Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peaceful Weekend

I want to thank all of you for your kind comments. Of course, the thing of it is that we miss YOU when we can't keep up. It's just not the same if we don't know just what you've all been up to. You make us smile and amaze us and sometimes we have to worry for someone, but in any case, if we're not in touch it doesn't feel right.

Us, we weren't up to all that much this weekend, but that wasn't all bad. Daddy felt quite well on Saturday and he and Blog Mom went out to the store. Alpha Mom and I had a nice morning until it was time for the groomer and my bath. There's some upheaval there, I have to tell you. A couple of weeks ago I had a week off from the dreaded bath because, according the alpha groomer, they had a "family thing" and were closing the shop. Well, when we went back the next week it was entirely different people running the place. It had been sold! It was a little upsetting because even though I hate baths, I rather liked the people, but I'm always up for meeting new people and the new people running the place seem to be very nice young women. They also have a Golden Retriever on staff, helping out with receptionist duties so I have to like their hiring practices. We'll see how it goes, but I do have to mention that they neglected to put a new bandana on me this week. It's not that I lack for bandanas, but it's just a nice touch. In other woofs, the jury is still out and I still hate baths.

Today, Daddy was sleeping a lot. That usually means he doesn't feel so great. I try to help out be licking him awake whenever I feel he's been sleeping too long. He seems to appreciate it. It was a beautiful day, just like yesterday, but Blog Mom felt she needed to stay close to home, so she and I spent some time together in the back yard. She felt bad about the lack of new pictures and was hobbling around on her lame foot with the flashy beast hoping I'd do something that looked different from the ten zillion pictures that we already have of me in the self same yard. It was kind of pathetic.

Because here's the thing - I generally do the same thing back there every day. First I check for birds and/or squirrels to chase and chase them as needed. Then I check the perimeter. Just in case.

I sniff around in case anything is new. Nothing much was new today. Not since yesterday. If  nothing interesting is doing in the adjacent yards, that's pretty much it until I get bored. Then I either go inside or nap out in back depending on the weather and my inclination. I declined to play ball. I just wasn't in the mood for that, plus I really prefer to have the human do the fetching. I just like to get hold of the ball and kill it and then kind of fling it and run back to the human sans ball. Then the human goes and fetches the ball and we do the whole thing over again. Let's face it. Blog Mom was in no shape to fetch. So I suggested that we just have some face time. I'd lend her an ear if she wanted to talk.

So we chatted a little. Not about anything really. Just companionable conversation, you know. 

We shared a few laughs.

There's really nothing that beats good company to put things in perspective. If I do say so myself


  1. Happy to know that we are missed... and we missed you too, Lola... Speaking of bath, the best way to avoid one is to pretend we're down with a cold, a couple of sneezing would usually do the trick, at least for me ;)... Sometimes, it's not where we spent our weekend, it's whom we spent with... and nothing beats a good bonding time with the hoomans... oh btw, I like how you play fetch :)

    Licks, hero

  2. Hi, Lola!
    No bandana for you at the new groomers!
    Do they have a "suggestions box"? Maybe they don't know they HAVE to give it!
    I hope your Dad and your Mom are doing well!
    Looks like you had a nice chatting time with Blog Mom!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  3. I love a good chat! I'm sure you and Blog Mom will be able to do your visiting again soon. Sometimes real life gets in the way, but things always sort themselves out.

    It doesn't matter if the pictures seem similar! You are always beautiful and we always enjoy seeing you!


  4. You're so cute Lola. We could sit and chat with you all day (well, in between naps of course).

    We think maybe your blog mom or your alpha mom could take a new bandanna to the groomer with you each time until they get the right idea.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  5. Tell your Blog Mom not to worry if you don't do anything different for your pictures - you are perfect in every single one of them and I will never get tired of seeing pictures of you doing your favorite things! I hope your daddy is feeling better soon. Its nice that you take such good care of him.

  6. I so agree with you about good company, Lola. I have my dear friend, Her 'Peiness ViVi staying with me for a few days, and it is quite delightful!


  7. Glad to hear ur dad is feeling better. Let him rest as much as he wants to. that way he will be better much faster and maybe will even play with u.
    Ofcourse u must wake him up whenever u feel he needs to enjoy a particularly nice morning, like we do.
    Don't worry about the pics. you look as gorgeous as ever in each of them
    And yeah Lola, u are so right. nothing like a heart to heart nad a good laugh with a Dawg. It must have done a whole world of good to ur Mom.
    take care, we love y,
    and if u haven't checked the Cheese pics on Olive's blog,( go do it now. it will cheer u up no end!
    wags, Bud n Gin

  8. Morning Lola how very nice of you to be so tuned in to the needs of Dad and Blog Mom!!! Sometimes just having someone to hang out with and give smiles, kisses and hugs is all the 2 leggers need.
    Happy Monday and we do hope Dad feels better very soon,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Looks like you had a good weekend except for the bath thing! Nice pics Lola! Humans can never get enough of them!

    Linda & Ozzie

  10. Peaceful weekends are always fun, love the pictures!

  11. Oh MMiss Lola, I do hope your dad feels better. If you can't get to blogs it''ss quite understandable. My puter keys are doing sumptinweird if you is wonddering.
    It's nice to have a good conversation withdaa hoomans everry now annd then. Thiss keyoard is ddrriiving me Nuuuuuts.

  12. Oh, it looks like you had a Most Lovely weekend! And I am glad to hear that you play fetch in the same way I do! It's usually real fun watching them go after the ball but I'm sure you prolly felt sorry for your mom after awhile with her hobbling and stuff. Besides, sometimes it's just more fun to sits down and have a heart to heart. I thinks those pictures of you were just very much great. After all, you look Most Beautiful no matter what you're doing!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. miss lola,
    i may be full of the energies and all, but i do enjoy a relaxing weekend every now and again. it sure sounds like ya'll had a super nice 'n relaxing weekend!
    i had a bath this weekend, too, but mama just puts me in the shower. asa couldn't have one cuz of her booboos. anywho, maybe you should mention to the golden retriever at the groomer's that they need to have bandannas for you?
    i think it's so nice of you to make sure your daddy always gets lots 'n lots of miss lola kisses. i bet that just totally makes his day to know that you are always nearby.
    oh, and it looks like you and your blog mama had a grrreat convo! i love your laughing picture. heehee.
    the booker man

  14. pee s -- yes, my mama played soccer in high school and college! BOL!

  15. Tuesday
    Hi Lola just wanted to wish you a happy Tuesday and say we hope the 2 leggers are feeling better today.
    Madi and Mom

  16. Lola,

    You have a wonderful routine in your yard! So glad you got some chatting time in with blog mom. I love your cute ears. People used to call Ginger's ears "potato chip ears." Do you ever hear that?


  17. Hi Lola,Hope ur Mummy and Daddy are feeling better.
    We have a little award for u at our site. we shall be really happy if u go pick it up.
    love n Wags,
    Gin n Bud

  18. Lola, a relaxing weekend is the best kind of weekend in my book. I hope your humans are feeling better by now. Your idea of fetch is wonderful and it seems you have figured out exactly how to train your family.


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