my diet?! Can't you just at least try a carrot? Please, pretty please! I swear you will see lots of stuff very much better if you eat carrots cuz they are supposed to help your eyesight. And I really didn't appreciate the bunny picture of yours...did you eat him instead of the carrot? Please update me!

  2. I sniffed the carrot. Didn't care for the scent of it. That's trying it, isn't it? I'm picky even when it comes to the two food groups I like. I didn't eat the bunny. I never ate a bunny. For one thing, I'm not allowed. Not saying I would if I were allowed, but I don't think I'm going to get to find out.

  3. miss lola,
    now i'm all for the eating of tasty meats for sures, but those baby carrots are just super delicious! i mean, you gotta have somethingie to snack on while blog mama is prepping your supper, and a couple carrots just hit the spot. yummy yummers! what if your blog mama put some cheese on the carrot?
    the booker man

  4. I'm allergic to beta-carotene, so carrot or other root-based vege is a no-no for me... this is pretty common in our breed so you may need to take note too, Lola... But apparently cheese would do us good, tell that to Blog Mom ;)

    Licks, hero

  5. I take carrots from Dad, chew them into confetti and spit them out on the floor! No veggies for me! Give me a raw bone any day!


  6. I love carrots and so did Toby - those were his FAV treats!
    Toby LOVED veggies :)

  7. GASP! LOLA! This is happening to me, too! Carrots? Really? What's that about? I mean, I don't wanna hurts my mom's feelings but srsly...CHEESE, momma! CHEESE!

    I've been a little nervous about the B.A.T.H. thing, too. I've got mom totally convinced that I am skeered to death of water and that I will melt and wash away down the drain if she touches me with any of it. I'm a teensy bit concerned that she's gonna start getting "ideas" about this pawticular torture from other bloggies.

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  8. Hero, thank you. I'll inform the Moms that I am probably allergic to beta-carotene and that'll put an end to this carrot stuff. And the sweet potato thing as well. Blog Mom has been trying to slip a little yam onto my dinner plate lately, too.

    Mayzie, it just does seem like we're leading parallel lives lately, doesn't it? It's especially funny because we're not at all the same age. I'm not fond of baths at all, but they're not really anything you have to be afraid of. It's more like something to be annoyed about. If that helps at all.

  9. Wow Lola, what is Blog Mom thinking?? How silly that she would even TRY to get you to eat a carrot! Way to go in showing such disdain for the veggies - hopefully she'll give up quickly and go back to real food like meat and cheese. Don't settle for anything less!

  10. Hi, Lola!
    I am afraid to tell you that I love veggies!
    All of them! Even boring lettuce!
    Give it a try!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Lola girl, we hear ya. Betty and I think the baby carrots aren't so bad. We kinda like 'em. Stella on the other hand hates them! She can take the smallest bit of carrot and spit it out of her mouth like a cannon!


  12. Hmmmm... I can see your point, Lola. I get carrots most days but they are part of my evening partly home-cooked meal and come with peas and gravy!


  13. Oh Lola you are a girl after my own heart!!
    My motto is serve me meat or I'll eat your feet!!!
    I can smell deli meat, roast in the slow cooker etc from the farthest corner of the house....
    Meat is my treat!!! you see where I'm going with this....
    Madi and Mom

  14. I thinks blog mom needs some serious helps. Is her really an alien and just don't know any betters? By da way, I don't knows what I'm talking bout either cuz all I get is kibble. I get a treat once in a blue moon when I deserve it...which is like NEVER!

  15. I don't mind a carrot now and then but my little sister is CRAZY - she will eat anything healthy (or unhealthy, come to think of it). She's loves a blueberry now and then, a bit of banana, a smidge of apple, all kinds of veggies.. the list goes on and on. I think because the two-leggers call her a baby she thinks she is one and forgets that she should be eating DOGGY foods like MEAT and CHEESE! (And yogurt.. I love yogurt. But don't tell anyone.)

  16. I get mostly meats, but I do like to slurp up frozen peas...I have no idea why!

  17. Carrots are too slippery for Ozzie to get a handle on! He prefers cheese any day! However there is nothing like a good banana with his morning kibble!

    Eat cheese and prosper!

  18. Lola, I love you and all but how can you turn down any kind of food? I like it all....carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, even dill pickles...I love me some dill pickles. Maybe you Peis have exquisite taste. Yeah, I think that is is and that must be why Hero asked ME to be his date, right?

  19. Hi Lola! I too, am a carnivore, (I eat raw meat every day!) but I gotta tell ya... I LOVE me a piece of carrot fur a snack when mom cuts one up fur her!!! Radishes are good too. Lettuce... FORGET IT!!! I spit that out, BOL!


  20. Hey lola,we totally totally agree to that carnivore,cheesevore thing but a carrot isn't all that bad u know. we do wot booker man does, chew on them as in between treats.though we would have much preferred the cheese(oh my dog, u are makin us drool!)mummy doesnt consent to give us that everyday. high cholesterol and stuff.
    crispy straight from d garden or a little chilled baby carrots are ok with us.

    Mummy says heaps of thanx for visitin her blog. she has been neglecting it ever since she started our blog and ur visit made her extra happy.
    wags, Bud n Gin


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