Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brooklyn - One Week In

Me and my shadow
It has been one week since my new little brother, Brooklyn, joined the family. I've been working with him and we're making good progress. He's responding well to my instruction. What helps a lot is that we're both Shar Pei. While we're not the same person, we do speak the same language. When I "Woof!" he knows exactly what I'm telling him most of the time.

What is up with the nose, dude?
Nothing demonstrates the importance of clear communication better than the trouble the kitties have had with him. I thought Simone had made herself clear to him, but she hasn't been able to in any permanent way. He just doesn't get that they really, really, really don't want to play with him. That's because he doesn't speak kitty. Still and all, you'd think he'd pick up on "Yowl!", "Hisssss!", or at least a claws out swipe. Every cloud has a silver lining, though. I really think that Simone and Happy are starting to bond a little at last.

You keep a look out. I have your back. Way, way back.

The moose is definitely Brooklyn's go-to stuffie for now. 
Don't be alarmed by the choke collar. That wasn't for training. From the human point of view he hardly needs any basic training. It was on there for a couple of days so that he could be walked safely. Due to Blog Mom's injuring her leg and her already damaged foot we haven't been able to go out and get Brooklyn a proper starter wardrobe. He's still wearing his collar from the shelter, which was a little big for him and not safe for walking on the street. Any extras of mine would be too big too, not to mention too girly. He's already filled that collar out so the chain is off. Once we get all Moms functional we'll all go out and get him his own leash and a properly sized collar and harness.

As I mentioned in a previous post, he needed to take Dog Bed 101 and we were already making good progress. I think we can agree that he's  passed that course with flying colors.

Synchronized Sleeping
I had to teach him not to bug me too much. That course is still in progress but he's doing much better. It doesn't hurt that now that he's gotten used to not having to spend his time in a crate he isn't as hysterical to be active every minute. We Pei can do zoomies with the best of them, but we are not generally hyper doggies and can even enjoy vegging out at a pretty young age. He's getting there.

The best thing of all is something we didn't catch on the flashy beast. We have achieved successful play! Somehow or other Daddy helped explain what to do to Brooklyn. Daddy's still not sure how, but it looked to me like he was demonstrating a little. So, on Thursday we had an abbreviated but successful play session during my lively period. My liveliest periods of the day are when I come out of my antihistamine induced languor. It's been a ruff summer, pawple. Yesterday we had a more extended play session which was a little rambunctious for the living room,  perhaps, but it's way too hot to play outside as far as I'm concerned.

The biggest adjustment for me is dinner time. I've gotten used to taking a leisurely approach to dining. When dinner is served I decide if it meets with my approval. If it does, I still might only eat half of it and come back later for a bit here and there as the evening goes on. It keeps the humans on their toes and they're pathetically grateful on the rare occasion when I decide to just eat dinner right up. You can't really do that in a two doggy household. Luckily, I'm experienced in living in a pack that includes other dogs, and I've been a mother as well. So, I'm learning all over again to eat with an eye to the competition. That's not to say that it's not going to be a huge problem for someone when they serve me something I'm bored with. I'm also used to being a picky eater and Brooklyn certainly seems to have the potential to be the same.

Brooklyn! Don't be so eager. Make them beg you to eat it.
 As far as Brooklyn's temperament and general personality are concerned - he's very sweet. He's a bit of a big baby and the name "Brooklyn" is just ridiculous for him. If you're named Brooklyn you should be either kind of tough or very cool in a hipster kind of way. Brooklyn is neither. We considered changing it, but he seems to know it and family policy is not to mess with adopted pets' heads too much. He's not a fearful dog, but he scares a lot easier than I do. He's clingy, too. His biggest problem is who to follow when we don't all stay in the same room. He naps with one eye open so he knows if anyone tries to get away. No one really minds, though, because he's clingy in a sweet, cute way, according to the humans. He doesn't lick, though. No licky kissies, which is kind of a shame because it's an area where we Pei excel. Maybe he was trained not to. Some humans don't like doggy kisses, which I think is totally ridiculous and my humans all agree.

One worrying thing is that he has no prey instinct whatever, as far as I can see. Do you know what I saw when I looked out the upstairs window this morning? Two squirrels on the ground within  ten feet of our back door and a variety of birds all kind of hopping around and my little brother, just drifting around as though there was nothing happening that required his attention. It looked like a forest scene out of Snow White if you overlook the parched, brown grass.What is up with that? When I go out and run after a squirrel Brooklyn runs after ME!  We'll have to work on this when the weather is cooler. If he's going to be here, he's going to help me double-team those tree rats.


  1. The kid is good looking. Just make sure he knows who's boss. Not momma, you
    Benny & Lily

  2. After only one week I thinks you is doing a grreat job with your brudder. Yay to you! Maybe instead of Brooklyn you could call him Brooks, he seems to kinda go with the flow anyways...get it? :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS My mom wants to know what part of Albany reminds your mom of NYC, is it downtown or Lark St or somewheres else :)

  3. Very nice synchronized sleeping! That's funny that he doesn't have the prey instinct - don't tell anyone, but I don't really have it either. That whole protecting the eggplant from the squirrel thing last week was just for show!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. You certainly cannot overlook the importance of help when wrangling tree rats! I sincerely hope his training improves to the level where you can give them a good run for their money this Fall!

    I tell you, these new siblings are certainly a learning curve! If I could just teach Morgan to stay out of my face, I'd be a much happier hound, but she seems completely and blissfully ignorant!


  5. Lola, I'm thinkin that you could prolly start up a training school for young'uns. You certainly have gotten Brooklyn way far advanced with his lessons. Congratulations to both of you!!

  6. Hi, Lola!
    Sounds like everything goes well with Brooklyn. Just some things he needs to learn and you two will be a pawesome team!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hi Lola

    Looks like the flower is still on you.. it's so nice to see it.. Definitely looks good on you..

    Funny, he has no prey instinct.. May be you should add that into your teaching sylabus..


  8. Lola, you are doing a marvelous job integrating Brooklyn into your family. I dare say you might be starting to like him? If you need help showing him how to double team the tree rats, just let me know! That's my specialty! Or maybe your dad will demonstrate that too? If he will, I'd still like to come over. I've never met a two-legger who would help me with that.


  9. Lola what a perfect Pei sister you are. Your kindness and patience over the last week have been rewarded. Brooklyn turned out to be a quick study in how to live in a loving home.
    You deserve an extra biscuit today....what an accomplishment for a week.
    Madi and Mom

  10. PS Mom and I are thinking maybe Simone and Happy are doing well now because there is an equal balance of puppy love and kitty love MOL

  11. Oh Lola, you gots your work cut out huh? I'm just very concerned bout his inability to NOT go afters prey...dat just disturbing. I nevers heard of a doggie not wanting to sink their teefies into a nice plump, juicy tree rat. You works on dat and give us an update.
    Howevers, I thinks you are really going to enjoy Brookly once you gets him trained and stuffs. He is going to end up being your best pal and you will end of protecting steps furst though. It's all gonna be good.


  12. Don't worry Lola, just let him get his first taste of squirrel hiney. :)

  13. It sounds as though the of you are settling very well together. Brooklyn is so lucky to have you, Lola, to show him the ropes all around!

  14. Lola, not catching balls isn't an obstacle, actually! I find that making him toss them AND retrieve them tires him out even faster. BOL!


  15. Oh, thank you thank you for the pupdate on Brooklyn, Lola! Gosh, I just can't get over how different you two looks. There are some breeds that, well, - and I don't want to sound prejudice here - but they all kinda look alike to me. But Peis must not have that problem cuz you really couldn't be more different looking.

    I am SO happy he's figuring out how to play! And I know if you're dad could teach him how to play that you can teach him how to hunt squirrels!

    Oh, and if it helps your family at all, they changed all of our names and we're none the worse for wear. We all LUVS and respond to our names real good. So if they decide to change his name to something that suits him more, I thinks he'll be just fine with it. What about Lou? He kind looks like a Lou to me. Lou and Lola. Haha!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. dear lola,
    thank you for the timely update. i can see that your instructional sessions with brooklyn are faring quite well. you make an excellent educator.
    do not fret too much over brooklyn's lack of prey drive. i have found this most often to be the final stage in adult development. given more time, i am confident he will excel.

  17. Lola - You are a fabulous big sister. Brooklyn is so lucky to have you. Sounds like you and your Mom have your hands full right now. Hope her ankle is on the mend super fast. Did you give her any treats for her owwwie? Sometimes that helps!
    The Road Dogs

  18. Thanks for the updates, Lola.
    You're a great sister for Brooklin! Looks like everything is going very well.

  19. Congratulations on your new brother, you are so sweet to share your home and show him the ropes! We hope you have a lot of happy times together!


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