Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog the Change for Animals

I only just recently learned about Blog the Change for Animals days and found out that today was one such day late yesterday. No time to do a really proper post about such an impawtent subject, but I'm going to do the best I can on the spur of the moment. The rules say you can post in support of your favorite shelter, a foster or a friend. It's all up to the individual.

To start with it seems like a pawfect time to post about Shelby and the efforts that are being made to save her by  Mona's Mom and friends. Lots of people have told the story of Shelby, the pretty little pittie who was probably used as bait. Here is my post about it. At the request of many of us, Mona's Mommy is going to put up a PayPal account for anyone who wants to donate to Shelby's care. Shelby's not out of the woods yet and is going to need a lot more medical care no matter what, but the loving care she's gotten so far does seem to have some nice results.

Mona's Mommy and Sandra went into this planning to take on the whole financial burden by themselves. They are angels of mercy is what they are. We are all grateful. As a great writer once wrote, "No dog is an island, entire of itself...any dog's death diminishes me, because I am involved in caninekind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." I think it's for this very reason that Mona's Mommy is asking for the Power of Paw. She never really asked for money. Some have just wanted to give. But she has asked for good wishes, prayers, any kind of pawsitive vibes that could be sent along. Maybe if someone who doesn't know the story already sees this today they'll stop by and lend moral or other support.

Next time I'll blog all about my alma mater - Sean Casey Animal Rescue and also about the very recent adoption of my brand new brother from the Islip Town Animal Shelter. It will be a pleasure, really. But it seemed like this was the moment to bark about Shelby.


  1. Change for Animal Days is such a great idea. What cute picture!!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Lola what a nice post...about people doing good things. Madi and Mom

  3. I'm glad Shelby is getting so much exposure. It's such a terrible story, but it's so rewarding to see how many people want to help this unfortunate pooch. I know the Kissabull pack has rescued almost all their dogs from terrible situations, so I'm hoping they can work their magic with Shelby too.

  4. Lola Lady, I hope you got my other comment. Butt, just in case..... YES!!! Certainly Brooklyn is invited to the wedding too. Butt, you need to think about the bachelor pawty thingy though. I know he is young and impressionable and that may be... a bit much for him... You think it over and when the time comes you decide if he should attend that PAWTY. It will be the same night as the bachelorette pawty so you can't come with Brooklyn to "watch over his safety" ..... well, not if you're going to the girrrrls pawty that is. I'm just lookin' out for the young'un you see.

  5. How very much wonderful, Lola! Everytime I see sweet Shelby's picture, my heart just swells up with hope and luv for her. I wish every hurting dog could end up safe and warm like Shelby. Thank you ever so much for blogging about her.

    I only learned about this today myself. But I'm gonna put the next date on my calendar so I won't miss it next time!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. What a great post! I'm just learning about this special blog day now!! Thanks so much for sharing about Shelby.


  7. Lola - You are such a princess for sharing Shelby's story! Be the Change Blog Hop is the best idea! So much good work going on today. Busy, busy day.

    The Road Dogs

  8. OOh Miss Lola, that was just a wonderful post. It breaks my heart evertime I thinks bout these poor makes me realize how lucky I am and how lucky WE all are in our community to haves people lie you to get da word oout bout da less fortunate.
    You and Brooklyn are so lucky to haves such wonderful and thoughtful pawrents.


  9. "Let me at 'em, I'll splat 'em"!!! People who do that to sweet puppies just make me soooo mad! The amazing thing is after all she's been thru she's stilling willing to trust and love!

    Love you post!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  10. It is so great what you are doing for Shelby. Perfect story to share.

  11. Thanks for reminding all of us to help Shelby - either by sending money or good wishes and prayers!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. I think it was awesome that you mentioned Miss Shelby today! I hope it leads to a lot more help for her.


  13. Hi again, Lola! I just wanted you to know that Oskar's Blog about Your Peoples thingie is going on all weekend. So even if you don't gets to it today, it's okay. He has one of those Blog Hop linky things on his post for today and he's leaving it up all weekend. You should do it! I'd luvs to know more about your Most Wonderful humans!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. Lola, thanks for the informative post. We'll have to write about our favorite shelter soon.

  15. How nice to see you jumping in! I missed this by a day! :(

  16. miss lola,
    i just found out about blog the change yesterday, too. it really is a super cool thingie that i hope i can be a part of in october! thanks for helping spread sweet miss shelby's story and the wonderfully awesome thingies that miss mona's mama and the houston pittie pack's mama are doing for her!
    the booker man

    pee s -- i can't wait to hear more about your hoomans!

  17. Thank you for telling us about Shelby, it is so good of you to spread the word. What a nice idea this campaign is!

  18. Adopting pets is the way to go!!!
    And supporting animal charities is very selfless.
    I hope Shelby gets a good home
    love from Buster


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