Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank You, Bunny!

Yesterday was big. I got mail. It's only happened once or twice before, from my Aunt Donna in California, mainly. So, what could this be?

OMD. It's my GABE giveway from Bunny! I did pick out the color myself but I still had no idea it would be so beautiful! I am totally going to rock in this.  It's a no-pull harness (we'll see about that) from Wiggles, Wags & Whiskers. As you can imagine I wanted to try it on right away. The problem with that was that the Moms felt that it would be best all around if I waited until someone was ready to take me for a walkie. They might have been right. I would not have taken kindly to getting all dressed up and then being told that we weren't going anyplace after all. I only had to wait until this morning. It just seemed longer.

As  you can see, I did my best to be ready with a coordinating collar. It's not too matchy, matchy is it? I rather like it. I think the whole thing brings out my red highlights quite nicely. It's a very sturdy harness. So well made.
And the parts that go around me behind my front legs - velvet. Yes, I said "velvet". I feel even more like a queen than usual. So, let's try it it out.

You can kind of see why the Moms and my other humans felt that a no pull harness would be a good kind of harness for me. It feels good. I can still pull, but Alpha Mom says that whether or not it helps me deveop better habits, it definitely gives her more control  She and I took a long walk with it and her arm is still in its socket, so I'd say the harness did its job.

I should add that the double leash training mode is optional and this wonderful harness will take a regular leash, too. Bunny sent it with everything, which she didn't have to do. We'll have occasions to use it both ways and I'm already planning color schemes for when we want to use a single, longer leash. I think spring into summer my red leash with the silver reflecting pawprints would be a kicky combo. And I'm considering my hot pink one, also with silver reflecting pawprints, for a midsummer sort of surfer look. Too daring and wild? What do you think?

Since I was in a good mood after the walkie, I agreed to model the collar, too. But now I think a nap is in order.

Dozing in the warm sun, after a long walk. It doesn't need to get a lot better than this.

I do want to thank Bunny once again for a  most generous and welcome gift.  We will be getting a lot of use out of it.


  1. Lola, you are so cute, I love the picture of you dozing in the sun. You look beautiful in that color too :)

  2. That is a very pretty color! And that harness is awesome, we're glad your mom's shoulder is still in socket! Eclipse knows something or two about pulling too :-D

  3. Congrats on that awesome gift, blue fits you perfectly - and looks really good!

  4. miss lola,
    i love your new harness! you look totally awesome in that shade of turquoise. it really does bring out the color of your furs most beautimously! i think you did a good job finding a matching collar. it goes with the harness perfectly, and no, i don't think it's too matchy matchy at all!
    the booker man

  5. That color looks fantastic on you, Lola! My arm and the Pei-mix who owned me when I was a teenager were both much happier when I finally purchased her a similar type of harness to wear on our walks.

  6. Lola, you TOTALLY rock that collar and harness! You look simply sublime. I know looks aren't everything, but let's face it, when a girl looks good, she knows it! Tee hee, we have a collar that has that color turquoise with some red on it, it's a bit of an Asian theme print, and so yes, I think you can wear it with red or with pink. You'll be the most fashionable girl in the neighborhood. I am so glad that you like it and that it kept your mom's shoulder in the socket!


  7. Hi, Lola!
    Your giveaway from Bunny is pawesome!
    I am sure you and Alpha Mom had a nice and easier walkie!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Lola, blue is definitely your color girlfriend. The giveaway from Bunny is fantastic! She couldn't have chosen a better thing for your blogger mom.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  9. Lola, you look fantastic! Glad you and your moms find a way to all stay fit.

  10. You look just GORGEOUS in your new gear, Lola!


  11. That's a pawsome give from Bunny... so nice and practical. Just so you know, Lola... the pulling and sniffing are a pei hallmark walk... and ain't no harness thingy gonna change that... oh, I might add, stubbornness is also in our genes :)

    Licks, hero

  12. Thank you for that comment, Hero. It supports the exact point I've been making all along. I think the Moms are beginning to accept it. They say that there are times, however, where my own safety is an issue and this will still help with that. Walkies where there's traffic, but no sidewalks is one and horsie shows is another. They say I have a little too much faith in the horsies not to step on me.

  13. Oh are working it. You look most divaliscious in your new getup. I think da pink woulds look very much fantastical fur da summer. But it's very muches ok to be matchy match once in awhile.
    pees: Uh, dids you know stubborness is a doxie trait as well? I mean really, look at me...does you think I'm stubborn?

  14. What a pawsome present you got! You look gorgeous in your new harness, Lola! Thor xx

  15. Hi Lola thank you for your kind comments...
    OMC you are one fashioable Pei lady. Love the color it really enhances your lovely coat.
    Great gift for a well deserving lady.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  16. I did have Mona on there but for some reason the link won't work.....argh!

  17. ok, it''s fixed. I just can't imagine what any of these pawrents are going throgh.

  18. You look fabulous, Lola! I love the color and I don't think hot pink for the summer is too wild! You can certainly pull it off!


  19. Oh Lola you look like a California gal
    Benny & Lily

  20. Lola! I am just DYING over the beauty-mous of that halter! You make it look Most Fashionable. Definitely not too matchy matchy and that color will be SUCH fun to mix and match with, too!

    I haves a no-pull harness, too cuz I am one strong girl and luvs to pull! (Hmmmm...maybe I haves some shar pei in me.) But mine is black. BO-ring! I may haves to talk to my mom about getting me one that's more stylish-like.

    Enjoy your pawsome GABE win!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. That is a most interesting harness. You do appear to be fond of pulling. Maybe you yearn to be a sled dog? I don't think there was too much blue in your outfit. You looked fantastic.

    Hey, anything that saves on mom's joints is a good thing. Don't want to wear her out. That Bunny sure knows how to shop.


  22. Lola,
    Love that shade of turquoise! Maybe we will have to try that type of harness. We also love soaking up the sun after walks, so relaxing! Enjoy all your new gear!

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  24. Oh...and one more thing...I laughed about your concern about eating healthy in response to my story about my diet in "A Full Plate For Daisy" because it is hard to get used to eating healthy even though bunny slippers are quite yummy!
    I can't wait to see your blog about the CARROT eating saga!

  25. Oh! How pretty! I love it! And I know collars and stuff, that's high fashion girlfriend!

  26. Hi Lola! You are pretty, and you really are rockin' that leash! Don't you love getting presents in the mail? Or any presents, really....

    I found you from Lorenza's blog. She is my bloggy friend, and I hope you will be, too!

  27. Tres chic, ma petite chou!

    And I look forward to seeing it with the other collars, too.

  28. Congratulations lola, u look very smart in that harness. u are right, Mummy thinks a no pull harness works better than a collar, but we know better. we humour her though at times, and she goes just wild!
    we think the pink n silver collar will be just right for the spring. very frenchionable!

    Wags, bud n Gin

  29. Lola the harness and the collar are just beautiful! You make an excellent model too.


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