Monday, July 12, 2010

Pressies from Zelle

I got some lovely gifts today from the very lovely Zelle. She didn't have to, but she did. Besides being great pressies, I believe I'm the first one in my family to get mail from Singapore. Normally we'd have a photo of my opening the box and savoring each item. Things aren't normal here right now, however, what with a brand new little brother sticking his nose in everything. However, all is not lost. My box was pretty much just like Hero's and his is properly displayed in his post. I also don't have a photo of the doggy biscuits. Because they're in my tummy. Oh my Dog, they were delicious! I have e-mailed Zelle to find out what they were. I'm not normally a fan of the biscuit, but I loved those. I hope they're something that can be gotten here in the U.S. and that they're not something I'd have to count on one of the Moms to make from scratch.  Of course, the handmade star was the star of the package and I have photos of that.

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!
I had to go show this off a little. Walkies are a problem because we don't have too many humans who can walk right now. Blog Mom is off to the Vet again tomorrow. After her mishap with the hole in the ground at the dog run all her lower leg and ankle are blown up to twice their size. Daddy always has big trouble with his feets these days. Luckily Alpha Mom is not broken. Yet. And our foster bass player was at home, so we had four good legs and I got to go show off out in the world just a bit.

Of course I didn't want Brooklyn to feel left out. He might be driving me a little crazy and maybe he is a bit of a dorkface, but he's still got feelings. I let him wear the pawty hat for a while. After all he just came out of confinement himself.

Brooklyn always seems to be in a pawty mood, so a pawty hat is most appropriate for him.

Thank you so much, Zelle. This was so extra nice and thoughtful of you. And every time I wear my star, I'll think of you. Your Mom is so creative and talented, too.


  1. LOLA LOLA LOLA.... You Should feel pretty.. beclaws that beautiful bobble looks grrrreat on you. Awwww that is so nice of you to let Brooklyn wear the cute pawty hat. Nice Pressie Package.

  2. Beautiful presents from sure are a lucky one!
    Benny & Lily

  3. I like the way you wore the star, Lola... try wearing it with your red bandana as a neck scarf with the star brooch, I bet you'll look gorgeous. I have not eaten the biscuits yet but after reading your verdict, I can't wait to try it myself. It's so nice to see Brooklyn and you out for a walk, hopefully Blog Mom will be out and about soon too after her VET visit.

    Licks, hero

  4. Hi, Lola!
    Zelle sent you pawesome presents!
    No pictures of the treats but by your description sure they were delicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. What a great surprise! And you do look quite pretty in it.

  6. Oh what most wonderful pressies! You looks Most Dee-vine in your pretty bow. And I thinks that that pawty hat makes Brooklyn look a litte - well - drunk to tell the truth. But somehow it suits him.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. I saw Hero's star earlier! Those are beautiful! I am totally impressed by you fashion-forward Peis!


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I ment to leave a comment on the last post, about you new baby brother, I'm sure you'll get along fine, great pressies from your freinds to, love the star, are you going to wear it to Frankies wedding?
    I'm off to get a Bow tie and will have to wait till me new hair cut before the piccie take.
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Oh.. I finally meet Brooklyn, the brother you were telling me about in confinement..

    Glad the present got there on time and you could share it with him.. He looks really good with the pawty hat on!

    I'm sure you can get the treats in US .. they should be pretty easy to get from any petshops.. The big biscuit is from Bosch (lamb and rice flavour) and the small one is from Natural Balance (sweet potato and Venison flavour) !! Good luck finding them !


  10. Lola - how exciting to receive gifts from so far away! I love the star - it is very pretty and perfect for you!

    Brooklyn looks cute in his hat! Have fun.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Lola girl, Pressies from Singapore? Faaannncccy! And the party hats are really quite becoming, you should wear hats more often.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  12. Lola what a beautiful bow and you wear it so well.
    We are sorry all the humans are limping about. That must be very uncomfortable for them. We hope the V.E.T. fixes them up quickly.

    Brooklyn is a party animal. I hope you two are finding your proper places in the family without too much 'discussion'!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  13. How exciting to get pressies from such far away lands! You look very pretty in your star! And Brooklyn much have appreciated that you loaned him your party hat so he could be a part of the fun! That was very nice of you!


  14. miss lola!
    what a super duper grrreat pressie! no worries, cuz those cookies sound super delish, and they'd be in my tummy before my mama could take a picture either. heehee. of course, you are a pretty lady to begin with, but that star is just the right finishing touch! you look totally fab 'n chic in it!! :)
    i think brooklyn's growin' on yooooou. teeheeheee.
    the booker man

  15. Hi there Lola and Brooklyn - We was over to Gunther and Betty and Rini and Stella and Newman's bloggy and saw your post so we popped over here.
    Hey guess what? we're Shar Pei too. Bruvver and sissy.

    Bobo and Meja

  16. Thanks alot Lola :) Im excited to have a star pei (is that right?) friend. I didnt know what you were and my Mom said something like star pei!?! I guess thats a dog?

    Swayze Doglett xx

  17. Okays, well dis be my third bloggie trip where I haves seen "Zelle Pressies"!!!!!!!! I nevers knew her but I do now...hehehe!
    I just loves da stars her mom made, very purty. And I think you look just luverly wearing one.
    You so sweet to shares withs your Brudder, I mean da hat NOT da cookies. There is no law dat says we haves to share cookies, right?

    Preacher Puddles

  18. What beautiful pressies from Zelle!
    You look so pretty with your star!

  19. Lola,

    Your star is SO beautiful too! Zelle is such a good furiend, isn't she? Mine arrived just in time to wear to Princess Luna's 100th post pawty!I do not know Hero so I will have to go visit him and introduce myself. Brooklyn looks cute in the pawty hat, mom tried to gets me to wear mine but I was not too cooperative :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  20. Don't you just ♥ getting presents in the mail? :)

  21. Oh my dogness your a lucky Pei Lola getting parcels from far flung shores it must be very exciting. Your brother look likes he is settling in and I am sure he will get calmer when he realises he is there to stay. It took me a while to figure out I was not going anywhere ever again but I hope he works it out sooner than I did.
    You look bee-yoo-ti-ful in your star.

  22. How nice to get a package in the mail, we love when that happens. You are being a sweet big sister to share with Brooklyn.

    We hope you humans get fixed up soon so you can all go on long walks.
    Morgan, Tsar and The Porties


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