Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've Been a Bad Blogger

During this past week or so I have been a terrible blogger and in the last day or so, I've even fallen behind with some furiends' blogs. I hope to catch up some this weekend. Blog Mom says it's been rather fraught here lately. "Fraught" is a word she tends to use at the times when her face gets all tense and things are going wrong. Things this time around involve going to human vets a lot, mostly with Daddy. Plus she hasn't got her lame foot fixed yet, because the foot vet is waiting for approval from the insurance company. So far he only got approval to look at it.

Then there were the plumbing problems. Humans absolutely require a lot more plumbing than we dogs do. All this has resulted not only in a lack of blog posts, but also a bit of a dirth of new pictures of me, Lola. I'm putting in an older one so you won't forget what I look like.
Me, when people had time to take my picture

Some of this, of course, is to be expected when you adopt older and special needs humans. If Daddy had been on Petfinders he would have had one of those little hearts under his name.Thank Dog that Alpha Mom is still in pretty good shape. I don't regret it a bit, though. Older and special needs humans need dogs at least as much as younger humans do. Someone has to do it, and they show their appreciation every day, even though you really can't tell it by our recent blogging frequency.


  1. We know all about those special needs humans. Having a bit of a fraught time ourselves right now. Hang in there. Sending good thoughts your way. Your job now is to be patient and provide lots of smoochies.


  2. Don't worry about us, Lola. Just look after your humans and get back to us when you can.


  3. Lolie! Mama has totes been negleting our bloggy. She's doin that dumb play, got a back ouchie and has been working her other job every day.
    I wish I knew how to type.
    Smooches to you and yor human. Tell them all to feel better!


  4. Well my mum has had a fraught week too. That word is just too wonderful not to use. Anyway, I hope all goes well with da bunion thiny on her foot(i know it's not a bunion but I'm being my creative self). You'll be having lots of fun waiting on da insurance hoomans. While your waiting mum can take some piktures. Just in case you want to know, we haven't furgotten what you look like.

  5. It seems all our humans have been fraught lately! Don't worry, Lola! We could never forget you. Just take good care of your family. Now I have to go snoopervise some gardening!


  6. When fraught gets in, nurse Lola gets going... and we all understand the priorities... no worries, my furiend... hope everything will be fine soon.

    Licks, hero

  7. Lola, Lola, Lola! I have missed you but I most certainly understand how sometimes these things happen when you adopt a special needs human. I very much admire you cuz not everybuddy would be willing to do that. But gosh, even when they're fraught, they are still pretty wonderful to haves around, aren't they?

    So don't you worry your wrinkly little head in the least about not doin' the bloggie thing. Sometimes things just gotta be prioritized and all. Don't worry cuz we would never, ever, in a million trillion years forgets about you and we'll be right here when things get less fraught.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. We are wishing that brighter days will be headed your way Miss Lola!

  9. Lola we are so sorry to hear the 2 leggers are under the weather...but you did make us MOL and LOL when you said if your Dad had been on are a funny loving Pei and we know your beautiful face and all the TLC you give will have them feeling much better soon. Taking care of our family comes before blogging...we'll be here.
    Madi and Mom

  10. Hi, Lola!
    Don't worry! We all understand that you are busy taking good care of your family!
    Have a nice and relaxing weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Lola,

    We're sending lots of good vibes to your two-leggers. I hope things settle down for them soon but I'm sure they appreciate that you're taking such good care of them!!!


  12. Oh! Lola, we will NEVER forget what u look like. we love u so much. Mummy especially has a thing for ur wrinkles and just simply adores u...:):)

    we sure hope ur Humans feel better soon and that the foot vet get clearance from the insurance guys.these are rather irritating issues that humans have to go through. Do look after them and keep them happy in their hour of know, it is only us dawgs who actually can make humans happy when they are down. we have that special gift.
    Btw,thank u for coming by our blog inspite of being so busy with ur troubles.we really appreciate it.
    sending all our love,
    Bud n Gin

  13. Isn't it amazing the amount of care our humans require? You are a special doggy to adopt some special needs humans. I hope your humans realize how lucky they are. Don't worry, we will never forget what you look like ;o) how could we?

  14. miss lola,
    firstly, thanks for teaching me that new word -- fraught! that's a super good describing word so i'll remember that one for laters.
    secondly, you don't evarrr evarrr have to worry about us forgetting what your most beautimous squishy 'n wrinkly face looks like! that's just not possible.
    thirdly and most important like, it's okie dokie if you're not bloggin' as much cuz you've got your special hoomans to take care of. you are a wonderful lady to take extra good care of them, and they are way most important on your list. we will always be here for you when you get back!!
    the booker man


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