Friday, July 9, 2010

Grey Pei Hits The Stage

What do you get when you cross a Greyhound with a Shar Pei? Acting! This beauty is playing Sandy in a Sioux City production of Annie, after which she'll be available for adoption. I bet she won't have any trouble finding a furever home. The question is, will she be content to be a stay-at-home dog after this, or will she long to try her luck among the bright lights of Broadway. My advice would be "Stay!". It's ruff out there. But with a smile like that she's going to get offers, I bet. Do you think she's wearing eye liner or is that just natural beauty?

While I'm here, I want to apologize for spotty visiting and very light commenting the last day or so. My assistant is having a lot of trouble with her sinuses  and pain and up half the night and all that and while I've been reading as many blogs as I can without much help from her, she keeps whining instead of typing the comments I've been dictating to her. If we can get her fixed up, we should be back in decent form over the weekend. She better hurry. Simone says it's her turn to have her picture up. I don't know where Simone got the idea that this is in any way a group blog, but I'm a little afraid to set her straight.


  1. Your friend the Grey Pei is so cute! I bet she steals the show!

    Paws crossed that your blog mom gets better soon. Mine was a little off earlier in the week and I felt so out of the loop! Not to mention tired from taking care of her! Maybe we should find backup assistants?


  2. I think Grey Pei will find a home in no time! Gorgeous!

  3. Look at hers, her is precious. Her looks good withs makeup on too.
    Apparently we all need new assistants. Hopes yours feels betters..mine has no excuse.

  4. Hi Lola - I was wondering where you were? Glad you will be back this weekend.

    Grey Pei is very cute and obviously, quite talented!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. A greyhound and a sharpei!... now that's a first. Hope "Sandy" will find a furever home after her acting career is over. I'm sorry to hear about Blog Mom sinuses and pain, hope she'll feel better soon... it's hard to find good assistants nowadays.

    Licks, hero

  6. I am furry impressed with Sandy! The main attraction of Annie fur (heehee) was Sandy, of course! Furget the acting...I'd rather watch a dog walk across the stage anyday!
    I don't think this new "Sandy" will have any trouble finding a home but I do think her new owners should allow her to follow her dream of becoming a broadway star, fur sure!

  7. Hi Lola we hope your assistant feels better soon...this time of year is not a friend to sinuses.

    A sharpei and greyhound mix what a the Pei ears on that greyhound face.

    You all have a good and healthy weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  8. Who would of "thunk" it! A Shar-Grey! On to the bright lights of Broadway. I hear that Annie is up for a revival there soon! Good luck to your human with the bad sinuses. I know how that is!

  9. We hope your assistant feels better soon! I'm sure Grey Pei is going to make someone a wonderful dog!


  10. A Grey Pei?! Now that is one cute dog! I'd say the best of both worlds, wouldn't you?

    Don't worry about visiting! Just take good care of Blog Mom!


  11. Lola,

    I hopes your mom is feeling betters, my mom gets those nasty sinus troubles too and it's not fun for her either.
    I has never seen a Grey-Pei befores, she sure is a pretty pup!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. I know... I know... you get really FAST WRINKLES!!! hehehe

  13. miss lola,
    this grey-pei is news to me! what a pretty combo! miss sandy sure is a cute lady. i don't think she's wearing any of that eyeliner stuff...looks au naturel to me. anywho, she is gonna find a forevarrr home super fast like, and once she gets all comfy cozy with her new mama and/or daddy, i don't think she's really gonna care about trying to make it big on broadway!!
    please take good care of your blog mom so she'll feel better soon, and don't worry about us! i hear those sinus rinse thingies can really help.
    the booker man

  14. Now that be a really pretty mix of da Greyhound and da SharPei. She has such a pawsome smile!!


  15. Your Grey Pey furiend is so cute!
    Hope your mom feels better soon, Lola!


  16. Hi Lola! Oh, I've missed you SO much! Our company just left last night. Sigh. I miss them already but I'm very much glad to get to come visit you again! I really like that greypei! I bets she gets the Most Perfect Home That Ever Was once that play is over!

    I'm very much sorry your mom is having icky sinus problems. That's no fun. Give her some get-well snuffles from me!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. Tell your mom it's time for some anti-histamine..

    Grey-Pei is definitely the first for me


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