Saturday, May 29, 2010

I've Been Abandoned!

I am despondent. Please don't mistake the photo above for a  comfy afternoon nap. That is me sinking into a black hole of despair.(Ok, there might be a little napping going on there.) I've been left behind. Alpha Mom left early this morning  and won't be back for 672 days more than 24 more hours. The only ones left here are me, the two cats, Blog Mom, Daddy, my human brother and the foster bass player. The house seems so EMPTY! This is going to upset my night time sleeping schedule quite a bit, too. The normal routine is  that right after my evening nap is over Alpha Mom and I go up to bed. I sleep in her bed for a couple of hours or so and then I spend the rest of the night in my own bed. The one that's in her room. I have three, actually. One downstairs and two upstairs. I'm kind of a collector.  Now I know that Daddy and Blog Mom would be delighted for me to sleep in their bed, but it's kind of Simone's territory.

I don't think she'd think that four's company, do you? And I'm just not sure I want to cross her. Soooo....I guess either Blog Mom or Daddy will have to sleep on the couch while I try to struggle through on the loveseat and/or my bed. I hope Alpha Mom is satisfied if I end up with bags under my eyes tomorrow.


  1. Oh Lola, you pooe thing. I gots lots of room at my house and you wouldn't be lonely. Mommy could come get you!!

    We went over to read all about Tivi. He is so brave. Mommy is so happy he gots adopted vut she cried and cried reading his his story and seeingmthatm first video. Some people are so cruel. DROH has had several dogs that were burned on purpose and it so said.

    You are such a good friend....{{{huggies}}}....Mona & Mommy too

  2. My advice is to sneak in the bedroom before Simone gets there! Possession is nine tenths of the law, they say. She might be so disgusted that you're up there that she just walks off. Cats are funny that way!


  3. This is a desperate situation indeed. How are you supposed to sleep without Alpha Mom? I guess you will be up late tonight watching movies or whatnot. I hope that she gets right home.


  4. I think Bunny has the right idea, Lola! I don't understand why two-leggers have to interrupt our strict sleeping schedules. Sheesh!

    Good luck tonight! Let us know how it goes.


  5. Thinking of you and hope you get SOME sleep. Have a talk with Alpha Mom when she gets home about this going away overnight business.


  6. Lola, try doing what Ozzie does when left alone, lie prostrate in front of the door with your tongue hanging out to the side. Believe a human mom when I say it makes feel guilty for days!

  7. Lola,
    So sorry you've been left in the dark hole of abandonment. I feel your pain - I'm left for hundreds of hours everyday. But your momma will make up for it when she comes home - she really does love you!!!

  8. Lola,
    Are you telling me that you have a bed of your own in Alpha's mom's room and you sleep in her bed even though you have your own? That is toooo funny, Miss Lola! And you have other beds in the house too? Wow, are you a diva, or what?
    Don't be sad, Miss Lola, I was just kidding with you about the bed thing! My Miss Daisy has a bunch of beds too and she's a diva just like you are so never think you are alone in the "bed department"! She has a futon couch in the spare bedroom, a couch in the living room, a circle doggie bed in the living room, a crate that remains open for her whenever she feels like hanging out in there, and of course, the actual "human bed" that is supposed to be for just Amos & myself but when we wake up we find Daisy and her cat brothers hogging the sheets and loving ever second of it!

  9. Give sleeping on the bed a try. We sleep with two cats on our momma's bed and as long as we don't lay on top of them they kinda leave us alone☺

  10. Lola, why don't you just take over Alpha Moms bed? You can have the whole thing all to yourself! I know how crowded MY bed gets when I let mom and dad sleep in it with me; I can't begin to imagine how cramped it gets when you have to share yours with Alpha Mom. Now you can spread out and make yourself comfy!
    Hopefully you won't get to depressed before she gets back.

  11. Oh my poor Lola! I am SO very sorry that you have just been tossed aside like day old bread. Although why anybuddy would toss aside bread no matter HOW old it is is beyond me. Um, where was I? Oh yes...I was being outraged. And I am. OUTRAGED! I do hopes that Alpha Mom makes it up to you somehows - like with extra skritches and CHEESE. And I hope she shows some proper displays of woe and sorrow for what she's put you through when she comes back.

    Well, if you can't sleeps, just text me, okay? And we'll discuss our respective abandonment and Sea-link Fahn issues.

    Sympathetic Wiggles & Wags,

  12. You have three beds around the house! Wow, but I guess the one at Alpha Mom's is your preferred one... you know what, I heard cheese can relief eye bags :)

    Licks, hero

  13. Hi, Lola!
    Sounds like a very difficult situation!
    I know you will make Alpha Mom to pay for this!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Oh you poor, poor, POOR LOla! That is absolutely terrible. You are being so brave. We really hope your Alpha Mom gets home as planned...

    Tommy (and purrs from The Chans)

  15. You poor little thing Lola.. I hope alpha mom will be home soon with lots of cheese..

    I have lots of beds at my old home too!! I see we have some common interest here..

    Cheer up pooh- bear !!


  16. Hey there Lola!
    Nice to finally meet you! Sorry 'bout the humans messing up your schedule. Where are their priorities, anyways?? Hope all is back to "normal" soon!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  17. Oh Lola - I feel your pain. Mom used to leave me at home for 14-16 hours almost everyday because she had a terrible very bad job that she hated.

    But now I get to go to work with her everyday, and hang out with her at home on her days off - it is glorious! But if Mom ever has to run an errand, like the grocery store or something, on her day off, she leaves me at home, and I think she is never coming back, and I pout, and try to sneak through her legs to the car, and just generally act like a fool. Because I am very spoiled!

    Hope to see you soon - let's be bloggy friends!

  18. You are sooooo cute when you sleep :) I'm thinking you should come to my house?

  19. Oh no! We hope Simone let you share your Blog Mom and Daddy. You sound like you have a large family (just read your About Me as well!) but we hope that Alpha Mom brings you back lots of treats for you!!!

    Simone looks like she has lots of tortitude! Like me!!!

  20. Lola - I've just read about your abandonment (thanks to BlogHop)! I am wondering if this Shar-pei bed collection disease is genetic. Our Shar-pei, Ty, has a large collection of beds as well. BTW - I know that, as a Shar-pei, Ty is not really "ours," he is just choosing to bless us with his presence! =)


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