Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Biggest News Ever for Me, Lola

Yesterday was the most amazing, surprising day ever since the day I moved in here. I'm still in a bit of a tizzy over it, although you can't always tell that with me. I guess I'll just tell you about it from the beginning.  The day started out normally enough. I went for my bath. Alpha Mom picked me up and brought me home. Blog Mom was out, but came home shortly after. I sniffed right away that she'd been with another dog. Well, of course that happens once in a while, but I studied the smells on her pants very carefully. (This is foreshadowing.) Quite soon after she came home all three of us ladies got into the car to go out again. I couldn't imagine where we were going. It was pouring rain. I hate that. It was no weather for a noseventure, but here we were, heading out someplace.

Our first stop was a Petco store. I love shopping so that was fun. For some reason there was no flashy beast to capture me adorably standing up and putting my paws on the counter while we were checking out. I wanted to pawticipate in the whole shopping experience. After that  it was time to head home, right? Not so much.

Our next stop was a building that I'd never been to before. Or rather the parking lot of the building. There was a lot of barking coming out it and some very interesting smells in the air. Blog Mom went in alone and then came back out and then we all just sat in the car for a little while. This is just not making a lot of sense to me. Finally a lady came out the door, with a doggy on a leash. Normally I'm delighted to meet new furiends, but I don't care for hanging out in parking lots in the pouring rain and this is what it seemed was expected of us. The doggy sniffed me like mad and was all, "Hey, you're a Shar Pei! I'm a Shar Pe! How cool is that? My name's Brooklyn, what's yours?  Let's be best friends right now! We'll sniff each other and then we'll sniff some more and it'll be great!Please, please please." And I was all, "Some other time young dude. It's freaking raining cats and, er..cats out here. "

Next up in this whacked out scenario was to walk over to a fenced in spot, with an awning, thank Dog. There was also lots and lots of mud in there. Once in there, it was leashes off . I was interested in two things: Staying under the awning and climbing up on a bench that was there to get away from the mud. Young Brooklyn, despite clearly being a Pei, seemed oblivious to the rain and mud and just want to advance the friendship that we had not established. He sniffed me. I pretty much ignored him. We both had to jump up on the Moms from time to time to check in and cover them with mud. Served them right, seems to me. About this time, Blog Mom stepped backwards and into a sizable hole that was there. With her bad foot, of course. She yelped like she'd been bitten and, oh it was bad for a little while there. It's still bad today but not AS bad.

Ok, finally time to go home for really truly. We got our soaked, muddy selves back into the car, but hey, wait just a freakin' minute. Three of us had arrived and by my count there were four of us in the car now. What was up with that?  Could it be?

Hi I'm Brookyn! I'm very glad to meet....EVERYONE!
Yes, it could. It seems I've got myself a little brother, like it or not.  He's about a year and a half old and we got him from the town animal shelter. He was given up, according to his owners, because they had to move to a place where they couldn't have dogs. I'm sure they didn't mean to screw up like that, but he hadn't been neutered - the shelter did that. He needed entropion surgery, which you have to figure could happen if you get a Shar Pei puppy, and the shelter had to do that, too. He should have been treated for it as a puppy, but it didn't seem he was. In fact his eyes haven't finished healing from that yet. We're taking him to the vet next week to follow up on them.

You can kind of see here that they look funny, but you can't see how red they are all around the rims and I think there might be a couple of stitches still in.

So how did this happen? I gather it was Blog Mom's idea, but she was supported in this by the others. They give reasons - wanting another doggy to help me stay young and active and wanting to give back to the Shar Pei community, seeing as I turned out to be so nearly perfect that they didn't feel they'd paid enough dues or something. The people at the shelter were pretty happy that Brooklyn was going to a home with another Shar Pei. I do have to say that.  But I know the real reason. Shar Pei are like potato chips. It's really hard to stop at just one.  Of course, no one asked me, Lola. Oh, I suppose that meeting in the rain was supposed to be where they asked, but I don't think they explained the question very well. I'm still considering what I think of it all. I don't dislike him. He's kind of sweet, it's sort of interesting having him here and he's submissive to me, Lola.  Oh, and he loves, loves, loves me. Those are some of the positives.

Checking him out, trying to decide what I think.
 He always wants to play. If I play with him a little, he just wants to keep it up way longer than I feel like it. He loves, loves, love me and he follows me everywhere. EVERYWHERE. That can get old fast. I have a lot of work to do if I'm going to get him trained to suit my lifestyle. Those are a couple of the negatives.

C'mon! Play with me! I wanna play. I love you! Please, please play with me!
He barks when he's trying to get me to play. You see what I have to put up with? Life was very peaceful. However, it seems the family has made a commitment to Brooklyn already, so sending him packing is not going to be an option.

When I say he's always up my butt, I'm just telling it like it is.
 As you can see from this lovely shot, he's a different type of Shar Pei from me, Lola. He's more like the traditional Pei. He keeps all his wrinkles on this head. None on his body at all. And he's teeny bit taller than I am but he's a lot lighter. He has long thin legs. He looks skinny compared to me, but you can feel my ribs and not his. He'll probably fill out a little more by the time he's two, but not all that much. He does have a nice meat mouth, though. It's his best feature.

The kitties, of course, are none too pleased. He's not too bad about them. He doesn't mistake them for prey or anything, but I think he mistakes them for puppies and tries - you guessed it - to play with them. They don't want to play with him and they never, ever will. I tried to explain that but he doesn't get it yet.

Other general impressions are that he's as much a goody two paws as I am when it comes to house manners. He's also just as picky an eater. I like that. On the other paw, he does slobber rather a lot. I only rarely slobber. He seems to foam up at the drop of a leash. He's not doing it as much today as yesterday, though. So maybe it's the excitement and stress of moving into a new pack.

A decision was made by the human contingent that I would continue to sleep upstairs with Alpha Mom as always and Brooklyn would sleep downstairs. Blog Mom fully expected to have a fairly sleepless night with a young doggy in a brand new situation, whereas everyone was sure that, being given a break from Brooklyn, I would happily fall into bed and sleep deeply until morning. Well, you know the old saying, "Man plans, Dog laughs.". Turns out that Brooklyn totally gets lights out and spent a quiet night. I, on the other hand, could not seem to sleep. Which meant that Alpha Mom didn't get much sleep either.

I guess you can stay as long as you understand who's top dog. And I see that you do.
 So that  my furiends, is my big news. Life here is never going to be quite the same again. I'm leaning toward being OK with it, but I expect it'll be a bit of a rocky road while we adjust to our new situation. I do think that Brooklyn has some potential and if there must be little brother, he's probably as good a choice as any. I'm just not sure whether I wanted one or not. I suppose I'll be posting about our progress in establishing our new family configuration quite a bit for while. And I hope to get some advice from experienced older siblings like Ranger, Mango, Asa And  you can bet I will be turning to Twinkie's Advice Column quite a bit in the coming weeks, I think.


  1. Oh Yay for you Lola!
    Nice to meet you Brooklyn! You is one lucky pup to find such a wonderful furever home. Mom and me look forward to getting to know you betters.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. dear lola,
    i must say, i enjoyed a hearty chuckle after reading your post. not at your expense, mind you, but because your words are almost verbatim to the ones i uttered not even 2 years ago when my mom and dad first brought my little brother booker home. i assure you that the merits of having a younger brother far outweigh the negatives. though it requires a bit of time and effort, i am confident that the two of you will form an inseparable bond of trust and friendship.
    i do concur that daily living might be a trifle more taxing as young brooklyn adapts to his new pack. however, there are few greater joys in life than mentoring a young pup in the ways of responsibility and nobility! it is our calling, as mature dogs, to pass the torch on to our younger siblings so that they, too, might bring honor to the canine name. consider it a privilege, lola, to be called to such a task!

  3. Wow, this is HUGE news. Brooklyn sounds like a very nice doggie and I am sure you will have him trained in no time! Sounds like he understands that you are the boss, which is important!

    Have fun and keep us posted!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. "Its freaking raining cats..."
    Best case scenario in the end right, I was on the edge of my seat reading thinking the Moms were pimping you out...Helloooo! Scary!
    Turns out he's your new bro. Thats ok. You'll just have to share all youre shiz..ow!
    xx Maj

  5. Hey Bookker Man,
    who are you trying to impress? Lola perhaps...?

  6. Wow! That is big news! This is going to take a while to settle in for both of you. Sure it can be fun to have a brother, but also a big pain in the butt too. So you be patient and let him know who is boss and things should work out OK.


  7. That is exciting news, Lola. Each of us thinks we'd like to be an only dog, but when we're apart from the others, we miss them like crazy and race all over the place when we get back together. It's pretty nice having someone else around to blame things on and you can let him do the requests for treats, then get your share, too.

    Remember, he's still just a pup and they can be really annoying at times, but I'm sure your MOms will give you a chance to get away from him when he starts getting on your nerves. Have fun and don't forget to tell us all about your new adventures as a pair of Pei.

  8. Oh Lola, that's wonderful news!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy your new brother vey much. He seems to be a nice doggie. Say hello to him for me!

  9. Oh Lola, This is most wonderful news!

    Brooklyn looks so handsome and playfuls! I am sure after only a few days under you tutoring, he will be Good as Gold and best furrends with you.

    Welcome Brooklyn!


  10. Now why couldn't your peoples just have gotten a fish?

    Okays, I bes serious nows. Dis be all kinds of exciting. My brudder wasn't too thrilled when I cames home either (imagine dat) but now, he bes like my best furien, he watches out fur me. You and Brooklyn will bes just like dat soon and befores you know'll be inseperable.

  11. Lola what a lucky girl you are to get a brother that well for the most part seems well mannered...I'm sure you can get him up to speed on the dos and don'ts of being a brother.
    Brooklyn is a very handsome Pei and most of al a very lucky one to have been adopted by you and your wonderful family. We look forward to lots of Pei stories.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. Woof! Woof! Lots of Golden Congrats to you Lola. Good to meet you Brooklyn ... LOVE that NAME. I can see you guys are wonderful to have each other. Can't wait to hear your adventures now that you have to share your blog Lola ... Mmmm Just like Booker Man set a day just for Asa. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Welcome home Brooklyn!
    Lola... I am sure you two are going to get along pretty well!
    I can see he wants to be with you ALL the time!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Lola,

    This is the most exciting news! Ginger was like you as the two leggers added puppy after puppy. But she grew to love each and every one of us! We adored her so that helped and I bet that will help you get used to Brooklyn.

    I have to say... you know how you kept asking me on my bloggie if we'd adopt another Pei soon? And give her the city/state name mom and papa have picked out?? Talk about foreshadowing! A new Pei pack member with a city name WAS in the future... just not mine. YOURS! BOL!


  15. LOLA... this is soooooo exciting. I am so very much HAPPY for you and for BROOKLYN. I can't wait to see and hear more.. Yeah for you two!!!

  16. Congratulations Lola! What exciting news!

    You and I can start a club, alright! I'm trying to teach Morgan the ropes here, too, but she is always in my face and in my space! It makes me a tad grumpy at times. I totally understand your angst!


  17. Nice to meet you Brooklyn! Oh, Lola, you are so lucky, and he is so handsome!


  18. Lola,
    What wonderful news! It will be fun to have a little brother. Very nice to meet you Brooklyn, and Welcome to Your Forever Home!

  19. OHMIDOGNESS, LOLA! OHMIDOGNESS! I'm ever so much happy for you. You're gonna LUV having a brudder! You're just gonna LUVS it! Oh, he's so very much handsome and sweet looking. I can't wait to get to know him betters!

    Congratulations, Lola! And congratulations, Brooklyn, on your new home. You just got your Most Perfect Home (and sister) that ever was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. Welcome Brooklyn!
    Lola, I am so proud of you. I would certainly not have handled the situation as well as you did. I have to say it is exciting news and it will be interesting to see how you two get along. Congrats to you and your family! And, thanks for rescuing!
    PS: I hate to say this but better you than me ;o)

  21. Dearest Lola,

    Ranger here. I wanted you to know how deeply I relate to your conundrum involving this newfound "sibling" of yours. The same sort of thing happened to me, you know. It took me many months to feel completely comfortable with my dear little sister because, like Brooklyn, she couldn't quit telling me how much she loved me and how much she wanted to play with me. I found it most disconcerting.

    You are doing the correct thing by keeping your distance for now and setting boundaries. The time will come when you can let down your guard but for the time being, you MUST make it clear who is in charge and what will and will not be tolerated.

    Again, dear Lola, I sympathize with your predicament and I am available should you need any further advice on how to handle this unsettling development.

    Warm regards,

  22. Now this is breaking news, Lola... a brother? Seriously! Wow... bless your moms. Brooklyn has a meaty bone mouth or tweener, just like me. You're a big sis now, Lola and with that comes the responsibility of looking out for little bro... and I'm sure you'll take that on dutifully, as always. I'm happy for everyone.

    Licks, hero

  23. Wow, this is BIG news! Congrats on the new brother, Lola. I am sure you will have Brooklyn trained in no time!

  24. Hi Lola how are things going with you breaking Brooklyn into YOUR (key word here) routine? We hope he successfully passed Good manners 101 before he came to live with you.
    We have been interested in the subtle differences in you two. Good luck as you train the new guy,
    Madi and Mom

  25. OMD, Lola! That really is big news! Congrats on your new brofur, and welcome Brooklyn!


  26. Dearest Lolie-
    You are srsly lucky. I want a brother or sister because my doggie sissies are old and ornery. Mama says no because we have lots of kitties plus us three doggies. It makes me sad. Hopefully my aunty and uncle will get me a cuzin to play with. Until then...
    Totes jealous of you,

    -Stellaluna the wannabe big sissie

  27. Wow, is what I say. When you said he was always up your butt, no kidding!

    My Mom is making all kinds of noises about wanting a new puppy - and I say Hell No. She always tells people I am a one woman dog, and Mama's Boy - and I'm OK with that. It's true! Nobody is sitting in my Mom's lap except me (and that danged laptop computer). So I hope she doesn't do it, but I think you and Brooklyn are close enough in age that you will become friends fast!

    And it look like he clearly has a better home than he used to!

  28. Wowee Lola I have been off pc for under a week and you go and have major news like this for me on my return. He is lovely and I am sure you will lick him into shape quick smart. I feel sad for him that his eye problem was not sorted out for him sooner they must have been very uncomfortable for him. He sure is a lucky pei to have such a lovely sister to keep him company and show him the world from another pei's view.
    My Momma wants to get me a brother when she is all better but I'm not so sure so will keep up with how you and Brooklyn get on with great interest.

    Big luvs & licks to you and to Brooklyn
    x x

  29. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah! Mom knows how you feel. 1 Ridgeback is never enough! You are going to be a great big sister.


    Mr. Nubbin'

  30. Nice to meet you Brooklin! You found a wonderful furever home!

    Congrats on your new brother, Lola! He is a handsome boy!


  31. Welcome Brooklyn! How nice that he was adopted from the shelter! Once he adjusts and finds out who's the boss things will be smooth sailing!

  32. one of our dogs is shar pei mixed, she have some wrinkly face. adorable dogs. new follower, dogs circle


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